Microwave energy do not remove this cover?

Microwaves are a useful appliance in any kitchen, but they can be dangerous if not used properly. One issue that frequently arises is the warning label on certain foods stating “microwave energy do not remove this cover.” Some people assume it’s just another warning label that can be ignored. However, you may want to rethink opening that microwave and consider why such labels exist.

What Is Microwave Energy?

Before discussing why some food packages state “microwave energy do not remove this cover,” it’s important to understand what microwave energy is. Microwaves work by converting electrical energy into electromagnetic radiation in the form of microwaves.

Electromagnetic Radiation

When most people hear the words electromagnetic radiation, images of X-rays or gamma rays might come to mind – scary stuff! But don’t worry; microwaves aren’t quite as harmful. These waves have a very low frequency compared to other types of electromagnetic radiation.

Oscillating Magnetic Fields

The way these waves heat up your food is by creating oscillating magnetic fields within the object you’re heating (in our case, your leftover spaghetti). The molecules try to re-align with each other due to these fields and end up moving around rapidly which causes friction between them – friction generates heat!

Why Are There Warnings About Removing Covers?

Now back to those pesky warnings found on packaged foods—what do they mean? Food packages will often include more than one type of plastic wrap covering: one layer for protecting against leaks and another designed specifically for use in a microwave oven.

Different Plastic Wrap Types

The two types look remarkably similar at first glance because manufacturers design them similarly but just different enough so consumers know which wraps are best for which application:

  1. Robust Wrapping : Made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) material provides strength.
  2. Microwaveable Wrapping : Made from Polyethylene (PE) material is designed to release the steam.

Heat-Trapped Steam

The specific cover labeled “microwave energy do not remove this cover” is there for a reason. When you heat up the food in the microwave, it produces steam that has nowhere to go if that layer remains on top of your dinner! This trapped steam causes pressure inside your package – uh-oh!

Pressure and Danger

Now maybe we aren’t all physics majors but remember: Pressure equals Force divided by area. So let’s put some numbers into this equation:
As an example ; If we imagine our ‘beef marinade’ dish as 20cm x 30 cm =600 sq cm; heating level around ~1000W; considering boiling temp of water at SEA LEVEL, roughly around 100°C


Area = Length x Breadth ~= 20 30 Cms

(area in cms)=600sq .cms;

Convertinng Watts to PSI (pound-force per squared inch) :



1K.Watt =~14500 PSI 

With these approximations above but taking the pressure as negligible can lead us into deeper trouble.
When opening – boom!!! The rapid escape may cause severe burns or even startle someone uncontrollable who might be just passing nearby 😱.

Steam Release Cover

Upon close inspection, you’ll notice tiny perforated holes built into that plastic wrapping marked for microwaving. That is letting air out preventing building internal pressure, which makes it safer while still allowing optimal cooking time

What Happens If You Don’t Follow The Warning Label?

So what happens when one decides they’re brave enough to disobey what seems like such an innocuous warning? The outcomes can become unpleasant, fast. One thing that could happen is the food overheats and becomes inedible. This happens due to an increase in internal pressure caused by steam trapped between layers of plastic wrap.

Insufficient Warping

People also tend to under-wrap their leftovers or use the wrong material altogether. In such cases, there’s no such protection like a sheet of cling film covering the remnants of last night’s dinner within limits (use only products labeled ‘microwave-safe) 😬.

It’s A Unique Feature

In conclusion, with our goofy sense of humor aside: microwave energy do not remove this cover because it exists for your safety! Remember those holes we talked about? Well, they’re a unique feature made specifically for you – if you ignore them now prepare to regret it later 🔥!

Note: Some sources would say its safe enough just less tasty than usual – but come on! who wants rubbery eggs?!

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