My nose piercing hole is too small?

Do you feel like your nose piercing hole is a bit too snug? Are you struggling to get your favorite jewelry in and out without it feeling like a battle for survival? Fear not, my friend! This article will guide you through the ins and outs of nose piercing jewelry, from sizing to materials, and everything in between. Get ready to up your nose game!

Size Matters

Let’s start with some basics: when it comes to body piercings, one size does not fit all. While initial piercings are usually done with standard sizes (18 or 20 gauge), as they heal and mature, individuals may choose to switch things up. However, finding the right gauge can be tricky – going too small can lead to friction and slow healing times while going too large can cause scarring or even migration.

Gauge Guide

To help find the perfect fit for your particular situation check this table on common gauges:

Gauge Millimeters
20 0.8
18 1.0
16 1.2

But what if we already have too much scar tissue? Or maybe we simply prefer a daintier look?

Materials Matter More

Choosing the right material for your nose piercing jewelry can make all the difference – especially when dealing with smaller diameters.

Say No To Nickel!

Nickel-based alloys should be avoided at all costs – this super common metal is notorious for causing allergic reactions and aggravating existing ones over time due to everyday wear-and-tear; which could further damage an already delicate pierced skin barrier.

Switching Things Up?

Gold (in any shade) , platinum , Niobium or Titanium are great choices that don’t tarnish or oxidize. These materials also don’t contain alloys like nickel, sulfate, and other cheap fillers that often end up in the less expensive metals.

The Case of the Too-Small Hole

Now let’s move on to our main concern: a nose piercing hole that is too small!

Why Does This Happen?

There are several reasons why one may be dealing with this niggling problem:

  • Scar Tissue Formation – after an injury or an infection in tissues around the area, your body (in its infinite wisdom) tries to heal itself by creating a new tissue matrix, resulting in collagen deposits at the site. When scar tissue surrounds a jewelry piece over time it can shrink making things really snug.

  • Jewelry Type – Different types of rings/hooks/designs work differently for varying sizes and sensitivity situations; what works fine for one individual could reduce comfort factor significantly when used by another person.

Types Of Jewelry

Let’s discover how different contemporary jewelry types fare out :

Type Design
Rings Closed studs connected together with tiny hinges
Hoops Circumference-shaped wire
=F̶i̶s̶h̶t̶a̶i̶l Hook Type similar to Fishtail but more free from skin impact
=Labret Flat back post type flat disc at one end holding design attached

But what if we find ourselves already struggling? Is there any way around this seemingly insurmountable opposition?

Dealing With A Tight Fit

Firstly assess whether your pain levels are warranted or not because pushing through something that doesn’t fit might aggravate healing times especially for fresh scars . Here are some suggestions on handling small holes :

  1. Find longer options : Look out for designs where tail/bar extends much beyond the traditional wearable post length to accommodate more play.

  2. Try Thinner Designs: Super slim posts could be all you need, try and go several opinions down if possible.

  3. Utilize Lubricants : Teatree oil , Jojoba Oil or specialized piercing lubricants can make a huge difference in sliding in tighter holes effortlessly .

  4. Seek Professional Help: Get help from your local piercer for possible jewelry options; working with an expert on this specific issue might be less stressful than doing it alone.


At the end of the day, getting your nose (or any other body part) pierced is an investment in yourself that requires patience, care and knowledge! And should always bring joy not pain!

So keep calm, love yourself and switch things up when you want – but always at your own pace!

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