Sacroiliitis pain level?

Are you feeling a sharp pain in your lower back, hips and buttocks? Well, struggling with such excruciating pain might well be the work of sacroiliitis. You may have never heard about it before but trust me; nobody wants to experience it. That’s why we are here: To help you deal with the pain.

What is Sacroiliitis?

Sacro what now?! Some big tough word- isn’t it? But don’t worry – we’ve got this! Let’s break down that lengthy medical term. “Sacrum” refers to your tailbone while “Ilium” denotes one of the bones situated in your hip area putting them together indicates they are connected at a joint- commonly known as the sacroiliac joint (SIJ). The inflammation or irritation caused on these joints is called Sacroiliitis.

Signs & Symptoms

It is crucial to identify if you’re experiencing sacroiliitis as chronic inflammation can cause irreversible changes around these areas leading to severe mobility issues.

Common Signals include:

  • Stiffness and/or discomfort when sitting for prolonged durations.
  • Sharp shooting pains occurring at one side of the lower spine region
  • Unnatural bending reflexes
  • A sense of numbness
    These symptoms usually manifest themselves slowly over time but could endure anywhere from weeks to months making life uncomfortable.

Types Of Pain Levels In Sacroiilitis

As mentioned above, noteworthy stiffness,pain,and swelling surround SIJ( sacrolilliac joints) indicating that an individual has acquired sacrioilitis .However not all levels are equivalent.To fathom which type best describes whatever variety of degree encounterd use our chart below.But hold up!

Before venturing into types let us first explain what constitutes exaggerated or limited movement occur during everyday life activities like walking/bending etcetera

  1. Limited Movement:As the name suggests people (with sacroilitis)have a difficult time making any sort of motion-anything more laborious than sitting/standing.

  2. Exaggerated Movement:The opposite;people feel almost restless as they move and makes you want to start doing warm-up exercises again.Just like that phew

The Types


How To Relieve Pain?

Now comes the part we’ve all been waiting for, Ayy? Relief! No need to endure unordinary amounts of pain .There are numerous ways to combat Sacoiolitits and here are a few pointers:


Anti-inflammatory drugs, Steroids which can be tablets, injections or applied topically on skin(Sounds fun doesn’t it?).Make your pick!

Side Effects Table

Anti-Inflammatory Steroids
Stomach irritation Insomnia
Weight Gain Dry Skin

Note: It is also important not to exceed prescribed doses indicated on medication labels.


At times using multidisciplinary approach will provide better results rather than being selective.While medicines do offer temporary relief,physiotherapy employs techniques such as massage &movement exercises aiming at alleviating muscle tension in gathered areas thereby relieving some severity particularly resulting from iliotibial band syndrome.
Sweet freedom huh?

3.Additional Ways To Help

People with sacroiulitis may resort to relaxation therapy involving meditation,yoga,music therapy etcetera which naturally happen by itself depends but it does yield positive results.

Prevention & Precautions

As the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure!” and preventions for this particular ailment include:

  • Placing less pressure on your joints via physical activity or even sleeping n more solid surfaces.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet rich in essential vitamins to help strengthen bones/ligaments.
  • Maintaining good posture while performing tasks

It’s essential that you be on guard during tasks done at personal level (like bending and lifting) which require energy or spending prolonged hours sitting . Pay attention when it comes to weight management as obesity will impose extra pressure on other parts of body.


Despite being such a never-ending pain sacroiliitis is treatable. The road ahead may seem tedious but hey! With every passing day,you are becoming stronger(trust me!). It’s important to take note of these tips, all major causes can be avoided leading one towards painless remedies,focus rather than tender moments,while we hope with bated breath that our recommended treatment methods have successfully taken root !!

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