Morning after pill what it does?

Picture this, you’ve had a wild night of passionate lovemaking and somehow the condom broke. You wake up in panic mode, realizing you might be pregnant. Don’t sweat it! This is where Plan B comes in like a knight in shining armor to save the day!

Plan B? Is That Some Kind Of Secret Mission?

Nope! It’s an emergency contraceptive pill that can prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex or birth control failure.

Plan B also goes by other names such as ‘The Morning After Pill’, ‘Emergency Contraception’, and my personal favorite – ‘Oopsie Daisy Concierge.’

How Does It Work Exactly?

I’m glad you asked (or I just imagine that you did). Basically, it’s like setting off fireworks at warp speed inside your uterus, making sure no egg gets fertilized by any sperm swimming around doing their thing.

It mainly works by stopping ovulation or preventing fertilization of an egg from a sperm; however, if fertilization has already occurred (darn those crafty little swimmers!), its primary function becomes keeping the zygote from attaching to the womb lining.

So basically, with Plan B on your side you’re guaranteed to have no babies snagging onto dear life for 9 months!

Are There Different Types Of Emergency Contraceptive Pills?

Why yes indeed there are, thanks for asking! Asides from Plan-B being one of them there are others like:

  • Next choice
  • Ella
  • Copper T
  • Progestin-only pills

They all contain different ingredients and vary slightly in how they work but ultimately serve the same purpose – saving future unborn children who got lucky enough not to get caught slipping 😉

Who Can Buy The Morning After Pill And Where From?

Anyone over-the-counter availability regardless of age/gender identity/sexual preference. You don’t require a prescription from the doc for it …a sweet deal right?

You can purchase it at pharmacies nationwide, so there’s no need to worry about needing secret passwords or knowing reputable people.

How Effective Is It?

Plan B is highly effective when taken as directed within 72 hours of unprotected sex with an efficacy rate of up to 95%!

However, let’s say fertilization has already happened ladies…sorry fellas – Plan B won’t stop anything in that regard! Always keep this answer on deck though just in case your significant other tries using ‘sperm out swimmers’ as an excuse 😉

What Happens After Taking The Morning After Pill?

Great question!! Post-application, you may experience unwanted side effects such as nausea and vomiting, headaches and/or abdominal pain.

Don’t fret too much though because these occurrences are normal due to hormonal changes happening in your body caused by the pill but should subside after dosing yourself with tons of water and over-the-counter medication.

Remember not everyone experiences similar symptoms; thus don’t ignore any unusual feelings experienced post consumption always consult medical professionals if needed.

Now since we’re still discussing side effects … here are some other possible side effects:

  • Irregular bleeding
  • Breast tenderness
  • Dizziness

These could all happen whether you’ve taken Plan B once incidentally or numerous times but bear in mind that its infrequent usage minimizes occurrence possibilities for these potential unwanted outcomes.

When Should You Take Plan B & How Often Can It Be Used?

Before taking Plan-B remember: “when shit happens.” Make sure you take it early enough before fertilization occurs; therefore plan ahead accordingly – especially on days where cutting corners involves life-altering traditions during Halloween season 😉 (I’m talking weddings guys!)

Another vital point is avoiding emergency contraception doses regularly like candy – this could mess around heavily with the lady hormones and cause even further side effects to occur.

Plan B is not meant for everyday consumption or an alternate form of birth control, ladies! Now who told you that? That person needs a stern sit-down session with Mother Nature!

Will Taking The Morning After Pill Abort An Existing Pregnancy?

Nope, because it’s mother-nature protocols 101 – no fertilization has occurred yet so there’s nothing technically getting aborted.

It works primarily by feeding those eggs high performance energy drinks to swim as fast possible the hell out of danger – seriously though; they’re racing against time since as sperm competition goes global inside cell walls.

If however, the egg already got its Michael Phelps on and combined with a pesky albeit enthusiastic little swimmers then Plan-B won’t function as intended.

Remember prevention measures are always better than reaction gear-ups!

Do Contraceptives Such As These Have Any Harmful Long-Term Effects?

It’s understandable if you’re worried and are wondering whether these contraceptives impact long term fertility or menstrual cycles… in my expert opinion:


  • It will NOT affect your ability to conceive future babes.
  • It will also NOT mess around with recurrent health occurrences in any way.

Isn’t that neat? Like magic tricking slime through crazy straws right before our very eyes, keeping everything problem-free from here-on-out rest showing behind (or between) open calendars.


All in all taking emergency contraceptive pills is quick and easy but remember always consult professionals for guidance when unsure during these cases where we have inevitably gone “Oopsie-Daisy!”

Not everyone experiences identical symptoms post-application so mind them regardless – gotta thank hormonal changes from Plan B so after dosing constantly chug water because Hydration equals closer proximity towards happiness boys math pretty good at times doesn’t he gal pals?

Stay safe people!!