My hair is stretchy and breaks?

Are you someone who struggles with having hair that seems to stretch endlessly before ultimately snapping in two? Do you find yourself constantly having to clean up broken strands of hair from your comb or brush, unsure why your locks seem so weak? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many people experience this same problem and there may be a few reasons as to why. Let’s dive into some possible causes (had to do it) behind this puzzling phenomenon.

Lack of Proper Hydration

When was the last time you drank water? If it wasn’t within the last hour, go grab a glass right now! Our bodies require constant hydration in order for proper functioning. This includes our skin and hair which can become dry without sufficient moisture. Dry hair is brittle which makes it more prone to breaking easily – making even simple hairstyles difficult unless handled with kid-gloves!

Over-Manipulation (aka Styling Abuse)

Too much heat styling, colouring or over-manipulating your tresses could also contribute towards its weakened state causing split ends or breakage along the shaft. Whilst we all love switching things up every once in a while by getting those highlights we’ve been eyeing for some time now, doing so excessively tends to cause harm rather than improvement.. Oopsie!

Accordingly, perms tend to make hair frizzy because they change their natural state & then gradually transforms into an unmanageable untangling mess overtime leading us down one particular path- more frustrationka-chow. The moral of my rant here being: less manipulation = happier tresses.

Here are other ways styles might causing stress and heartaches:

Hot styling tools

These include flat irons and curlers- sure they’re perfect for achieving gorgeous ringlets but remember excessive use of hot tool styling increases risk for damaged cuticles hence weakening them; leading to your stressing about the shedding, feeling frustrated and scared about breakages.

Tight hairstyles

These include tight braids, cornrows or high ponytails; these styles look dope until after 3 hours when you are sure someone’s secretly kneading those tiny balls of hair growing from your scalp. Yikes! As fun as this style may look at a first glance, over-doing it could cause tension alopecia.

Environmental Damage

People who spend lots of time in tropical areas experiencing excess UV rays may also experience breaking and stretching hair due to environmental damage. Wind can also cause harm by tangling strands up making knots harder to undo & eventually leading us down the same distressing route.. breakage (Hey I said I had more) if we’re not careful enough!

Since all environmental factors fall outside our impact circle there’s nothing left for us other than going “ugh that sucks” followed by applying an spf spray with uv protection & don’t forgettting cute protective wraps are sooo trendy

Nutritional Deficiencies

Our daily diet plays a significant role in determining our skin, body and overall health including our hairs health status which is why nutrients such as vitamin B (biotin), zinc iron among others play important roles in maintaining strong healthy locks- holding everything together like glue hence cutting down on breakage/ stretches.

Add oils rich in vitamins A (retinoids) D (cholecalciferol), K(menaquinones-long chain fatty acids). Not only will they enhance nourishment but help curb inflammation too!

You might be wondering how can i get access without having shredded my bank account?… No worries home recipes such as coconut oil and castor oil treatment help promote growth while keeping away pesky tangles- besides being wallet-friendly 🙂

Take care of yourself inside out if put simply; nutrition , hydration & stress free styling sounds like the ultimate package doesn’t it? Building a proper regimen that not only factors in your busy schedule but takes active strides towards healthy happy tresses is all you need!

In conclusion, remember to keep every manipulation moderate: never exceed safe thresholds. Next time when you think of harshly combing out strands or putting hair thru unimaginable stress just know they have lives (kidding) & emotions too!

That’s All Folks!

Here are few things to note.. don’t mix different protein treatments as this could end up being more than what our hair can chew leading us down yet again, breakage avenue (warning).

Finally let’s treat ourselves better, starting by saying no to harsh chemicals that do harm rather than good and stick with nutrient-rich wholefoods – someone wise once said you are what you eat 🙂

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