People who walk?

Have you ever seen someone walking on the sidewalk and thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish I could be like them”? No? Just me? Well, let me tell you something – people who walk are some of the most underrated heroes in our society. In a world where everyone is obsessed with speed and efficiency, these folks are taking it slow and steady – and we should all take notes from their book.

The Benefits of Walking

Before we dive into why people who walk are so amazing, let’s talk about the benefits of walking. We’ve all heard that exercise is good for us (yawn), but did you know that walking specifically has a ton of health benefits? Here are just a few:

  • It helps lower your risk of heart disease
  • It boosts your mood
  • It can help regulate blood sugar levels
  • It improves circulation

And that’s just scratching the surface! Plus, there’s no gym membership required – just a decent pair of shoes and maybe some sunscreen if you’re feeling fancy.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

One reason why people who walk are so great is because they understand that sometimes it pays off to take things slow. Our culture is constantly pushing us to strive for more – more money, more success, more everything. But at what cost?

When we rush through life without stopping to smell the roses (or whatever flowers happen to be nearby), we miss out on so much beauty around us (and also run into lampposts). People who walk have learned this lesson well; they see value in going at their own pace instead of trying to keep up with everyone else.

The Freedom of Foot Travel

Another perk of being a person who walks is that you don’t have to rely on anyone or anything else for transportation. Sure, cars might get us places faster, but with the price of gas these days, who can afford it? Walking is a much more cost-effective method of travel that also happens to be great for the environment.

Plus, when you’re on foot, you have much more freedom to explore your surroundings. You can take detours through parks or winding side streets without worrying about getting lost (or at least not too worried). And if you do get lost…well, that’s just another adventure!

A Chance to Connect

When was the last time you actually talked to someone while commuting? If your answer is “never”, then maybe it’s time to start walking instead. People who walk often have an opportunity to connect with their fellow pedestrians in ways that drivers simply cannot.

Maybe you’ll strike up a conversation with someone else waiting at a crosswalk. Maybe you’ll see an old friend strolling past and catch up on life events. Or maybe you’ll just give a friendly nod as someone passes by.

These small moments of connection might seem insignificant, but they can go a long way in making us feel less alone in this big world (and also less likely to kidnap strangers into our van – sorry I mean Volvo).

Taking Time for Self-Care

In addition to all of these benefits we’ve discussed so far, one major reason why people who walk are awesome is because they prioritize their self-care. Think about it: when was the last time you went on a leisurely stroll just because it made you feel good?

Walking gives us an opportunity to slow down and check in with ourselves emotionally and physically (but still keep checking over our shoulder for those pesky kidnappers – again sorry I meant Volvo drivers). We don’t have any particular destination in mind; we’re just enjoying the journey itself.

And if all else fails…hey, at least we got some steps in today!


In conclusion, people who walk are some of the coolest people around. Not only do they reap a ton of health benefits and enjoy greater freedom on foot than in cars, but they also know how to slow down and connect with others. If you’re already a walker yourself – well done, my friend! And if you’re not…what are you waiting for? Lace up those sneakers and hit the pavement (just maybe avoid that Volvo parked across the street).

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