Seborrhoeic dermatitis definition?

If there is one thing that’s universal, it’s how our skin loves to misbehave. From acne pustules to wrinkle marks on your forehead all the way down to canker sores in places we don’t want them, our exterior layer a constant source of concern for everyone. It’s like an unfaithful partner who never wants us around (but hey, at least you can trade it in with some skincare products). However, have you ever heard of a condition called Seborrhoeic dermatitis? Nope – not just another shiny medical term doctors use to sound impressive; it’s got something goin’ on.

What Exactly Is Seborrhoeic Dermatitis?

Let’s dive right in – Seborrhoeic dermatitis affects oil glands found primarily on the torso (chest area), eyebrows or scalp regions but has been known to show up elsewhere as well. These overactive glands start producing more sebum than they should be responsible for- essentially making those areas constantly feel oily and potentially contributing to hair loss too. As per usual with skin conditions – this isn’t enough! This is when yeast comes out to play…

Where Did Yeast Come Into Play Here?

So why exactly do people with seb derm hear “yeast” thrown around so frequently when discussing their diagnosis? Well funny story… we actually live happily among many kinds of organisms naturally without issue until one day, Dr Yeast decided he was going take control where he wasn’t wanted . Or better explained…. sebum is produced every day by your skin which will provide malassezia, aka yeast from trying ot thrive on your tonsorial paradise creating discomfort if living situation becomes over-crowded eventually causing dandruff flakes/redness or inflammation syndrome overall.

Yeast seb derm is usually an uncomfortable experience at best – but it’s good to note that it can also develop into psoriasis due to the hyperactivity of skin cells and inflammation more pronounced. Isn’t getting a whole new condition just swell?

What Causes Seborrhoeic Dermatitis?

We mentioned malassezia before, so let’s start there… Yep – this fungus grows naturally on your scalp or torso and feeds off the fats present in your oils, even something as simple as sweating could be cause for concern if you have particularly strongly producing oil glands.. The yeast family loves hanging out with everyone (even while doing so, they’re always on the lookout for new members), but some factors make them more prone to developing these clumps such as stress or medication use. Also, one theory floating around among scientists regarding possible contributing factors involves our immune systems overreacting to its presence.


Plus- clearly DNA has played its role here again…… If close relatives suffer from SD (Seb Derm) – then chances are likely high that you can too! Thanks grandma!


Our dear old friend testosteron might come into play here as well since males tend to show up with greater regularity than females once adulthood hits via shifts in how their distinctive amount work .


Many people all around us doubtless showing symptoms without knowing what culprit did it exactly however several products like shampoos/soaps/detergents/perfumes may exacerbate anything already ongoing not allowing condition to heal faster also triggering flare-ups by becoming inflamed where their harshness aligns closely overly alkaline pH level closer perhaps nasal discharge; overall bad news any which way that causes affected attention hardship great deal indeed.

Symptoms Of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

So now we know “who done it”, but let me tell you about how they doin’ it – Or better yet, telltale signs we should look out for when it comes to recognizing Seborrhoeic Dermatitis symptoms so you aren’t caught off-guard with any unwanted elderly rash team additions –

Skin Irritation And Flakiness

Seb derm starts by manifesting itself as irritation and flaking of the skin. Beginning stages can appear like isolated patches or small blemishes, but over time ,it begins to spread around areas mentioned earlier such as scalp, chest torso lines themselves revealing more come second season

Redness Of The Affected Area

As seborrheic dermatitis progresses into a more advanced state one will eventually see redness in pathogen foci making up visible pattern then inflammation develops alongside those complexion flakes found before.

Greasy Appearance

The most common denominator across all SD cases is – everything just seems greasy… Whether that be your hairline looking slicker than was ever intended or perched on top of brows creating harsh contrast; our personal favorite though? Apparently what started out innocuously enough has gradually transformed my facial curves moreso resembling Mr McDonald’s mascot rather than teenage heartthrob.

How To Treat Seborrhoeic Dermatitis Once Diagnosed?

Only doctors really know where the magic happens- heck they probably have it listed conveniently in their textbooks somewhere! We’re only jesters here willing to give some insight – Always follow your doctor suggested tips along with trying these helpful hints below:

Over-The-Counter Antidandruff Shampoos

Several antidandruff shampoos offering potential solutions including ketoconazole (Nizoral) which help control malassezia growth while at same time calm scalp appearing far less inflamed compared how was felt after each application increases day amount for long term progress results eventually rebuildin lipid barrier.(sorry- not sure whether there were supposed to put confusing words here!)

Topical Antifungal Products

It’s recommended to moisturize your skin after washing regularly with an antifungal agent, especially for those experiencing ongoing flare-ups due outer impact.

Topical Steroids

Topical steroids have been prescribed in cases where inflammation is present in addition to SD but one should always communicate clearly concerns surrounding potential side affects before going this way blindly.

Prevention Is Key With Seborrhoeic Dermatitis…

Preventing seb derm from manifesting itself primarily involves avoiding external triggers when possible – such as stopping tobacco use and steering clear of irritants like detergents & perfumes falling under certain super high pH acidity level ranges. It’s ideal to avoid any kind of oil-based hair products or perfumed soaps altogether if the condition is severe enough while maintaining regular hygiene habits that also subtly maintain scalp healthiness over time!


Playing it cool on the outside only means hiding away from real issues – Scratching that itch whether visible hairs pores feel frozen stiff inside – leave yourself vulnerable regarding unexpected medical conditions silently lurking around like seb derm! Get ahead of pesky yeasts today by understanding what they want from our expressive exfoliate exterior care routines following handy tips we’ve shared all above- good luck out there (and don’t forget keep it PG!)

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