Soulmate Struggle: When Your One True Love Chooses Another

It’s a tale as old as time, but one that always ends in heartbreak. You meet someone who feels like they were made just for you – your soulmate. Everything clicks into place and the world suddenly makes sense.

But then, the unthinkable happens: they choose another. Suddenly, you’re left feeling lost and alone, wondering where it all went wrong.

In this article, we’ll explore the complicated emotions of losing your soulmate to someone else. From the initial shock to finding healing in unexpected places, we’ll delve into every aspect of this difficult experience.

The Wheel Of Emotions

When your soulmate chooses another, it can be hard to put into words how you’re feeling. It’s often an emotional rollercoaster ride that leaves you breathless.

Here are some common thoughts and feelings that people struggle with when their soulmate chooses someone else:

  • Betrayal – How could my partner do this to me?
  • Anger – Why did they lead me down this path if they weren’t going to stay with me?
  • Sadness – I love them so much; why couldn’t things have worked out between us?
  • Jealousy – Why did she get what was supposed to be mine?
  • Confusion – What does their new partner have that I don’t?

Each of these stages is valid and natural on the road towards acceptance. It’s important not to push yourself too hard or expect yourself to move onto something better before fully acknowledging each stage.

Letting Go Is Hard To Do

One of the biggest challenges after losing your loved one is letting go_._

There may come a point when holding onto hopes for reconciliation becomes more harmful than good. Once trust has been betrayed by a special person in your life can be difficult, if not impossible to get it back.

Cutting ties

Breaking off communication with your ex-partner can often be a necessary step in the healing process. If you find yourself continuously scrolling through their social media and feeling upset, it may be time to unfriend or block them for your emotional well-being.

Mourning The Future

One of the most challenging aspects of losing a soulmate is grieving what could have been. Losing sight of the future you had planned together can leave an empty void within that may never quite be filled.

This kind of mourning is natural as long as it doesn’t hold someone captive in their sadness. Finding closure and new beginnings are essential steps towards creating different expectations.

Moving On & Acceptance

Although accepting things haven’t worked out just like they were meant to, we need to accept our journey. We must take steps forward toward brighter days even when such times seem so far away at first. Here are some ways on how moving on might assist:

Find New Pastimes And Interests

Wallowing around being sad requires us looking for distractions from all negative emotions_. Finding relief from pain comes with practicing mindfulness through enjoyable experiences such as gardening or taking dance classes.

It’s important to fill up the areas where finding love left holes open by focusing attention elsewhere since these opportunities bring joy and happiness into people’s lives._

Making Room For A Better Love

When one finalizes previous attachments- reflection becomes vital. Now let go fully __and envision__ what wholeness looks like within oneself. It makes room available for individuals who bring meaningful positive Energy known as conscious relationships.

Self Examination & Acknowledgment Of Emotions

Instead of getting lost in thoughts regarding external persons, self examination allows processing internal reactions on selecting concepts surrounding specific emotions_.__ These maneuvers help introspection become useful tools vs hindrances which will beneficially pave pathways toward healing._


The journey after losing someone you believed to be your soulmate can be challenging and full of pain. Learning how to let go is not an easy task and the healing process takes time.

Remember that this loss should never dissuade us from seeking deeper connections with those around us. It’s important to recognize and validate our feelings through habits we’ve explained here, so give it a try!

We may never know why our particular relationship didn’t work out,  but by practicing self-care such as getting rid of everything which reminds one off these lost individuals or setting boundaries regarding interaction levels , will enable continuous advancement on future endeavors thus creating space for new growth and opportunities. 

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