Share WiFi passwords between Adnroid phones and Chromebooks?

Have you ever experienced the luxury of sharing your Wi-Fi passwords with others effortlessly? In this era of technology, everyone is connected online. It has become a necessity to share internet access easily.

Fortunately, if you have an Android Phone or a Chromebook in your possession, then you can connect to any wireless network hassle-free (1).

In this article, we will guide you through the process of connecting your phone and laptop via Wi-Fi Direct feature for easy file-sharing between these two devices.

Sharing Wifi Password from Your Android Phone

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords on an android phone is one of the easiest things you could do. Here’s how:

Step 1: Make sure that both phones are using at least version 10 (Q) operating system.

Before proceeding with sharing wi-fi password function between android phones, check whether both phones use at least Q (Android 10) operating systems. If not please upgrade (2).

Step 2: Enable Nearby Share on your smartphone

Nearby Share is a built-in feature in most devices running Google software like smartphones and google-supported laptops. Turn it on by going to settings > google > device connections > nearby share (3)

Step 3: Initiate Sharing Using Nearby Share

Once enabled from step number two go ahead open settings>network&internet>wi-fi>connected_wifi_network(to which access point belongs)>share(select nearbyShare)>select recipient(from the list displayed),it should start sending immediately(4).

Additional Note

If neither Wi-Fi nor mobile data network appears among available connectivity options despite being activated seek further assistance/guidance from experts in authorized technical support centers(in case help was needed).

Sharing wifi passwords via Bluetooth works as well although offline compared to another similar method – hotspot-generated QR codes discussed above(5).

Sharing WiFi Password from Your Chromebook

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords are relatively straightforward on Google Chromebooks. If you’re using a compatible device, it is possible to integrate all your existing mobile devices and laptops so that they share network access quickly.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Check whether your chromebook implements similar connectivity protocols used with android phones.

Chromebooks shouldn’t give you any connection issues as long the wifi infrastructure in use supports wireless communication standards (6).

Step 2: Share Wifi Access via QR-Code scanner

Go ahead open settings>wi-fi>connected_wifi_network(to which access point belongs)>select_share>prepare_for_qr_code >display qr code for scanning.Be sure to verify and enter password before displaying scan-ready codes(you can achieve this by assigning unique passwords into each label displayed).

Additional Note

The approach utilized here may be visually engaging; an essential element contributing to its suitability when registering large numbers of diverse users into related networks(7).

Using a Bluetooth microphone connected through the Android phone also opens new possibilities for audio sharing if audio output hardware compatibility requirements are met(8).


This article has equipped readers with valuable information about how to share Wi-Fi passwords easily between their Android phones and Chromebooks. The nearby-sharing feature offers easy file transfer between android devices while generating QR-codes allows support from various platforms.

Overall, it is crucial always to ensure system software compatibility before attempting such functions. Whether one needs internet connection resources or collaborative tools provided through available connectivity options entirely relying on network availability-sharing capabilities affirm increasing productivity levels thereof.(2000 characters)

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