Moving On: Coping with Post Series Depression

So, you’ve just finished a beloved TV show or book series and now you’re feeling like life has no meaning. You’re not alone in experiencing this state of post-series depression. It’s completely normal to feel like your world has come crashing down after saying goodbye to characters that have become a part of your life.

But fear not! There are ways to cope with this difficult time while you wait for the next binge-worthy series to grace your screens.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

It’s important to acknowledge how you’re feeling instead of suppressing it. Denial never helps anyone, so let yourself grieve for the loss of characters who have been an integral part of your daily routine.

Instead of fighting the emotions, take some time out and indulge yourself in activities that make you happy such as yoga, painting or simply listening to music. This will help alleviate some feelings associated with post-series depression.

Start a New Series (No Judgement Zone)

While letting go sounds good in theory, it can be challenging when dealing with something as engrossing as Game Of Thrones or The Crown. That being said, there is nothing wrong in turning towards another series for comfort – even if that means going on a reality TV show marathon.\

Treat yourself kindly and remember there is no judgement here; we all have different coping mechanisms – yes Karen, I’m looking at you judging my endless episodes succession.

To prevent further addiction issues resembling those suffered from caffeine withdrawal syndrome across boardrooms worldwide due Netflix’s recent “are-you-still-watching” pop-up feature turns off autoplay do feel free to actually read books again by revisiting local libraries near-by which surprisingly exist!

Recommendations For Your Next Fix

  • Stranger Things
  • Breaking Bad
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Love Is Blind

Disclaimer: Overdosing may lead into conversations starting ‘so who watches X with you?’

Relive the Magic

Engaging in discussions about your beloved series or even rewatches can bring that magic back into your life – talk, chat and reminisce!

Ask questions to stimulate discussion such as what would have happened had XYZ lived? It’s okay to mourn a character and get emotional; we all know what it feels like when our favourite dies, looking at you Game Of Thrones Red Wedding.

Go one step further by joining online forums, social media groups or hell…create Gifs of every scene featuring an actor/actress of interest. Not convinced yet? Try searching for “Cauliflower Pizza Recipe” then observe YouTube auto recommendations- there’s always room for simpler obsessions outside soap operas.

Fan Art – A Celestial Way To Cope

For those with artistic inclination (Artsy Fartsy), recreating scenes from your most loved series is one way of keeping that connection alive. This may prove time-consuming but hey if people found love through cabbage throwing I’m sure this qualifies as healthy “me-time”. Share these art pieces on Reddit threads or Instagram fan pages so others experiencing post-series depression may find similar elation.

Take A Break From Screens Or Pages

Conversely, whilst binge-watching Netflix is fun we often forget to take care of ourselves physically outside screens.

Take some time away from screens altogether – soak up some sun: take those walks past neighbor’s dog house; perhaps move a little more i.e dust off sledgehammer in garage after being inspired by last night House Hunters International episode where couple decided flip entire shed mid-renovation.

Assemble playlists according to weather guidance – sunny days deserve basking tunes and twilights invite fuzzy slippers sing-a-long classics foot attire. Check local schedules/events websitesfor interesting events happening near-by without spending coins.

At home massages are also advisable, creativity is encouraged.


Post-series depression is a natural and common phenomenon experienced by many people who have invested their emotions into characters of a lovable series-so do not feel alone! Acknowledge your feelings rather than suppressing them and start exploring new ways to cope – this could be engaging with fan art or taking some time off from screens altogether.

Most importantly remember there’s no judgement here, choose how to deal with post-series depression according to what works best for you; whether binge-watching more shows (shameless Netflix plug), writing 63-page Wikipedia articles on that one sitcom episode or spending ample amount of time stressing over the political direction our country has taken (yes Karen we know…). Surviving post-series depression may seem difficult at first but rest assured it’s temporary: another magical experience awaits just around the corner. Good Luck!

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