Red Flags: 10 Possessive Relationship Signs to Watch Out For

When it comes to relationships, we all want someone who loves us unconditionally, protects us from harm, and makes us feel special. But what happens when that love turns into possessiveness? Yikes! Possessive behavior is not only unhealthy but also a huge red flag in any relationship. If you’re not sure what possessiveness looks like or how to spot it early on, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 red flags that indicate your partner may be too possessive:

They keep tabs on your every move

If your partner needs to know where you are at all times and gets upset when they can’t reach you, this is a sign of possessiveness. They might even use tracking apps or check-ins just to make sure you’re always where they think you should be.

They isolate you from friends and family

Do they insist on spending all their spare time with you? Do they make plans for both of you without giving much thought about whether it suits your schedule. This behavior could lead to isolation from the people closest to us trying inhibiting our abilityo grow as an individual.

Jealousy runs rampant

Dr.laciviu (our resident expert) says jealousy is one thing in low doses.but if left unchecked,it leads tp down a path bringing out insecurities which could end up causing conflict between partners.The little green monster shouldn’t ruin our super duper supreme partnership, will he?

Your Partner Follows You All Day Through Their Phone

Again,informs dr laciviu,this type of behaviour seeps into intrusive territory.and frankly,i hope conversations around boundaries takes care off this problem.without having,somebody snooping through ur text messages.Conversation guys!

Let me expand more ideas below:

Controlling makeup?

We believe relationships should be built on trust, communication and mutual respect. However, if your partner is overly controlling or tries to dictate how you should dress or wear your hair etc., it’s a red flag for possessiveness.

Who are You Wearing That Perfume For?

Your Partner has all of a sudden changed their behaviour regarding anything that doesn’t correlate with their thinking ,like trying new things.Perfumes,new styles even wigs.When the changes could be harmless digressing into patterns occurs,and thats when we get red flags.Should not happen fams!

Possesing Time

Time management among partners isn’t easy but if taken seriously can create more room for growth.But,a possesive partner will wantto take up all ur time which really dampers “me” time.My recommendation? Nah guys.

Constant Interrupting Behaviour

Remember Mike who always interrupt in meetings ?? Yeah,u bet hes this guy who posesses.
Love and support but come on Space Please!!

Physical Interference

Red Flags like these speak volumes.If your partner engages in physical contact that makes you feel uncomfortable then communicate .Ur safety comes first regardless.They might hit you accidentally during arguments leaving bruises,this type of behaviour shouldn’t go unnoticed.The ultimatum is not worth it

They demand access to your social media accounts

Its okay wanting to know ones business,no need to pry through everything.Different people have different ways they want details shared about some private matters.This behvaiour leads down paths no birds becomes unbearable at times.Communication is key again .

Your privacy disappears

When one feels suffocated from getting listened too harped upon These cause anxiety an fears occur (trust us).Severly Obsessive attachment may lead u wishing u had better days.So folks,beware.

Overall,someone truly desiring the best type relationship possible would find such traits unwelcoming and plain exhausting.Wouldn’t you?

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