Natural hair care for beginners?

If you’re someone who has decided to embrace your natural hair, congratulations—you’ve made a great decision. Whether you have just done the big chop or simply want to learn how to properly care for your mane, this guide will help you get started.

Understanding Your Hair Type

Before anything else, it’s important to understand what kind of hair type you have. This can make all the difference in figuring out which products and techniques work best on your hair.

The Different Types Of Hair

There are four major types of hair:

  • Type 1 – straight
  • Type 2 – wavy
  • Type 3 – curly
  • Type 4 – coily/kinky

Now that we know this, let’s focus on how to take care of them!

Washing And Conditioning

The foundation of good hair care lies in proper cleansing and conditioning.

Shampooing Your Hair

Shampoo is meant cleanse any dirt particles or build-up from our scalp.To start off use small portions at first as excess shampoo may lead to damage .For instance using a coin sized amount with suffice initially.Starting from the roots , apply it evenly till ends then wash off thoroughly.

Let It Conditioner-rain!

Conditioner helps soften up the strands before moving onto styling.The trick is not getting it dangerously close near the roots but beginning from down downwards.Tie up untangling ponytail while waiting because nobody wants unmanageable-messy-scanvenger-hunter-type-of-tangled-hair.Do remember one thing the golden rule:

DONT RINSE IT ALL OUT Oh yeah,you heard me right.Conditioners should stay there for another couple minutes so they actually condition.Well come bathtime,give yourself some time too.Am i suggesting taking an hour long shower? Where did those thoughts even spark from!

A Word On Styling

Styling products can make all the difference in giving our hair that extra “oomph” it needs.

Oiling Your Hair

Oil is a great way to keep your hair looking smooth and shiny. Some popular oils include:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Jojoba Oil

Apply them from roots to tips but not to extremes,focus on oily scalp for healthy growth.Rinsing warmth off with water will open up pores encouraging absorption of oil.Open Sesame ,right?

Natural Hair Masks

Preparing natural masks are far better than buying chemically packed bottles of promised miracles.Deep conditioning treatments fill the gaps ,improves elasticity,prevents breakage.Look no further when coconut oil,Walnuts and bananas are already lying around.Bringing back old folklore where grandmother’s used Avocado-honey mask made one feel relaxed while masked up covered with shower cap!Remember intense nourishment means long term health..

Maintaining The Health Of Your Mane

The health of our manes relies partly on how we maintain their look after each wash.Though damn satisfying having something so neat and organized isn’t it?

Drying Techniques

The wetter they come,out faster they leave .however its easier said than done.Squeezing excess water out,towel drying nd wrapping towel creating turban style takes an edge in reducing heat usage.Like two peas in a pod,might just be talking about blowdryers.Air-drying techniques breed less damage.Two cents anyone? Popularity arising through luscious curls caused by diffusing low-speed cold air finishes look without damaging target areas.

Combing It All Out

Does picking at beautiful entangled mess work?NO.Non,gasps even if you attempt doing so.Figuring out what tool best helps untangling seems right balance though.Detangling spray mixed with saelen oil is a good combination because it minimises pulling and breakage while brush passes through.PROPER COMBS WORK BETTER THAN CLOSE SHADE AUCTIONS HONESTLY!

The Main Takeaway

Taking care of our hair should be an important part of our daily routines.Without proper care ,we tend to rely on other methods which conversely causes more problems than solutions.Just like tending for skin,hair requires healthy diet,natural products,less heat-centered treatments.Preparation takes effort but less physical labor than one could ever think.Paying attention to details regarding type,washing,maintanence brings joy knowing efforts are paid off in the long run. So start loving yourself by embracing your natural hair,trust the process,your future self will thank you later!

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