My eyebrows are too light male?

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your eyebrows? Maybe they’re too light and people mistake you for a hairless cat. Well, fear not my friend because I am here to guide you through the world of eyebrow grooming from a male perspective.

The Eyebrow Struggle is Real

As a guy, it’s easy to neglect our eyebrows in our daily routine. We focus on shaving our face or trimming that out-of-control beard, but rarely do we give any attention to those two fuzzy creatures above our eyes.

But why should we care, you ask? Well, let me tell you – eyebrows are incredibly important when it comes to framing your face and making yourself look put together. Plus, nobody wants to be caught with unibrow action going on.

Trust me; I’ve been there before (shudders at flashbacks).

Embrace Grooming

It’s time for all men everywhere to embrace grooming their brows! Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean waxing them into questionable shapes or drawing on perfect arches like some sort of cartoon villain.

Nope! All it means is taking some time every few weeks (yes gentlemen, weeks) to shape up those bad boys so that they don’t overshadow your beautiful eyes or make people think you’re permanently surprised by everything around you.

Finding Your Perfect Brow Shape

Before we get started on how exactly one should go about shaping their brows as a man (Yes, men can groom their brows without sacrificing masculinity!), let’s talk about finding the right brow shape for your unique face structure.

Everyone has different facial features that lend themselves better towards certain types of brow shapes than others. For example:

  • Round faces work well with more angled brows
  • Square-shaped faces look best with softer angles
  • Heart-shaped faces call for rounded brows that aren’t too defined
  • Oval faces can pretty much rock any shape they choose.

So grab a mirror and take some time to study your face shape before trying out these tips.

Men Grooming Tips

Step 1: Comb Those Brows

Grab a brow brush or comb (yes, this is a real thing) and start brushing those eyebrows in an upward motion. This will help give you an accurate idea of the natural growth pattern of your brow hair.

Step 2: Tweezing Away Stray Hairs

Using some quality tweezers, pluck out any stray hairs outside of the natural shape border established with the brush above. Take it easy and go slowly; we’re not looking for perfection here!

Note that if someone has particularly sensitive skin, we don’t want them to overdo the plucking as well.

Step 3: Trimming Your Brow Hairs

Use scissors specifically designed for trimming facial hair (don’t even think about grabbing those kitchen fabric shears!) to shorten any nose-slapping-long eyebrow hairs that seem too untamed after combing through them again.

Don’t trim too much at once because there’s no going back from bad over-trim damage, so better do small snips first!

And that is all grooming newbie guys! How do you feel? A bit smoother than before?

What If You Weren’t Born With Thick Luscious Brows?

Not everyone was blessed with naturally thick bold brows like actors Cara Delivigne or Alan Rickman (RIP). But remember, just because nature wasn’t kind doesn’t mean you’re stuck forever unable to level up in Game of Eyebrows™️!

If thin brows are getting on your nerves lately, options exist like:

  • Microblading—the application of tiny temporary tattoos lookalike individual eyebrow strands makes brows appear fuller.
  • Tinting— a modest approach that is more affordable and includes dying strands with tint in the salon from ultra light colors to boldness!

Whichever you choose, proper communication of expectations between client & beautician about every step and outcome is crucial.

To Dye or Not to Dye

It has been known for some time now that using facial hair dye (no such thing as “normal” beard color) on eyebrows shouldn’t be off-limits to men who inherit fairer-colored hairs.

But one thing we’d like you guys not doing by any means – unless you’re going for that “pink kool-aid spill” look which ended up trending recently online, please DO NOT attempt the “at-home-hair-color” kit! The consequences could get disastrous pretty fast.

Products Supporting Healthy Brows

Hey — good news! Brow serum isn’t just reserved solely for women out there; it can help grow thicker brow region hair as well. Make sure it contains active ingredients formulated specifically designed to promote healthy hair follicles growth though if attempting this option.

We brows-groomers swear by these products:

  • Castor oil
  • Peptides
  • Hyaluronic Acid-based serums.

With a bit of purchase research online prior, there should be no problem finding mild unscented ones tailored towards moisturization but inclined towards men’s appearance goals too!

Post-Maintenance Care

Let’s wrap things up shall we? After close deliberation with eyebrow nomads out there having experience gained while grooming their own features meticulously (yes fellas they do exist!), here are just a few quick post-care maintenance tips:

  1. Avoid touching your face according to health professionals worldwide during COVID Era™️.
  2. Avoid overly hot showers when starting fresh right after eyebrow grooming —because steam can stimulate unwanted facial hair growth as much as eyes’ troubles too!
  3. Use a small spoolie brush to make any final touches or shuffle unruly strands into place.

And there you have it: not one bit of self-care has ever been in vain — so go forth & groom on, my dudes!

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