So you can sleep medicine?

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, counting sheep until your brain feels like a math equation? Do you stare longingly at your bed, knowing that the moment you finally rest your head on the pillow, an army of thoughts will wake up to invade every single corner of your mind? Fear not my sleepless friends, for science has a solution for everything. And by science I mean So You Can Finally Sleep Medicine!

The Wonder Drug

Yes folks! With our new medicine in town, you’ll fall asleep faster than a sloth falls from its tree (and let me tell you, those creatures are not known for their agility). Imagine being able to lie down and drift off into dreamland as soon as your head hits the pillow. That’s what we promise with SYCSM, or as some people like to call it ‘the big ZZZ pill’.

How does it work?

Before we start bragging about how great our product is, let’s get down to business and explain how exactly it works. SYCSM contains a magical ingredient called somniumwhatsit which basically tells your brain “hey dude(tte), calm tf down”. It relaxes all those neurons running around frantically inside your brain so they can take a chill pill too (metaphorically speaking…we don’t actually put pills inside other pills).

Once those little fellas have stopped panicking they can finally start producing melatonin – aka ‘the sleepy hormone’ – which is responsible for telling your body that it’s time for lights out. Essentially this means no more checking Instagram twenty times before bed because now there won’t be any reason to stay awake!

Side Effects

Now we know what some skeptics amongst us might be thinking: “Hang on…what if swallowing two tiny placebo-like tablets every night makes my legs fall off?”. While that’s a legitimate concern, let me assure you that the risk of any serious side effects is extremely low. In rare cases, some people may experience:

  • Drowsiness: seems obvious but felt like it deserved a mention here. Just keep in mind that sleep and drowsiness are not the same so don’t shovel food into your mouth before bedtime expecting to stay awake!
  • Dry mouth: sounds unpleasant at first but just think how impressive you will look when water is no longer necessary.
  • Darker urine colour: maybe skip drinking beetroot juice if this happens?
  • Mild hallucinations: see unicorns.


Now as with any medication out there, there are certain things to consider before taking SYCSM. Here are some circumstances where caution should be exercised:

Precautions Required
Pregnancy Should not be taken by pregnant women without consulting their doctor
Children under 12 years old Not recommended for use in children <12 years old due to insufficient data regarding safety/efficacy
Driving heavy machinery / working underwater sculpture park shifters etc. Avoid engaging in these activities right after taking SYCSM tablets until/unless sure about alertness level

How To Use

We understand the excitement which comes with new medicine (or any kind of goodies really) but remember SYCSM isn’t candy although we did joke around sometime back about making them look like one!. It’s important to follow the guidelines and take only what has been prescribed.

Dosage & Administration

The initial dose of medicine varies from person-to-person depending on multiple factors such as age, weight etc. The general recommended dose starts from 1 tablet/day.

It’s best practice to ingest pills approximately an hour or so before bedtime and try avoiding high-fat meals along with it because those can slow down pill digestion.

As much as we love the idea of you joining winged unicorns in your dreams, please don’t try to push your luck by increasing the number of pills taken above what has been prescribed. Not only could it lead to unwanted side effects but it’s also illegal.

Safety Measures

Although our team is certain about the safety and efficacy of SYCSM, there are still some basic measures one should pay attention to:

  • Store medication away from hungry pets / young ones/ or anyone with a potential for misuse.
  • Don’t take meds out from their packaging unless needed immediate use but even then keep them closed and out of reach until time comes.
  • Properly discard unneeded medicine following local laws (don’t just throw half-empty bottle into water well!>)

Medical Interactions

It’s best practice to inform our practicing physician prior starting new medication – this includes supplements/vitamins/herbal teas/etc. Even if foregoing doesn’t seem like biggie but always better safe than sorry syndrome over here!


After all that science-y talk, let’s come back full circle and think about why we started looking for sleep aid options in first place: because everyone knows how important good quality sleep can be.

So Here was ideal solution for you – SYSCM which not only helps improve general health & wellbeing factors associated with sufficient amount slumber time but also carries minimal chances unpleasant complications etc while being a highly effective aid option too!
Turn off wifi on way… Zzzz.. 🌙 💤

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