Proper aftercare for cartilage piercing?

Piercings have become trendier than ever, and we are here to talk about one of the most beloved ones – cartilage piercings! Ain’t no party like a cartilage piercing party because a new addition to your ear just makes everything more fabulous. However, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns after you get pierced – there’s the much dreaded aftercare routine you need to stick to.

Yes, we know that nobody likes having their fun cut short by instructions on how to take care of something. But trust us when we say this: sticking to proper aftercare will save you so much trouble later. So don’t make any plans until you’ve finished reading this articlebecause we’re going through everything concerning how to prevent an infected or irritated cartilage piercing.

Why Is Aftercare So Important?

First things first, let’s discuss why taking good care after getting a cartilage piercing is crucial.

The area where the piercing has been done is susceptible and prone towards infections which can cause irritation or severe pain in the upper part of your earlobe/helix/cartilage/dome (depending on whereabouts your piercing was made). Therefore careful attention should be given during its healing process; else it could lead t0:

  • Infection
  • Regret
  • A messed-up ear

You wouldn’t want any of these now would you? Let’s dive into what steps you should follow.

What Should You Do First?

Now that we’ve gone through why after-care means so much let’s understand what measures need be taken post-piercing:

Keep Your Hands Off!

We’re sure everyone loves touching new things, but with regards topi3rcing,you must resist touching/poking/prodding/heck even looking at it directly for a while(at least for 2 weeks) . The wound needs time to heal, and any unnecessary touching can cause irritation or even get it infected. And of course – we don’t want that.

Cleanliness is Key!

Your pierced ear becomes your responsibility once the procedure has been done. To ensure a healthy post-piercing process you need to take up some basic day-to-day routines:

Cleaning Instructions

Here are step by step cleaning instructions advised for the first year depending on what type of piercing it is-

Piercing Type Frequency
Lobe/cartilage/helix Twice daily with saline solution
Industrial Twice Daily with saltwater solution

Saline Solution –mix sea salt and distilled water in an approximate 2:1 ratio Salt-water solution –one teaspoon non-iodized sea salt per eight ounces of warm distilled water

This routine should be followed for at least two weeks, post this period, switching over to cleaning them minimum thrice a week will suffice till complete healing (which takes around 3 months in most cases). Not adhering strictly to these protocols could lead toward infections, pain which can later inhibit new jewelry changes/movements.

Change Your Sheets Regularly

Another vital ritual which cannot go unheeded after getting piercings done is the cleanliness of one’s environment.Sheets hold onto bacteria, dust particles et cetera as our bodies lay motionless while asleep.Given their propinquity towards your ears,sleeping on germ-ridden sheets invites risks towards your newly made holes.It’s Good practice therefore guys to switch them out weekly or more frequently if practical~

So What Happens If I Get Infected?

All goes without saying that taking likely care precludes illness.Irrespective does all prevention goes awry, you should proceed thusly:

  • Contact a professional/pungent whenever you feel something is afoul with your piercing.Useful recommendations would be ur physician highly trained practitioners of medicine working in a medical environment.
  • Piercing infection can top out at serious levels, so let’s never take It easily. They are quite capable of spreading and manifesting itself in the form of swollen muscles or red streaks. Some symptoms to look for include -intensity pains,tenderness,discharge pus,vomiting.Worst-case scenarios may require surgery/cutting away sections.

Keep reminding yourself people: The risks multiply if you do not follow proper aftercare instructions!

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