Short skin care routine?

Are you looking for a skin care routine that won’t take hours out of your day? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with all the tips and tricks to achieve healthy and glowing skin without spending half your life following complicated routines. So, let’s get started!

Know Your Skin Type

Before diving into a skincare routine, it’s important to know your unique skin type. Skin types can be categorized as oily, dry, combination or sensitive. Once you figure out what category your skin falls under; determined by oil production and overall hydration levels(sounds fancy), you’ll have an idea of how to cater products to make sure it gets the nutrients/effects necessary.

Oily Skin

Oily-skinned people tend to have overactive sebaceous (oil) glands in their T-zones- forehead,chins,noses(with exceptions case by case). If this is you all too well then yeah…no matter what conspiracy theories has been devised on the internet its never fun(looking at hormonal acne) but ironically enough cleansing oils are actually good here,Trust me, they help in removing excess sebum buildup,you could do twice daily once before bed definitely being one.

Dry Skin

This is when some areas of facial or body skin feel tight due loss moisture/hydration or natural creation of less sebum overtime,Dry people can’t go about exfoliating wayyyyyy like someone else would typically would if opposite.,this leads creates redness/eczema patches amongst others sodry folks must choose gentle cleansers(I personally recommend Cerave gentle/cetaphil although find whats best for yourself).


  1. Aforesaid cerave hydrating Facial Cleanser(helps do away dirt)
    2.Moisturize(to reduce flakiness,oof!) with another Foray,CeraVe moisturizer.
    3.Sunscreen of your choice (always)

Combination Skin

If you have combination skin, (a blend of oily and dry), common; the solution is finding a compromise as well,pick one hydrating/ gentle product that works across skin types for instance Daily Cleanser by Cetaphil ; Or if feeling edgy,alternate between two types at different times.


1.Aloe Vera gel(clean,simple).
2.CeraVe Moisturizer(For hydrating)
4.If going out into sun don’t skip sunscreen!

Sensitive Skin

Trigger City!,most sensitive soaps/shaving creams/creams could cause throwing in towel.Going Fragrance Free(Neutrogena) ,Super mild,(Aveeno facial cleanser),(Laroche-Posay Neutral Face Wash),gentle on eyes are great recommendations.Should serve to reduce possible redness/inflammation & prevent eruptions.of any kind.

Keep it Simple with a Gentle Cleanser

The first step to good skincare hygiene should always be cleansing. Wash away impurities, sebum buildup and sweat with a gentle cleanser twice daily. Avoid bar soaps or any face washes containing harsh ingredients like sulfates,fragrances etc . Choose cleaners low pH(talk about acidity/alkalinity here!) values after all healthy skin thrives within some acidic range.

Product recommendation – Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Gel aka ‘soapless soap’ applause

The Importance of Exfoliation

Dead cells can accumulate over time in more than just necessary amounts which detract from pores absorbing positivity. Protect while exfoliating(say nothing! just nod/cringe). Some believe scrubs help but there are alternatives(e.g chemical/bead-less concoctions).

Product Recommendation:AHA/BHA peeling solution bythe ordinary(sounds fancy right?)

-Apply gently AHA/BHA solution twice weekly,Rinse with water
-Use SUNSCREEN DAILY as exfoliating makes skin susceptible to sun damage

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Moisturizing is really the key here.There isn’t any time you don’t moisturise.Whether your moisturizer of choice a serum or hydrating cream. This helps maintain hydration and strengthens our natural barriers thereby opening up likelihood for glow,and also slows down visible signs of aging.

Product Recommendation:
Cetaphil Daily Hydrating Lotion: guys if there’s one step not to miss this’d be it,it has hyaluronic acid .Oh my!

-Similar regimen:Clean face,massage lotion(gently),wait 2min & bam throw on some sunscreen(You saw that coming hopefully)

Sunscreen Is Vital (Shout-Out)

Never skip sunscreen,couldn’t stress how important regular/use. UV rays from the sun expediently speeds up processes enhancing appearances fine lines,wrinkles and age marks.


-Unscented Oil-Free facial SPF30 by Neutrogena,Zinc Oxide Facial Sunscreen SPF50 By EltaMD,Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk by Rohto

-Smooth evenly over face/Body frequently sfrom every ~3hours(re-application)

## Bonus-tips:

1.Don’t forget what goes inside matters too,some including snack avocados,strawberries,tomatoes assist in deliverance clear/acne-free/dewy finish. 🙂 ANd Yes I’ve had them all multiple times so…you know.

2.Sleep can make-or-break your SKINtuation(lol!).Getting enough rest help ward off dark circles,breakouts,dryness,e.t.c while rejuvenate moisture levels.

Just imagine possible picture day nightmarescrying in skin,Such travesty.insert sniffling sounds here.

3.Daily water intake can mean the world to you not only when thirsty but also shows out in —>water retention (glow factors,did someone say collagen?) /hydration levels(Outside of body)

Before its too late,go grab yourself some good ol’ H2O


In conclusion,follow these simple tips for a healthy and glowing complexion every day. Not much hustle needed,but just enough effort would go a long way.Remember: understand your skin type, keep it simple with gentle cleansers moisturize everything! throw on suncreen(sesame street vibe),give extra attention exfoliation once/twice weekly And viola!

So don’t procrastinate anymore,start working on that fundamental glow life.

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