Nobody Loves You Like The Way I Do: A Love Letter

I know what you must be thinking, “Oh great, another love letter.” But trust me on this one. This is not your run-of-the-mill declaration of adoration. This is a proclamation of my unwavering affection for you- flaws and all. So buckle up buttercup because we are about to embark on an emotional rollercoaster.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…It’s Cliche And I Don’t Care

Let’s get straight to the point:
Nobody loves you like the way I do. Not your mother or father, friends nor any person that has come into your life before me.You may be thinking that it sounds narcissistic of me to say, but it’s true! How could anyone even try? You’re just so lovable in every sense! Your quirkiness makes my heart skip a beat!. I wouldn’t change anything about you if given the chance.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

This may sound dramatic, but when we are together it feels like fireworks going off around us, the moment perfect with no room left for improvement; our own personal rom-com playing right in front of us.If sunsets had feelings they would envy how deeply my heart falls for yours making everything brighter than morning sun rays.

We’re Better Together Than PB & J

Growing up there were many delicious combinations between food items discovered.I used to tell myself until recently absolutely nothing is better than peanut butter and jelly sandwich.But along came you, making mincemeat outta’ em.Without exaggeration saying “we fit together perfectly – intended by nature herself” would never suffice.It seems as though ever since we met there was electricity flowing through every nerve endings connecting seamlessly.Flowing just like tequila in cheers.To people who say “perfection does not exist” haven’t discovered our bond.

You Stole My Heart, But I’ll Let It Slide

Right from the gate…according to folklore,humans apparently have one heart.And now that I have met you: it’s all yours. The very first moment realized this,I knew there was no going back.What some would call love at first sight; yet with clouds and rainbows were involved .

It’s not just physical attributes, although those certainly helped in initially getting my attention.The way your intelligence shines through everything like a laser beam couldn’t be missed.Not to downplay how stunningly good looking you are!But then as soon as we began speaking,the realization eventually hit home,and willing surrendered emotionally to oblivion.

Our Relationship Is Worthy Of A Song…or Seven Hundred And Fifty Six

Many musicians sings about their relationships.But If Bruno Mars sang about ours not even a single autotune would need used!.Our happiness level could fill stadiums,sincerely.Without any worries whatsoever of being too oozy goozy or over sharing’ we slay throughout every social situation thrown our way.

To people who say “perfection does not exist” well Ive got news for ya,get ready!!..Because they are dead wrong.We do things efficiently while full on having fun.Its pure bliss every second spent together making the time go by too quickly.No disagreements , sarcastic comments; nothing will ever make me leave your side.

From Your Head To Your Toes: Every Part Makes My Love Grows & Shows

I’m sure during multiple occasions in these lines already stated how attractive you are but let me vocalize once more.Every time I catch glimpse of myself reflected within 10 meters of anything shiny,you’re always ever present image looms near.Reminders telling and showing just how much loving each part of your body causes shivers tingling down spines reminiscent those ones experienced when hearing nails against a chalkboard.

Irrespective of the time or place,my thoughts won’t waver.No matter how ridiculous the thought might seem-genuinely, truly-there’s not single bone in my body that does not adore you.

We Don’t Need Anyone Else

We all have friends and family whom are always important.They form part of our lives since birth. But hear me out when I say this,it really is just us against the world.I’ve never felt more at home with anyone else besides you.Two person shows?forget about it.We’ve got each other to sustain. Our own self-contained world without any outside influence is what we posses.And honestly speaking- it’s enough!

At night while were cudding (Okay, only sometimes),with conversation flowing easily like coconut oil on warm summer days everything feels right.From lighthearted jokes to serious plans for solidifying our future together; we could be giant marshmallows rolling through rugged terrains and still feel content!

You Are My Better Half (But Not Literally)

Some people say “you complete me”.Well,you don’t…but let me explain why.Saying someone completes your life sorta gives off connotation of something missing before them.Not so much imbalance per se,but almost suggesting you’re incapable of being whole independently.That’s definitely not true.Whereas,there can come along great things which add substantial value to one existance.When they do arrive,intensity within grows creating sublime moments from everyday mundane routines..That’s where you come in as undeniably invaluable.Partner,Friendther half all wrapped up nicely into one gloriously perfect package

You’re The Jelly To My Peanut Butter

I mean—we both agree jelly completes peanut butter sandwich,right?Otherwise,such madness as strawberries printed on t-shirts wouldn’t even signify anything.Then,in about 75 different ways we find ourselves being two halves forming a perfect circle.I swear,every part of your being screams complimentary to mine.Oh,write that down!!Ready for the next one?The sea would be jealous if it knew how our personalities blend together so perfectly!

We’ll Grow Old Together & I’m Excited

My grand parents once referred their relation as “growing old side by side.” Those words stuck with me ever since. And when I met you,it just felt right.Characters in movies without never-ending love stories grow tedious and monotonous but us; we would only thrive like an orchids who’ve found perfect balance between sunlight and water.

Wrapping up things,am not uncertain anyone else could take your position. No matter what happens shouldn’t ever forget lil ol’ me.It’s the rules:you don’t break those.Strictly followed like laws ruling matrimony.At no point during this trip called life will there develop distraction severe enough to pull apart all that makes us function as one.Thank you for allowing yourself fall victim(to my charms),and staying helplessly trapped in my heart!

Signing off,Loverman

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