Raising Children in the Way: A Guide to Success

Are you a parent who is tired of your child’s misbehavior? Do you wish they would stop being demonic little monsters and start listening to you? Look no further! This guide will provide all the tools necessary for raising well-behaved, respectable children – or at least ones that don’t make you want to pull your hair out.

Importance of Discipline

Let’s face it: kids are tiny humans with limited experience and knowledge. They need discipline in their lives to help them navigate through this confusing world. Without boundaries and structure, they’ll run rampant like wild animals (but cuter).

To truly succeed in raising children, one must understand the importance of proper discipline from an early age. Consistency is key here; if rules are not enforced consistently from day one then your offspring will soon realize that they do not have to follow any guidelines set by their elders, leading them down a path towards destruction or even worse… becoming teenagers.

Firm but Fair

For effective discipline, it’s important that parents remain firm yet fair (and get over feeling guilty)! Don’t let those adorable pouty faces fool you- stick firmly to rules without giving into whining or tantrums which undermine parental authority. However, ensure punishments fit crimes – grounding your kid from TV for missing Sunday school might seem harsh compared with accidentally destroying an antique vase while tossing around a basketball (even if it was signed by Michael Jordan).

Creating Structure

Children love structure and routine because it makes things predictable and therefore prevents anxiety-provoking surprises (seriously adults should learn from kids about how much better life could be!!) From waking up at 7 am every weekday morning throughout summer break when there’s nothing else happening except staring at walls until noon time (or more likely watching YouTube videos on repeat), consistency creates stability which helps young minds feel safe and secure.

Create structure by having a routine that children can rely on, such as breakfast at 7:30 am followed by brushing teeth then school drop-off (and even add in some fun with maybe Wednesday being waffle day). Consider making things into games – whoever is ready first gets to pick the radio station or choose the snack for lunch! Little rewards like this embedded throughout everyday life creates motivation leading to future success… even if it’s only getting out of bed before noon without parental yelling (small victories count)!

Encouragement over Criticism

Criticism is discouraging and damages self-esteem while encouragement builds confidence leaving less room for meltdowns that could go from zero to a hundred real quick (not saying you won’t have terrible moments but every small win counts!). The key here is emphasizing progress instead of dwelling solely on areas your kid needs help improving in (or let’s say gold fish memory about any ‘unique’ habits they acquired) because tomorrow’s another day so keep up momentum towards positive behavior!

When parent praise their child it validates them, helping them learn right from wrong more effectively and molding behavior overall while set-backs become opportunities for learning experience rather than simply an excuse misbehave again.


It’s all well and good teaching kids how to make responsible choices via rewards but sometimes there will be consequences. Try thinning privileges when appropriate or taking away “fun-time” activities when certain rules are not met as planned like candy free month after colored glass bottles were used suspiciously one too many times…

Teaching children about consequences has long-term benefits whilst preventing unmanageable situations growing worse due unforeseen circumstances outside anyone control – e.g., punishment-based discipline methods may encourage overt lying/secret-keeping/ defensive behavior whereas changing negative outcomes depending upon individual needs helps bring respect back into family relationships.

Being a parent comes with its unique challenges, but raising children doesn’t have to be one of them! Discipline is necessary and should be enforced consistently from day one. Firm yet fair parental guidance creates a healthy environment for children to thrive in.

Creating structure initiates consistency which makes routines easier for children’s growing minds to understand and allows parents to implement rules more easily without experiencing power struggles with stubborn offspring unable grasp consequences quite yet.

Always remember the importance of positive feedback when possible over critical shaming/limiting comments as often it could create meltdowns you were hoping stop. Instead make sure that opportunities exist before negative consequences implemented whilst bringing respect back into family relationships through effect change rather than punishment if at all possible!

Parenthood can be challenging and full of unexpected situations, but with knowledgeable guidance, patience, persistence and love.. even this too shall pass 🙂