My boyfriend always sleeps when he’s with me?

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’ve been wondering why your boyfriend always falls asleep when he’s around you. Don’t worry – you’re not alone in this struggle.

Being a girlfriend comes with its own set of challenges and surprises, including the occasional unexpected nap time for your significant other. In this article, we’ll take a humorous look at some possible reasons behind your partner’s slumbering tendencies and what you can do about it (if anything).

First Things First: Is It You or Him?

Before jumping to any conclusions about whether or not your presence is inducing sleep in your beauie-kins, consider these potential factors:

His Work Schedule

Does his job involve long hours or shift work? If so, exhaustion could be the root cause of all those snoozes.

Screen Time Overload

Does he spend a lot of time staring at screens during the day? Blue light from electronic devices has been known to disrupt circadian rhythms and interfere with sleep quality.

Diet and Exercise Habits

Are his daily choices in food and physical activity conducive to restful nights? Eating heavy meals too close bedtime or being sedentary throughout much of the day might contribute to drowsiness later on.

Ultimately though, if he seems to nod off frequently wherever you go together regardless of setting (e.g., noisy public places vs quiet home), then let’s examine more amusing explanations…

Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Falls Asleep Around You …and What You Can Do About It…Or Not

There could be an array of reasons behind why Mr. Sandman pays him such frequent visits whenever there’s “we” time involved:

Reason #1 He Feels Too Comfortable Around You

The comfort level between couples increases over time as they get cozy sharing the good, bad and the ugly with each other. It could be possible that you’re just so awesomely accepting of who he is that he feels super relaxed around you. Who doesn’t want to snuggle up in a warm bed next to someone who accepts them completely – except your boyfriend when it happens too often.

Solution: Unless you want your beau to feel uptight all the time (which we don’t think is likely), let him get his rest whenevs.

Reason #2 He’s Just Not That Into You

Please don’t call us Cupids, but if this reason crossed your mind while reading the title then our angel wings must have sprouted little horns…and for good reason! Don’t worry, if you’re questioning whether or not he likes you based on his sleep habits – there are probably far more red flags than napping taking place here as well.

Solution: Communication can hopefully clarify why; otherwise maybe it’s best agreeing unless sleeping together literally involves an instantaneous nap ?-some couples prefer sleeping separately anyway!

Reason #3 His Ancestral Spirits Are From Slothtown-Ville

Perhaps deep down within his DNA lies a long lost relative named Narcoleptic. If yawning has evolved into full-blown slumberous states for him spontaneouslythen it may be necessary inspecting whether confirms any sleepy ancestor matches…or perhaps looking into developing new pyjama-wear instead?

Solution: You might attempt stimulating daytime activities despite these inherited obstacles or scheduling shorter periods together (with exciting stopovers) during moments where wakefulness does show itself

Reason #4 Could Be Iron Deficiency

If bae’s energy bill isn’t staying charged enough throughout their day-to-day routine, iron deficiency could be behind fatigue being easier caught no matter what they do – including hanging out with loved ones

Despite initial laughter from realising there was another reason to ‘need a break for iron’ (other than doing laundry), you may discover after reflecting that nutritious meals and supplements could make all the difference.

Solution: Encouragement with nutritionally dense foods, incorporating physical activity if possible

Reason #5 He Really Just Loves You

Another possibility behind his snoozefests? He is getting extra blissful rest when cuddling up next to someone he cares deeply about. Maybe being in your presence helps him achieve some kind of nirvana-like sleep state – we’re sure its flattering really.

Solution: Sit back and enjoy it unless woken by incessant open mouthed noises –then perhaps place earplugs under his pillow- problem solved!


In conclusion (ouch), while it might be frustrating having to put date night plans on hold until naptime ends, hopefully the above reasons have brought humour into sleeping boyfriends scenarios.
Remember that ultimately relationships come with their ‘mountains’ and valleys—sometimes falling asleep unexpectedly just happens to occur more frequently.

As hard as Cupid tries help guiding arrows firing off in couples directions ,the benefit of experience adds greater perspective after receiving them;at least said advice are tried out-and hey now- one less glitch during romantic outings or movies…sounds like a win-win either way!