Oops! Messed Up in a Relationship? Here’s What to Do.

Welcome to the land of heartbreaks and broken relationships. You’re not here because everything is going smoothly or you just want to know what NOT TO DO when it comes to maintaining your love life status. And guess what, the first thing we are going to tell you is that mistakes happen, yes they do! We all make them at some point in our lives so don’t feel ashamed; however, learning from them could be tough but also super hilarious!

Step 1: Acknowledge That You’ve Made a Mistake

You don’t want people thinking they haven’t noticed anything after blue-ticking their hundred messages straight up for ten days. The worst part would be if rather than admitting error was done on your side, you went ahead trying to prove unrealistic explanations.

  • Pro tip: Release yourself by acknowledging your mistake before making things worse.
  • It’s okay-Trust us; everyone has messed up emotionally!
  • Don’t freak out – Try taking a break and quick deep breaths.

Step 2: Reflect on What Exactly Went Wrong

We all have those moments where we think of ‘What If my bed had wheels ,I wouldn’t have woken up late.’This phase often comes with anxiety and self-distress which will definitely lead into future problems bound in guilt that affects personal confidence.

Some questions need answers such as;

  • Did I say something inappropriate?
  • Did I hurt my partner’s feelings?
  • Was there an avoidable misunderstanding?

Answer these questions put yourself in your partner’s shoes then channeling the inner peace mantra tries approaching with rational judgements,and avoid blaming yourself for absolutes manuvres since every problem affecting couples arises due to coalescence.

  • Pro Tip: Focusing on how this experience helped illustrates further differences that exist within relationships throwing light on positive traits such as emotional intelligence and trust.
  • Respect: Give him/her time to heal, everyone has their own healing period, the fact that you made a mistake doesn’t guarantee an instant forgiveness verdict.

Step 3: Take Responsibility

It’s effortless to fall into that trap of justifying mistakes rather than facing up to them.This cannot be achieved without phsical effort!.It may feel embarrassing or painful but it is an essential way for dealing with personal improvement..

Admitting Your Mistake

Take responsibility for what has happened.Just see this as another life lesson! Remember taking responsibilities isn’t synonymous with begging neither does it atone errors. All it takes is saying “I’m sorry during conversations since apologies goes a long way in alleviating poor attitudes either physical or emotional.

  • Pro tip: A sincere apology can seal broken hearts; nobody expects you to over-do aplogizes which will yield negative counter-reactions from partner.

Necessary Actions

Mistakes often come with actions.When someone feels hurt,betrayed or lied against,the only thing they want us revenge by making other person go through similar motions,and one would expect embarrassment along.Hence doing necessary action comes in play!

For instance ;

  • Recognize expectations
  • Talk Things out heartily
  • Actions should speak louder than words

  • Pro Tip: Conversations are crucial here.After acknowledging your error,sit back down at the table, put phones down and talk things out heartily .

Step 4:Communicate With Honesty And Transparency

This phase requires enough honesty because lack of open communication could cause havoc between partners .Information shared must suit every momentary occasion dont carry those past regrets towards present activities being carried unto now..The most valuable contribution within any existing relationship is no other-personal input but Ample-Care alongside loving conversation.

Being honest also means directly handling sensitive situations so nothing stays cloudy-we all know saying “I am Fine” when your not isn’t really expressing yourself.

  • Pro Tip: Ignorance,anger and bitterness can feed onto unresolved issues hence honesty &transparency are like a web of trust which repairs damaged relationships.

Effective Communication:

A communication that is filled with uttermost care could never go South.

Chances are once you have identified what went wrong and the role you played,you feel bad about it.Taking responsibility doesn’t mean submission its just understanding how actions or words must correspond to deeper intentions devoid of perceived judgement .

  • Pro tip : Going back to tip 1 this time we would recommend conversing With partners(Gentle tone) from a place where apologies,recognition accompanied by appreciation exist in every dialogue.

Saying “SORRY!”


Taking some responsibilities often requires being apologetic. In essence, learning how sincerity operates will differentiate an apology from begging on one’s knees Furthermore Choosing the right words such as-“I apologize” could work better than-so so sorry.Remember more important After that is comes forgiveness.

  • Pro Tip: A sincere apology puts forward hard questions however telling your partner all positive qualities they do possess helps ease the process awaiting!

Step 5:Forgiveness

Now The situation begins to wrap up when both parties agree either consciously or secretly displaying good vibes for another chance.Look at forgiveness as an obligation done wholeheartedly without holding unto grudges because nobody benefits once harboring rancour..

You may have forgiven but amidst establishing new boundaries(Just maybe!)Be sure Not making same mistakes twice !

So there you have it our funny tips on dealing with relationship Bullshit Be aware not every scenario lists above will play out for everyone involved please pay attention finding what works best!!

Bottomline :

Relationships require constant maintenance . Mst importantly become That emotional supervisor visualizing things beyond our own scope.Commitment,care actions and integrity mixed with self esteem are motivational tools for staying afloat within the relationship ocean.