Silence is Golden: The Power of a Noise Reduction Fence

Picture this, you’re outside enjoying your morning cup of coffee, and you hear the sound of cars whizzing by, dogs barking incessantly, and construction noises coming from the house across the street. If only there were a way to block out all that noise? Well look no further because silence is golden with the power of a noise reduction fence.

What is a Noise Reduction Fence?

A noise reduction fence works as an acoustic barrier that can absorb or reflect sound waves. This type of fencing can be made from materials such as wood, vinyl or metal which have high mass for blocking sounds effectively. These fences work wonders in reducing unwanted sounds from residential places near busy roads or commercial spaces.

Benefits Of A Noise Reduction Fence

Peaceful Environment

Hallelujah!, insert choir voices here please! With a noise reduction fence, noisy distractions are kept at bay allowing you to enjoy some peace in your home so you don’t wake up every single day feeling like living on set during construction season.

Better Health Quality

Noise pollution has been known to cause harm to our health. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds has detrimental effects including anxiety and stress-related illnesses like hypertension that may lead to cardiovascular diseases among others. By investing in a quality noise-reducing fence (here comes dad’s voice) “you’ll be doing yourself good kiddo”

No More Peeping Neighbors!

We’ve all had those neighbors who keep poking their heads over the wall just…every….single….time!!! Not anymore my friend!! Build an eight feet tall & sturdy timber/acoustic panel fence and get back some privacy while keeping snoopy tabbies’ eyeballs off your lawn.

How Do They Work?

So how does this magic happen behind once again NOISE REDUCING FENCE POWER! The material used in the fence causes sound waves to change direction, scattering them away and/or absorbing them into the fence. Essentially this type of fencing is a sound barrier that separates you from the noise pollution in your area.

Noise Reduction Fence Types

Timber Fencing For Noise Reduction

Timber fences are popular for their aesthetic value, durability as well as versatility in fitting the various home designs. They have been made even more convenient with some being installed with acoustic panels or plinth preventing outside noises from getting in.

Acoustic Barrier Panels

If you’re looking for a more functional approach, then acoustic barrier panels should be it! These types of barriers will absorb most sounds that come their way giving you maximum protection against unwanted disturbances.

Vinyl Designed fencing

Vinyl designs provide ultimate functionality without ruining aesthetics totally. Similar to timber they come with built-in & removable soundproofing materials, making gatherings amazing without disruptions lurking around.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Noice Reduction Fence

There are several factors to consider when choosing which type of noise reduction fence would suit your need(s).

  1. Budget- how much do you intend on spending?
    2.Distance zone required between roadway/house
    3.Strength/sound quality required

It’s important to speak with local authorities within your neighborhood regarding whether any permits may be needed before moving forward on this project.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost varies depending on the brand, design features among others.however If one requires an eight feet wooden panel/timber style finish – transparent cannot satisfy;fences can range anywhere between $100-$150 per linear foot including installation costs Imagine enjoying those lazy afternoons sometimes sipping tea on sleek custom-made vinyl designed fencing structure blocks out noisy cars passing-by at just $70-$85 per linear foot isn’t that incredible?

Please always bear prices vary based on location, materials used manufacturer and many other factors.

How To Build And Install A Noise Reduction Fence

Step 1

Measure space required using a measuring tape/measure the length of the fences needed. It’s recommended that one adds an additional foot or two to create adequate buffer zone.

Step 2

Buy fence material (DUH!) ,posts and rails . Ensure the posts are sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions while supporting overall structure & stability of your noise reduction fencing choice.

Step 3

Tools Needed
Safety glasses & gloves
Circular saw
Tape measure

Your tools set? Let’s go ahead and get our hands greasy!

Install fence posts by making holes where you want in-ground anchors with a post hole digger; you can also use concrete mix into each hole for added strength as well! Measure out lengths between supports before cutting timber/materials using a good circular saw blade level cuttings hence precise install .

Repeat these steps until done, cap off end panels for clean finishings


Always put safety first though, right Matt damon?? Safety gear such as protective eyewear gloves should always come first especially when operating machinery.

Inspect Your Fencing Regularly

One way to ensure long-lasting durability is regular maintenance checks.this includes trimming back shrubs from around any sections close-by damages so they don’t cause matter what style has been utilized make sure it holds up against wind forces different environmental factors too.Say NO to noisy debris flowing over & damaging concrete slabs during heavy storms.

In conclusion, silence is really golden! nothing beats being able to enjoy calmness after spending hours outside facing multiple noises we encounter every day.One thing stands out-these days shared environments bring about excessive internal disturbances reminding us just how precious peace may seem.Building a noise reduction fence proactively offers endless rewards including peaceful environment, better health quality, & private moments with loved ones(which might just drive the intrusive types away) making it worth every penny spent.

Oh by the way – one last thing. Sssh! Don’t tell your neighbor about this routine or why you installed a sound barrier around your property. It’s more fun that way when they scratch their heads in bewilderment wondering why there isn’t as much traffic or construction noise as before.

Thank you for reading through this article and stay tuned for another interesting write-up from our passionate writers’ duo team soon!

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