Root can cost?

Have you ever experienced that awkward moment of trying to create an excuse to avoid going on a date? Well, worry no more. The perfect scapegoat is here, and it goes by the name of root canal cost.

Yes, you heard that right. Root Canal Cost.

Not only does this lame excuse sink your chances with your potential partner for good (unless they happen to be a dental fanatic), but it’s versatile enough to use in a variety of situations! Let’s dive into all the possibilities.

When You Need A Break From Work

Boss giving you trouble at work? No problem! Just call in sick and mention your recent trip to the dentist. Claim that one unsavory cavity had escalated into bad news about root canal treatment. This way, not only do you get time off work but also sympathy from coworkers who probably offer horrifying stories as well (trust me)!

When You Would Rather Stay In For Some ‘Me-Time’

Why waste money on overpriced concert tickets when staying home watching reruns will do just fine? If someone has invited us out somewhere we don’t want to go or can’t afford (this month) then root canal cost becomes our knight-in-shining-armor. There are few stronger excuses than confessing sadness due to tooth pain requiring consideration over our bank accounts before taking upcoming plans seriously because let’s face it – getting an unwanted invitation is torture anyways!

Can It Help Us Avoid Unwanted Family Dinners Too?

And how! Don’t want another Sunday roast dinner full of awkward pauses and annoying relatives tapping glasses together for classic family gossip conversation starters? Never fear – one muttered “Sorry Auntie Sue I can’t come” followed up with “I have some missing teeth thanks to my serious decay problems” should suffice nicely without too much follow-up inquiry!

When It’s Time to Dodge That Ex-Partner

Of course, there are always those situations where an ex appears uninvited as your local coffee shop. But thanks to root canal cost, you’ve now got a perfect excuse – our tooth pain makes it unbearable to concentrate on anything else (perfect).

Just remember to walk out with a grimace and clutching the side of the face. No need for acting lessons here: everyone knows how agonizing dental problems can be! And if all that fails? Claim uncontrollable bloating symptoms from the torte sundaes on their menu for good measure.

Save Money On Dates By Not Even Going To Them

The best part is this – you won’t even have had to spend cash on superfluous date expenses!

By announcing bad teeth drama way before whiffing fresh flowers or a remote chance at romance, we’re guaranteed minimum fuss upfront. This not only saves us huge amounts of dough in restaurant bills but also prevents stalker-mode SMS conversations asking why certain after-dinner drinks didn’t exactly leave them wanting more next week too. #WINNING

Root Canal Cost Is Your Perfect Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card

So there you have it: root canal cost is your ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card when trying to extricate ourselves from unwanted social interactions or dates gone stale early-on by using toothy symptoms as excuses.

This hallmark of keeping undesirable invitations/arrangements hostage should reassure even the most uncertain daters as they wade through pre-date uncertainty over anxiety-inducing etiquette and small-talk training options in preparation (or lack thereof).

It’s time we stop struggling with half-baked explanations about sudden cases of unforeseen “family” emergencies, bouts of allergies and surprise stomach cramps; become braver decision-makers capable enough to simply say what’s actually going on instead!

Let root canal cost become your new best friend in awkward situations, and soon enough we’ll have unlocked the key to social situation exit strategies (REALLY GREAT EXIT STRATEGIES TOO!).

In Short; Toothache Wins

Always remember that a little tooth pain always wins out over awkwardness. So next time you’re RSVPing for something dubious or find yourself caught between the devil (or their mother) and a hard place, just recall these magical words: ROOT CANAL COST.

Thank us later, we promise!