Pityriasis rosea itch relief?

If you’re currently scratching like a flea-infested dog or have developed an itch that even an army of ants would find overwhelming, then congratulations! You might be suffering from pityriasis rosea. This condition is hardly new; it’s been around since your caveman ancestors decided living in caves was no longer fashionable.

But don’t worry; we’re here to make this crawl-free journey as comfortable and hilarious as it can be. In this ornamental guide, we’ll show you how to deal with the annoying PItyriasis TENtacles (get it? PATIENTs?) by providing some top-notch tips on relieving your itch without losing your sanity. Let’s dive right in — assuming you can handle the urge to scratch for just a few more minutes!

What Exactly Is Pityriasis Rosea?

Before getting into our expert tips on itch relief, let’s tickle our brains with what exactly this weird-named skin condition is. Random rashes aren’t very rare after all – so what makes PR special?

Pityriasis rosea (PR) is a non-serious but irritating rash that usually begins as one large mother patch called ‘the herald patch.’ If left unchecked, these bushy plants spread their wings (read spots and sometimes bumps!) over different parts of your body making you resemble some hybrid creature at best. But where does such misery come from?

While scientists still haven’t found out why nature played such a mean trick on humanity by allowing PR outbreaks that could trigger discomfort – they’re pretty sure there ain’t no soap opera attached because #boringAF.

So instead of trying to dropkick science for its lack of creativity behind creating cool diseases like reverse chickenpox, let’s laugh about ways WE deal with this harmless yet pesky rash.

Itching to Know How We Can Relieve This?

Say what you will, but itching is one of the most satisfying things we humans can do. “No way,” you say? Try scratching your leg right now and tell us honestly how great it feels!

Unfortunately ‘scratching’ pityriasis rosea isn’t going to give you any relief; in fact, it’s likely to make everything worse by causing irritation or even bleeding if as per our prediction – You’re a particularly creative scratch-producing machine.

Now that we’ve cleared up the basics let’s get down to business with some copacetic home remedies for PR itch relief:

A dash of baking soda

Not many people know this, but baking soda has numerous benefits apart from making your cupcakes look perfect (but trust me on this-your cakes will not care anymore). Mixing half a cup of this kitchen ingredient with water forms a paste-like substance that should be applied onto affected areas during baths instead of soap. The soothing-cooling effect might help calm down prickly sensations – unless your skin decides all brands are snakes and reacts like Spiderman- sorry couldn’t find an unfunny metaphor there…Moving on!!

Oatmeal: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

While oatmeal makes for an excellent breakfast choice at normal times it also has its unique abilities when coping with sensitive skins such as those infested-prickling lotions who haven’t washed their clothes after using perfumed soap! Whipping out two cups BOILED-OFF oatmeal mixed into lukewarm baths may lessen inflammation after thirty minutes.

If only dealing with social issues could be solved once steps were taken before stuffy lawyers found jobs- sigh – wouldn’t life just seem less…OMG sometimes I crack myself up too!

Coconut Oil: Perhaps the Greatest Discovery Since Toasted Bread!

Coconut oil is fantastic for many things. It helps with hair growth, promotes healthy digestion and can even boost brain function! And while we love Dr.Brainbutick’s weekly dissertation on the importance of coconut oil for all-round health although it’s hard to take him seriously with his untrimmed beard, here let’s see how this miracle element helps relieve some skin irritation.

When lightly applied onto affected areas, it may assist in soothing dry-prickly sensations that make our world feel like a never-ending mud-wrestling match- but fun fact? Coconut oil is also edible i.e., once you are done rubbing it on your arms, use leftovers to saute` veggies or bake your favorite cake. Delicious- or so I hear.

Aloe Vera Gel: Better Than Tequila (Okay Maybe Not)

If you’re not taking tequila shots during this pandemic whoa! We don’t know if we should salute or check if you were born without taste buds!

So ON to important matters – Aloe vera gel makes an excellent hydrating choice for skin itch relief due to its moisturizing properties. You could scoop up generous amounts fresh from leaves plucked from corners of house OR buy ready-made organic variants available just about everywhere these days – Just avoid cheapskates played by archrivals at work whose sense-of-humor game peddles ‘too good deals.’

What More Can We Do?

Besides these mentioned tips above which have worked best generally (we collectively think), here are few additional home remedies lazy folk often claim as awesome:

  • Apple cider vinegar;
  • Soothing essential oils such as chamomile oil;
  • Relaxing baths incorporating Epsom salt;

Sure they sound great — but when has laziness ever helped anyone get rid of evil PR tentacles roaming around itching everything in sight?

Get off your butt cheeks (Sorry don’t mind us) and kick-start along with other home remedies you wish to try in the towel – anything from comfortable clothing choices, avoiding hot showers or intense physical activities that increase body temperature too much for instance. Being strategic about your scratching sessions and not using harsh soaps also help a lot.


Pityriasis I’m-on-the-PRosea is an annoying pain but getting through it with ease can lighten up our day(s)! So don’t let prickling sensations stop you from enjoying life. Test out all of the above methods (or even come up with innovative ones) until you find what works for you—just make sure everything stays kosher-cowboy!

Remember: a laugh-and-itch-free existence may seem like fantasy right now but awkward pause never give up hope no matter how impossible things seem at times because being human is more than just surviving — it’s laughing away some strange diseases too!