Power Up: Gains and Perks from Squats for Men

If you are looking to power up your routine, you have come to the right place! Today we bring you an amazing exercise that every man should include in their workout: SQUATS. Not only will they make those legs look great, but they will also give you some serious gains! In this post, we will dive deep into the world of squats and explain everything on the topic! Let’s get started!

What are Squats?

First things first: what are squats? Well, technically speaking, a squat is a compound exercise where several muscle groups work in unison to allow movement at multiple joints. Ok… boring definition aside; let’s break it down like real men do.

Picture this – You load up the barbell with your target weight of course (we hope), then put it behind your neck while standing with feet shoulder-width apart. From there, lower yourself down as though sitting back onto an invisible chair until parallel or just below parallel before pushing yourself back upright/horizontal position again.

BOOM – That’s a squat!

Note: It is essential always to maintain proper form when doing squats not unless if don’t care about being labeled as a wimp by other gym trainers for using terrible technique.

The Benefits Of Squatting

Now that we know what constitutes a good squat let’s talk about why it’s excellent for more than just making us look smoking hot- although that definitely counts too…

  1. Muscle Gain
  2. You knew this one was coming first.

2.If you’re looking forward to growing some hefty quads and thick glutes/muscular butt (the booty ladies would jaywalk over fire road intersections)then deadass nothing compares to giving 20+ reps per set on heavy loaded leg days.

  1. Better Leg Strength
  2. Not only will squats make you look better, but they’ll also give you more power! Doing this exercise consistently can help increase the strength in your legs and enable you to carry heavier loads for extended workouts.


  1. Increased Core Strength

LEEEEAAN ON ME….when just a core set? Nettles on me..

Seriously- don’t underestimate a strong core!

A good squat engages not only your leg muscles but also works wonders for those abs and obliques too.

  1. Hormonal Changes

Squats are exceptional when it comes to aiding hormonal changes by helping the body release a surge of human growth hormone (HGH) – making them ideal when looking to build an athletic, chiseled physique:

Be that muscular godly creature you know is inside there…somewhere

  1. Improvements in Cardiovascular Health

Yes! You heard right-my deadbeat friend who claimed carrying his groceries up one flight of stairs was enough cardio as he needs daily will still benefit from Squats!!! (eye roll)

Incorporating squats into regular cardiovascular exercises like running or jumping jacks helps with VO2 max (oxygen uptake), which leads to better cardiovascular health overall.

  1. Flexibility Enhancement

Picture doing well-round yoga session after benching some olympic-level weights?
Yeah- The cracking sound effect never felt better!

Squats actively aid in joint mobility, leading clients down unprecedented paths towards gaining flexibility just through their biomechanical movements during lifting routines.

Different Types Of Squats To Consider For Your Routine

Just starting out? Confused with all these memes about ever-increasing sets? Don’t worry fam; we gotchu elaborately covered!!

Different categories of squats suit different goals, so let’s get into each type:

  1. Barbell Squat
    This type remains king when it comes to battling one’s leg day reputation among peers.

  2. Goblet Squat

10/10 would recommend for the name alone

If you need a partial center quad focus, then Del Monte squat variations might be the best fit! It doesn’t happen every time that form boosts humor points!!

  1. Front Squat

Delivering unbeatable strength gains is why Olympic lifters adore this exercise so much- squats have obviously worked out well for those medals around their necks!

  1. Overhead Squat

To commence though challenging movement in your routine, consider the overhead variation of squats…

  1. Zercher Squats

Be careful with these- if done improperly can lead to inadvertently creating new vocabulary words( “Buttockification.”)

Phew!! That’s quite an elaboration on different types of squats and how they’re great; isn’t it?

The Perks Of Adding Weights To Your Flow

Still not convinced? Let’s dive further into what happens when more weight is used during squats:

1.Improves Balance

One essential benefit seen while including weights seriously in our routine lies in aiding natural balance – which crucially accelerates athletes up through deadlift routines by using glutes as main support systems instead throughout lifting phases involved..

2.Increases Strength Quickly

Weights help make everything heavier by adding resistance which props up excellent muscular strength developments quickly over just hours spent training without extra mass altogether.This makes Weighted sets a necessary component within programs towards decreasing failure rates involving fewer reps or fatigue issues during intense workouts.

3.Burn Calories Faster-With Muscle Gain As A Bonus

Squats with added weight significantly increase intensity levels compared to regular sets elevating metabolic processes both long-term energetics and practically instantaneous now which indeed enhances calorie-burning potentials for fitness goals at next-level heights as unproductive body fat faces outright eradication.

With these types of significant pros packed into each weight session, we can’t help but recommend opting for a good 20 reps across multiple sets to start making real headway faster than light speed?

How To Add Squats Into Your Routine

Now that you know all the great advantages attached to squatting- let’s incorporate it successfully!

Begin by warming up with some jogging or walking, so your muscles are activated and ready to combat the upcoming resistance. Then proceed further down:

  1. Begin with Bodyweight Squats:
    It may seem like nothing more than standing up and sitting back down again – however; this will actually empower muscle-building subtly!!

  2. Incorporate Weights Gradually:
    Start off small and work your way through increase over an extended timeline to avoid injury-involved set-backs while incremently driving towards serious gains throughout training sessions’ undertakings involved.

  3. Take Proper Form Seriously:
    Execute legs position discipline after carefully maintaining optimal stance balanced between appropriate movement psychology (biomechanical) & avoiding harm issues at designated exercise junctions-by keeping posture firm plus leveled downwards throughout sets included!.

4.Use A Spotter On Higher Reps:
This point needs no explanation anyway ladies should consider tagging extra companions when going heavy during workouts!! We have seen those impressive racks before sure they’re pumping iron too!!

Final Thoughts

Squatting is an excellent choice when it comes to men’s fitness regimes! From building muscle to improving strength, adding squats into your routine won’t disappoint! Do keep in mind; proper form is key so ere onto side caution instead of one-upmanship while benefits naturally accrued rapidly soon enough once starting!.

We hope our comedic elaboration on this topic entertained just as much as helping build safely effective routines meant specifically targeting desired muscular esthetics/performance, resulting in turning everyone involved in “THOSE GUYS” ((applause!!))

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