Mexican pork rinds chips?

If you’re one of those people who thinks a snack is just a snack, think again! Let me introduce you to the Mexican Pork Rinds chips. Yes, I know what you must be thinking — “Pork Rinds? Ew!” But wait until you hear their story and how they came to be.

Introducing the Hero: Pig Skin!

Before we dive into the glorious history of these snacks, let us understand something that might otherwise seem gross. As it turns out, pig skin has been long used for various purposes in Mexico. From handbags to soccer balls, Mexicans have found multiple uses for this versatile material.

But little did they know that one day this same ‘pig skin’ would become the hero of our snacking adventures.

Making Something Out Of Nothing

It all started with some leftover pork skins which were typically discarded as waste after butchering the animal. Resourceful folks looked at them differently and thought about putting them back on cooking stoves over an open flame. They soon discovered that heating up these pork skins resulted in a tasty treat – crispy, crunchy chips full of flavor!

Thus began an industry born from recycling leftovers – making something extraordinary out of seeming trash!

A Snack For All Seasons

Unlike many other popular snacks such as popcorn which are associated with specific seasons (winter), or M&M’s which aren’t ideal during warm weather months due to melting issues; however it’s different when it comes to Pork Rind Chips! Whether summer or winter- whether high noon or midnight craving—you can never go wrong by reaching out for this timeless snack with its diversity fit for any occasion.

Flavors Galore

One may presume there’s nothing fancy when it comes down to flavors when looking through shelves packed with lots salty treats like potato chips and Nachos Cheez-it crackers —except if it’s pork rind chips. These chips come in assorted shapes and sizes, infused with flavors to suit all taste buds. From spicy habanero, garlic & onion to tangy and sweet bbq flavor- these snacks inject a hit of flavor that is always welcome.

Drinks Pairing

The most important question – What pairs well with this snack? Beer you say! The perfect companionship of beer and Pork Rinds Chips would make even Helen of Troy jealous. Why not give your evening drinking sessions something extra fun!

It’s Holy Crispy

One bite into Mexican Pork Rinds Chips has the potential to change one’s perspective on life itself (okay not really but I’m trying hard here!). Seriously though, who could resist their crispy texture combined with drool-worthy flavors?

The crispiness gives an undeniable satisfying crackling sound when bitten into; crumbling away into bits which melt in the mouth adding an unforgettable taste.

You couldn’t be more wrong for thinking that the gentle nature of these snacks leads them towards being “bland”. In reality however once you crush a few Pig Skins through your fingers and then munch down– every single crunch results in good feelings all over – not just inside the tummy 🙂

Classic Recipes

Here are some classic ways people have been consuming pork rind:

  1. Adding as top layer while making pasta bake

  2. Using as chicken crusts

  3. Blending for breadcrumb-like texture
    Note: We don’t assume responsibility for people getting creative after reading above ideas.

Nutritional Content?

We know nutrition matter dearly so let me decode it for you nearly. Keep in mind one thing — ‘Chips’ are never usually categorized under diet or health foods..duh!! But if they were – Here’s what our Mexican favorite isn’t exactly low-carb friendly— but trust us along side moderate eating habits variety brings joy, so….eat well!

A Quick Nutritional Overview (Per One Ounce, i.e. 28g)

Calories 155 kcal
Fat: 9 g
Saturated Fat: 3 g
Cholesterol: 25% of daily recommended value
Protein: 17 g
Carbohydrates :0 g


So the next time you come across Mexican Pork Rinds chips, don’t shy away from trying them out! Their crispy texture and awesome flavors is surely pleasant to cover up any occasional guilt one might experience over diet contradictions– it’s a chip after all – for indulgence only.

Plus now when you eat them, think back on their origins; it’s surprising how an item that was once considered waste attained special status as Mexican pork rind chips!

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