Seven oils oil hair tonic how to use?

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Hair–it’s a never-ending saga to keep it healthy and luscious. For most of us, hair care is both an art and science. You need the right kind of nourishment to keep your hair strong from the roots while maintaining its shine all at once.

Today we’ll be taking a look at Seven oils oil hair tonic; how you can use it for optimal results that would leave everyone admiring your oh-so-gorgeous locks.

What Is Seven Oils Oil Hair Tonic?

Before jumping in head first (not literal), let’s talk about what actually is Seven oils oil hair tonic? Well, as simple as it sounds, this product consists of seven pure plant-based oils working together in harmony to give your hair maximum benefits without any harmful chemicals or side effects.

“Kudos!” goes out to nature for providing such amazing remedies!

It feels great when you know what exactly goes into those products you apply on yourself every day. So let’s dive more into knowing why these specific seven oils work so well with each other!

The Wonders Of The 7 Oils

Seven distinct plant-derived elements come together just like the F.R.I.E.N.D.S came together for that epic reunion episode (Hashtag tears). Enough jokes though – back to topic:

These extensive natural ingredients include:

  1. Almond
  2. Jojoba
  3. Sesame
  4. Olive
  5. Coconut
  6. Avocado

Mixing up Seven different oils provides unique advantages that enhance our locks’ robustness without using artificial means consisting harsh chemicals/synthetics:

  • Almond oil contains vitamin E which maximizes protectivity against environmental factors by reducing stress levels absorbed while also strengthening follicles.
  • Jjobjo oil extract constitutes vitamins B & C essential for to regulate oil secretion on the scalp which prevents hair loss & dandruff.
  • Sesame oil has protective beta-carotene a natural sunscreen that is retained when applied giving much needed UV protection.
  • Olive oil rich in antioxidants can prevent premature aging while simultaneously lessening dandruff by breaking down extra cell layers blocking our pores.
  • Coconut extract compliments all oils as it strengthens hairs durability, contributing towards faster growth; coconut also adds an exotic fragrance.
  • Avocado carries and contains essential peptides along with healthy fats that work together keeping cells lively and fitting for hair development.
  • Castor plant participants bring high fatty acid content making them a superb choice for treating split ends caused by pollution lifestyles.

What more can we ask from this nature’s gift?

Benefits Of Using Seven Oils Oil Hair Tonic

If you were still not certain about using seven oils hair tonic then here are some benefits to change your mind:

1. Stimulating Growth

With nutrients sent right through to the roots, this wonderful blend (see what I did there?) energizes hair follicles helping strengthen dormant strands initiating new growth ending knots and mitigating unwanted frizziness.

2.Controls Dandruff

As mentioned earlier by highlighting sesame’s goodness in our mixture controls annoying flakes frequently resurfacing after exposure without stripping away those valuable natural oils leaving behind manageable locks free of such irritants!

3. Nourishing Nutrients

Seven Oils tonic infuses unique nutritious benefits stemming from these naturally sourced ingredients into each strand – nourishing it at its core in every application!

These are just some incorporated qualities shining even brighter than Ed Sheeran’s abstract album art (wait..what?).

Yes, seriously folks – don’t let artificial means deceive you anymore! No need to spend money on expensive chemical-based products harming yourself slowly but surely over time! Who knew going all organic could be this fun?

Seven Oils Oil Hair Tonic Usage

I know it’s a lot to take in, but after an overview you should have enough background detailing of seven oil oil hair tonic how-tos:

Step 1: Prepping Your Scalp

Before implementation consider rubbing your scalp gently with warm water for quicker absorption by opening the pores. Gently massage (emphasis on GENTLY) to stimulate blood flow.

Step 2: Application

To get the most advantage from utilizing a Seven-Oil mix hand ten drops (for medium-sized hair) into your palm kneading it gradually dipping down towards tips delicately massaging avoiding snapping or harsh movements.

You can use more or less depending on your hair type/length. Also, remember not to apply it directly onto roots as that can result in excess oilyness.

It is advisable to distribute equally throughout lengths of damp and dry strands usually once daily for longevity – creating maximum results if used overnight wrapped up using a towel over prolonged periods!

Another tip from my personal experience try tying tresses before going to bed- Not only does this protect them from tangling but also makes maintaining styles much easier..Imagine waking up with no knots!

Finally, taking through bullet points below regarding dos and don’ts while applying:


• Apply generously towards end sections showing maximum damage.

• Maintain some distance leaving at least one inch between conditioner and root ends

• Use non-metal utensils- wood/plastic combs/brushes eliminate frizzing out especially when attaching exposed body hairs


• Effectively avoid massaging around the crown area. As time passes our natural oils make their way down already benefiting these areas exponentially.

• Do not OVERUSE! Utilize mixture smartly overusing promotes extra accumulation

Following these guidelines ensures maximum care resulting in optimal outcomes!


One thing to remember is results may vary by hair type, texture & environment that you are living in so don’t lose hope as we all have different problems related to hairs but happily managing them with Seven-Oils Oil Hair Tonic!

Our Final Verdict

Considering everything aforementioned about how seven oil oil hair tonic can bring out the beauty of your locks step by step usage details and precautionary measures; it is a supreme investment for optimum strength supply along with evident benefits through its diverse presence of natural vitamins/minerals.

So why not go au naturel (NO! I don’t mean suddenly ditching clothes)with hair care? Make heads turn wherever you go carrying confidence from within – no more dull days without precious healthy hairs.

Be sure when using seven oils oil hair tonic- trust me, it’ll be worth your while.

You’ve got this! 🌼👒💕

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