Quotable Ways to Spot a Lead-On: Don’t Lead Me On Quotes

When it comes to dating, emotions can run high and signals can be unclear. It’s hard to know whether someone is really interested in you or just leading you on for their own amusement. To help cut through the confusion, we’ve compiled some quotable ways to spot a lead-on.

The “I’m not ready for a relationship” Excuse

One classic tactic of the lead-on is the “I’m not ready for a relationship” excuse. This phrase allows them to keep things ambiguous while also keeping their options open. If you hear this line, take it as a big red flag.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Actions speak louder than words, as they say. While someone may be saying all the right things, if their actions don’t match up then something is off. Pay attention to how often they initiate contact with you – are you always having to reach out first? Do they make plans with you or do you always have to suggest things?

They Don’t Introduce You To Their Friends/Family

If someone isn’t interested in introducing you to their friends and family after some time together, it could mean that either they’re not serious about pursuing anything meaningful with you or there may be some underlying issues present.

The Hot-And-Cold Treatment

Another sign that someone might be leading-you-on stems from giving inconsistent treatment. For instance, one day they’ll shower praise on your cooking skills and express an unmatched attraction towards’-‘you; ”only”  to ‘Ghost’ later when asked for clarification/ arranging another date/day/drinks due-to-spoofed work commitments!

They Haven’t Made Any Future Plans With You

Someone who’s truly interested in building something substantial with will usually see beyond today—future events like couples getaway weekener/upcoming concerts, etc. If after awhile enjoying somebody’s company; you keep suggesting hanging out incessantly without any willingness from them to put plans in motion – it’s not a good sign.

They’re Always Postponing Dates

If someone is constantly postponing dates and isn’t making the effort to reschedule or follow-up with another alternative time slot; take it as an indication that they are not as serious about getting-to-know-you better.

You’ve Never Been Invited To Their Place

Being invited over to your date/love interest’s abode signifies progress! It means trust-building is under way, and you can relax more around one another while discovering each other quirks/hobbies/shared lifestyles/sense of domestic tranquility. So if weeks have gone by where this matter has never come up/been broached, try communicating either electronically/in-person just where things stand?

The Ex-Factor

During earlier conversations if they mention their ex separately/several times (and were hurt); do-if-possible enquire further about what caused the breakup instead of brushing off this key piece-of-info aside. Listening & understanding past relationships (not memorizing/filing away) matters because people carry personal baggage which may still affect their present dating lives differently..

Verbal Double-Speak

As-shown ”verbal trickery” practices like explaining fluently why established dates had flopped-yet inviting )by hints/new invitation( afterwards would-be cumbersome/near impossible regular artistry angle for most people. Sentence fragment inconsistencies often reveal personal insecurity-laden issues too!

Here are some additional signs to lookout for so that head-on-in-love feeling doesn’t alternate between painful-to-tepid;

  1. They don’t show affection when you’re together
  2. They avoid planning ahead/taking initiative
  3. Refusing definitive statements/commitment, about future actions/expectations
  4. They always have reasons why they aren’t available to hang out

When To Cut Your Losses

Sometimes we want things to work so badly that we ignore any sign-posts/emotion-provoking episodes until-it’s-too-late ; Don’t be THAT person!/’Lead-On Buffer’. Consistent examples of disrespectfulness/negativity/hot-then-cold behavior should-be gently but directly addressed or positively curtailed from the get-go.

The Last Words

In conclusion, dating can be a tricky process, and it’s important not to lead-on-others so as-to-not experience those uncomfortable moments yourself. These quippy ways may aid in spotting when someone is being deceptive/basing their romantic interactions on half-truths.
Remember: Communication is your friend, take responsibility for your own actions/inactions & maintain good self-care constantly!

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