Rejected in Love: Empowering Feeling Unwanted Quotes

Love is not always sunshine and rainbows. Many people experience rejection in love, which can be a challenging experience. Whether it’s crushing on someone who doesn’t like us back or going through a heart-wrenching breakup, feelings of being unwanted can be distressing. However, we found some empowering quotes that help you embrace and overcome the feeling of unrequited love.

The Painful Side Of Love

Love hurts sometimes; it isn’t always pretty or smooth-sailing as portrayed in movies or novels. In reality, many of us have been subjected to unrequited love stories where our affections were left unreciprocated even worse when dumped after building castles in the air about forever bliss while repeatedly ignoring every warning sign.

But hey! It happens to everyone at least once – call it an initiation ceremony into the dating scene if you will:

  • Getting no response via DMs
  • Ignored messages after declaring your crush
  • Being friend-zoned
  • Breaking up with someone
  • Witnessing them date more attractive individuals than yourself
    Regardless of which one hits homes for you (all?), below are some power-packed quotes guaranteed to reassure all singles seeking refuge from such overwhelming experiences.

Famous Quotes About Heartbreak

Here are famous quotes from icons throughout history:

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” – Mark Twain

This quote emphasizes self-respect above obsessing over “the one.” Remember never settle down for less than what they deserve just because fears say there may not be another compatible partner out there.

“If you really want something so badly then let it go…if it comes back to you then its yours forever,” – Garth Brooks

The message here is clear: Set things free; see whether they match your expectations when they return. Stop wasting your energy chasing after things that don’t want to be caught – doesn’t include people only, but it works best in love scenarios.

“You can NEVER lose ME because if you lose me then YOU WILL NEED ME and I won’t need you anymore,” – Unknown

This quote portrays a sense of self-empowerment that on one hand reminds us how quickly life moves on post-breakup while also giving potential ex-partners something to remember after ditching sentimental partners who’ve laid their hearts out. Never underestimate the healing power of self-love and vulnerability.

Power Quotes To Help Overcome Rejection

Feeling rejected is a natural part of the growth journey called Life. It’s tough, but knowing there are others in similar shoes is an affirmation enough for recovery; here are some quotes offering words of wisdom:

“Follow Your passion! Don’t be average at twenty or brilliant at fifty!” – Richard Gadorsky

Life’s too short (and fragile) not to pursue what makes our hearts skip beats with joy & intensity. Heck, let love inspire everything from diets to career choices!

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.” — Lucille Ball

Loving ourselves shouldn’t purely depend on admiration or validation from others If we’re lucky enough to have this feeling within us all days long already, then embracing moments rejected by loved ones will seem much more comfortable than before.

Happiness cannot be traveled to nor owned, like diamonds…it comes from within. Seek happiness deep inside instead rather than looking externally for blissful tremors outside Sources,” -Unknown

Everyone tries finding hampers through outlets direct as possible since crushing disappointments aren’t usually anticipatable beforehand? It’d take less stress overall if accepting being Nihilistic concerning finding the Love ‘unicorn.’

Actionable Advice For When You Feel Unwanted

Now that we’ve gone through some inspirational quotes about rejection let’s explore a few action steps to get back on one’s feet after experiencing unwanted feelings in love.

Connect With Friends

Call up your closest pals and discuss how they’ve dealt with rejection or unrequited love in the past. Chances are, they’ll offer helpful advice and see things from a different perspective.

Focus On Yourself

Treat yourself like royalty by taking care of mind, body, and spirit; this involves indulging passions such as art classes, gardening courses (while still preferring isolation), cooking for friends/family/oneself and watching favorite movies (mainly comedy) – anything that distracts would work here!

Seek Professional Help When Needed

If spiraling out of control regarding the feeling of Rejection no matter what poosters read, dialing up nearest Counselor or Psychiatrist should help overcome negative emotions clouding everyday moments within Life.


There is hope even when you feel unwanted even if it needs handling distress signals at first hand! As we have seen earlier in this article above what matters most apart from receiving Love across common boundaries/exchange mechanisms – non-closable regardless of time – is a sense of self-worth & fulfillment gotten from making best use opportunities coming our way without putting all eggs into one basket obsessively affirming another being’s importance over ourselves.

Take inspiration from these quotes while focusing on becoming your own champion – THAT takes precedence! So don’t worry too much about not having immediate responses/trust betrothals throw battles remaining firm rooting themselves firmly; chances will increase again soon enough: both for getting “likes” next week Wednesday 3 p.m., acquiring new IG BFFS fastidiously monitoring won-in-box promos late nights rather than giving life respite once per week 😉

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