Missing a person who passed away?

Losing a loved one is like realizing that your heart can actually feel pain. It’s an indescribable feeling that you wouldn’t wish on anyone else- except maybe your ex who cheated on you with your cousin (yeah, I’m talking about you Karen).

There are no words to describe the void left behind by someone who has passed away. The memories, emotions, and experiences shared with them stay etched in our hearts forever. Even though they may be gone, their absence can still be felt.

Missing someone is just another way of remembering them

The struggle of dealing with grief

Grief is not something that vanishes overnight; it takes time to heal from losing someone close to us. However, sometimes we might get stuck in our grief and not know how to move forward.

Here are some behaviors and patterns individuals might demonstrate when trying to cope:

  • Denial: refusing to accept reality
  • Anger: feelings arise towards oneself or others
  • Bargaining: wishing for things as if they could change
  • Depression: sadness seeps deep into life
  • Acceptance: integrating the loss into daily living

It’s essential to acknowledge these stages don’t go in sequence and aren’t experienced uniformly across all people – because let’s face it – we’re all different!

“Getting over it”

There will always be those ‘well-meaning’ friends or family members full of clichéd statements such as ‘it’s time to move on’,  ‘It was meant to happen’, ‘They’re now at peace’. These “words of comfort” often carry more harm than good because dealing with death isn’t something one simply ‘gets over’.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one doesn’t have a fixed timeframe nor linear process – especially concerning children themselves grieving for parents! Grief never truly goes away; it becomes quieter but will always remain. Instead of trying to get over it, it’s healthier to encourage a healing process that promotes coping and self-care.

Memories are forever

Memories are probably the best way we can keep our loved ones close – in laughter or tears. Keeping memories alive via photos, videos, creating memorials; all provide ways of connecting with those who have passed away.

Creating memory books or scrapbooks for instance is an excellent way to personalize these memories. Incorporating special quotes or moments they shared whilst living enriches the quality of memories you choose not to forget.

Fun Fact: Did you know keeping some cremains turned into jewelry similar such as pendants, rings may help their memory stay closer than anything?

Coping mechanisms

The absence left by someone’s death cannot be filled entirely-causing difficult challenges where newly recognized voids become present frequently.

Adopting new interests/hobbies- gardening/home projects/ cooking new dishes-start introducing healthy habits vs destructive ones which will only prolong agony neither one wants (Dwelling on Karan here..oops). Social support through counseling services/grief groups allows those dealing with grief access to additional resources tailored appropriately towards healing.
Some possible ways individuals cope include:

Techniques Description
Distraction Engaging in productive activities that deflect attention from negative thoughts
Mindfulness Practice Utilizing breathing techniques and meditation sessions limits stress while inducing focus instead
Relaxation Strategies Can involve reading books beside having warm baths whilst listening soothing music reduces anxiety levels greatly

These techniques don’t just apply specifically when dealing with loss but also adverse situations such stressful jobs/life changes so put them into action today!

Please Note: Minus distractions during driving….I mean singing every note of Celine Dion’s ‘My heart will go On’ at full volume isn’t worth risking your life let alone someone else’s.


It’s very natural for one to feel alone when someone they loved has left. So, how does one take away loneliness?

  • Keeping busy: Relying on hobbies or activities you love doing.
  • Wake up early with each new day bringing fresh opportunities; devoting the first hour to wellness activities enriches positivity close-knittedness within self-improvement.
  • Walking outside appreciating nature’s beauty also helps reminiscing shared moments or romanticizes them creating even more memories

Remember that grief doesn’t have an expiration date and being patient towards healing is a slow but worthy journey.

Rememberance Rituals

Keeping alive thoughts of loved ones are vital in ensuring their presence remains with us through memory. Rememberance rituals celebrate certain life events such as Birthdays/Christmases/Holidays, where special gatherings are planned in honor of missing loved ones.

Memorials also help keep the connection active by memorializing the deceased and alluding others who share memories of what their absence meant like building cathedrals locally whilst inviting members attending old-school friends/mainly people pertaining his career paths united him under common ground during these ceremonies.
Even though it might be challenging to show support initially – offering verbal affirmation/support/acts-of-kindness empowers those grieving-infusing positive energy & hope amidst times filled with tears lost sleep sometimes guilt where emotions/alliances overwhelmed!

Pro Tip: Instead of buying flowers/gift baskets opt for something which might preserve a cherished moment via gifting photo albums custom original portraits pieces so whenever they’re feeling down flip through pages/few glances remind happy times together smiling enheartened once again!

Final words

Missing someone who passed away is never easy – Some days we may forget/fade until hearing lyrics relating fumble turning song off quickly(really i don’t need negativity Celine!), reminders exist everywhere; Scents, surroundings, even sounds snaps us back into memories we may want to tuck away safe-cabinets. With all things considered time truly heals – it just seems really long and forever until then.

Grief doesn’t provide an answer; there’s no escaping its constant lull consuming every part of our being from the inside out at times but with each day passes differences become prominent. We eventually learn how to move forward whilst keeping their imprint close via photos memories in everyday situations leading to inner peace amidst the on-going war.
Hope this article helped give insight regarding ways grieving can take place/show support through trying times as always feel free comment below mentioning what worked for u/us!

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