Revamping and Rising: Getting My Life Together

Life can be a journey filled with ups, downs, and unexpected twists. Sometimes we find ourselves feeling stuck or lost, unsure of how to move forward. But fear not my friends! With some intentional effort and strategic planning you too can revamp your life and rise to new heights of success and happiness.

Embracing Change

The first step in any transformation is embracing change. This may mean shaking up old habits, letting go of toxic relationships, or breaking free from limiting beliefs. It’s time to take the reins of your own life and steer it towards a brighter future.

Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

We all have that little voice in our head telling us what we can’t do or achieve for one ridiculous reason or another. Identify those thoughts then interrupt them. Replace constant self-doubt with positive affirmations.

– I’m not smart enough
– Interrupt thought: That’s just silly.
– Substituted Affirmation: I am capable of learning anything I desire

Letting Go Of Toxic Relationships

There comes a point when hanging out with the same negative people ends up affecting our personal growth.
Drop ’em like it’s hot!

Tools you need
– Positive Friendships List (PFL)
– Conversational exit strategies

Building Your PFL

Make a list of contacts who add value to your life; Those kinds who speak logic over emotions while still empathizing at the right moment

Exiting Negative Relationships Without Socio-drama

Knowing that “the vibe” isn’t good between y’all doesn’t make ending things easy:
What do you say?

1) The Honest Card – Keeping conversations calm by gently stating why maintaining the relationship is impossible.
2) Drifting Apart– You’ll be surprised how many people are okay ghosting someone they’re not interested in.

Becoming a Planning Guru

Although spontaneity can be great, it doesn’t hold up when important issues are involved. When you have goals you want to accomplish, a planner is your best friend.

  • Benefits of Using A Planner
    1) Organization: Keep track of all appointments and dates
    2) Goal mapping and motivation boosters – marking completed tasks show progress which in turn boosts our confidence to keep pushing.
    3) Time Management: Goodbye misspending hours aimlessly on IG!

Planner Essentials

– Size aesthetics appeal
– Functional classifications for different aspects of life including health,nutrition,socialization etc..

Getting Financially Savvy

If the idea of financial planning intimidates you, don’t worry! This is another part where we must learn the skill sets needed.

Investments 101

Whether short-term or long-term investments; money should be growing even while we sleep!

Resource Link
Investing Platform Reviews
How To Start Investing as A Novice

Finding The Best Investment Provisions For You.

A huge determinant if an investment will fit with your money management plan comes down to:
Risk Tolerance vs Returns

Determining Your Risk Tolerance Level:

Table Format

Investment Type Risk Returns
Savings Account Low
Individual Stocks High/Moderate
Mutual Fund Moderate/low

Refers to the level of anxiety caused when there are diminishing returns due to market fluctuations.

Refers to interest generated from initial contribution

The Journey Continues

Revamping and rising is a process that can take time, but it’s worth every single step. By staying motivated and consistent with your goals, you hold all the power to create a life full of abundance, prosperity, & happiness.

Keeping Steady – Healing Our Mental Health

There’s no being complete without having our Mental Health in line! There’s never too late or too early for saving cash for mental health specialist appointments.

– Understanding yourself better
-Treating any root causes instead of merely medicating symptoms
-Learning healthy coping mechanisms

In Conclusion

It might seem impossible when we look at everything we need to fix; remember:

“Rome wasn’t built in one day.”

By taking the gradual steps aimed towards positive evolution backed by intentionality just like how this article started , success becomes inevitable.

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