Rare nose shapes?

It’s no secret that the shape of one’s nose can vary, and everyone has a unique appearance. However, some people have rare nose shapes that draw attention and admiration from others. In this article, we’ll take a humorous approach to exploring these exceptional nose shapes.

The Aquiline Nose

The aquiline or Roman nose is one of the oldest documented types, with examples dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. It features a prominent bridge that curves downwards towards the tip in an elegant arch (1).

This distinct contour was once associated with nobility and strongly masculine qualities – think Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone standing atop his Sicilian villa (2). Although it may no longer hold much significance today in terms of social class status (3), its boldness still commands attention from bystanders (4).

Table 1: Examples of Famous Individuals With Aquiline Noses
| Name | Profession |
| ———– | —————— |
| Barbra Streisand | Singer/Actress |
| Cary Grant | Actor |
| Omar Sharif | Actor |

The Snub Nose

Snub noses are characterized by having a short bridge but wide nostrils on each side leading straight into round contours at their tips. Its signature button-like shape creates an infantile freshness which exudes both youthfulness and innocence simultaneously (5)(6).

Although often considered cute for animals such as dogs or cats due to its overall harmony, (7) snub-nosed humans tend to experience stuffiness when breathing through their noses; something they never seem willing to trade-off for looks alone(8).

List 1: Pros & Cons associated with Snub Noses
– Cute looking
– Youthful appearance

– Breathing problems
– Increased risk of SIDS during infancy

The Nubian Nose

The Nubian nose takes on a more prominent hump in the middle with downward sloping contours above and below it (9). It’s typically associated with people of African descent, named after the ancient kingdom located in what is now Sudan.

Like many physical traits subjected to racism, this type naturally made its way into history books as something undesirable for Africans or those trying to mimic pharaonic beauty ideals(10).

However, nowadays it has become an admired trait with notable celebrities such as Kanye West proudly flaunting his unique facial feature(11).

Table 2: Examples of Famous Individuals With Nubian (African) Nosess
| Name | Profession |
| ———– | —————— |
| Lupita Nyongo | Actress |
| Michael B. Jordon | Actor |
| Viola Davis | Actress |

The Hawk Nose

Hawk-nosed individuals have quite long noses that extend profoundly over their faces just like a bird (12). This rare shape consists primarily of bone creating angular features which stand out from afar.

This trait tends to be considered attractive due to its assertive quality, manifesting both strength and wisdom simultaneously(13).

While some consider it genetic bottlenecking limit because almost all hawk noses can evidence traceability to certain cultures depending on external biases .(such as Italy , Poland , Jewish etc.. ) anecdotal stories tend towards supporting claims otherwise unintentionally spoken by previous generations .

That being said, there could be underlying reasons connected within one’s cultural identity altering ancestral mixing patterns affecting nasal formationness currently subjecting these traits into becoming increasingly diverse every generation(14).

List 2: Advantages & Disadvantages Associated With Having A Hawk Nose
– Assertive and confident looking
– Often enhancing presence

– Can be considered intimidating
– May not appear proportional to other facial features

The Turn Up Nose

The turn-up nose or cupid’s bow resembles the shape of a bird’s beak. It turns upwards at the tip with a slight curve, providing yet another unique trait that an individual can have (15).

This nose represents innocence while also stirring up curiosity about this person behind it(16). There is something oddly fascinating associated in blending two different orientations creating an artistic interpretation celebrating originality .

While often Imitated through cosmetics or surgery for cosmetic purposes only (a.k.a –boobjob) , having this distinct feature comes as being more authentic since what makes us individuals can never truly be replicated(17) .

Table 3: Examples of Famous Individuals With Turn-Up Noses
| Name | Profession |
| ———– | —————— |
| Emma Roberts | Actress |
| Caroline Winberg | Model |
| Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Actor |

It seems like there really is no perfect way for one’s nose to look. Whether you possess an aquiline, snub, nubian, hawk or turned up nose, we all have these characteristics which make us too unique for anyone else to replicate whatsoever!(especially enjoyed reading Leah?)

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