Put in There: Your Ultimate Guide to Organized Spaces

Are you tired of stumbling over clutter, tripping on toys or losing your mind to chaos? Do you want to create beautiful and organized spaces that are functional without sacrificing your sense of style?

If you answered yes, then this guide is for you! In this ultimate guide, we will take the guesswork out of organizing by providing tips and tricks for every room in your home. So let’s dive right in!

Kitchen Clutter Be Gone

The kitchen is often considered the heart of a home. It’s where meals are prepared, laughter shared and where everyone congregates during gatherings. However, with so many appliances and gadgets, it can become a magnet for disarray.

Clear Out Duplicates

Do any two items serve the same purpose? Keep one item as a backup if needed but donate or sell other duplicates that do not add value.

Label Everything

Labeling containers makes it easier to find what you need at a glance.
For example:
– Snack container
– Cereal container

If you have children label snack drawers with their names.

Add Shelf Risers

Shelf risers are perfect space savers when double-stacking storage containers or canned goods.

Store Pot Lids Horizontally

Pot lids stored horizontally uses cabinet space more efficiently than vertical storage.

Closet Chaos?

Closets haven’t been touched since 2016? If opening them feels like stepping into an avalanche zone these suggestions may help:

Take Everything Out

Empty everything from the closet onto the bed before sorting through these:

Donate/Sell Pile

It can be hard throwing things away we feel attached too. The convienant solution is donating or selling clothes that no longer worn may take up valuable space and hold bad memories!

Keep Pile

Sort surviving clothing by seasons; winter clothing should not be dug through in mid-June to find summer dresses.

Add a Double Hanging Closet Rod

These double hanging closet rods can free up plenty of space for added storage options by doubling the amount of folded clothes you have which means more room for other items like bags and shoes. They come with hooks and clips that allow your clothing hangers to be hung at different levels, giving you more space to organize your things.

Color-Coded Organization

Arrange clothes according To colors, lighter colored cloths should go first followed by darker colored clothing to make it easier on when running late applying lipstick or shiny glosses.

Garage Space Out of Control?

Garages are notorious places in our homes often designated as dumping grounds for storing rarely used stuff we never seem able to get rid of. Here’s what needs doing:

Start With an Emptying Session

Empty out garages completely- leaving only wall shelves and cabinets during clean-up this way will guarantee important sorting decisions made based on what really needed.

Prioritize Piles

  • Keep pile: Only items regularly used earn spots inside.
  • Donate/Sell/Trash pile: Consider donating or selling any leftover junk not need anymore; if worn–out parts must go into the trash!

Organize What Must Stay By Frequency

Put must-stay items grouped together based on how frequently they’re needed (i.e., gardening equipment stored near the door). Use labels/sticky notes so that everything easy gets found fast! Get heavy-duty shelves suitable for big/heavy toolboxes.

Wipe It Clean Use Biodegradable Soaps!

When all is sorted out clear garage floors using detergents specifically safe for metallic porousness — after clearing greased surfaces perfect ensures life spans on products placed there.

Bon Voyage Clutter Bags For Good?

Have too many travel accessories piling up over time inexplicably? Fear not! This part helps with options of taking control!

Begin With Discarding Old Bags You Won’t Use Again

Detached handles, torn lining — everything even too small out for donation.

Minimalism Travel Collection

Sometimes less is more when it comes to packing. Consider the following essentials:

  • Dopp kit: Keeps toiletries tidy and saves counter space in hotel bathrooms.
  • Scarf or pashmina: It as a blanket on planes; per daily staple, it’s worn snuggling into chilly air-conditioned places.
  • Charging cables (one for each device)

Rolling Technique Store All Clothes Efficiently

Pack clothes using rolling techniques to save time expanding outside luggage. Semi-hard exteriors protect valuables from harm, thus giving peace of mind when checking them onto baggage lines.


Your home tides up can make an immense difference towards your feeling lighter lifted spirits throughout days upon opening doors! Remember these tips: categorize items based on frequency prioritzing importance by keeping/donating piles during empty-out sessions enlist organizational equipment like shelves/label holders to maximize space fully — plus adopting essential storage hacks (like rollings techniques) will help keep everything looking its best quickly/safely tidying you away proudly organised spaces are always worth it!

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