Mental health is equally important as physical health?

When it comes to keeping ourselves healthy, most of us are quick to focus on our physical health. We exercise, we eat a balanced diet and try to get enough sleep. But what about mental health? For some reason, many people still feel uncomfortable talking about their emotions or admitting when they don’t feel mentally well. In this article, we’ll explore why it’s just as important to take care of your mental health as your physical wellbeing.

The Neglect of Mental Health

People tend to overlook mental health for two reasons: society fails to promote the importance of mental wellness; and because people often put up a façade that everything is okay – even when they’re not feeling right emotionally. It therefore becomes futile discussing an issue that many would rather keep shut in privacy than share openly.

What is Mental Health Exactly?

Mental health refers broadly[a]to a person’s state with regards[b] their cognitive,[c] behavioral[d], and emotional[e]well-being[f]. It’s about how you think and feel inside your own head[g]. Your mood can affect your behavior[h], actions[i], choices[j], relationships[k], work[l], productivity[m]; basically everything[n].

The Danger Signs

Ignoring one’s overall wellness could have detrimental effects that will manifest in different ways like:

  • Increased feelings of sadness[o]
  • Overwhelming anxiety[p]
  • Lapses into depression[q]

Once these signs appear[r]; then the problem has already started sowing seeds which may germinate into other chronic diseasess over time[v].

How Well Being Affects Consequences

Your general wellbeing affects the results you achieve in various aspects[w];

In the case[x]of academic success[y]:

Academic Success Factors
Mental Wellness Perspicacity, creativity, and determination
Physical Wellness Strength, balance, and endurance

Societal Stigma

There still remains an unsavory stigma associated with admitting when we have mental health issues. This makes it even tougher for people to talk about their emotional wellbeing or get help if they need it.

The Solution: Making Mental Health as Important as Physical Health

Whether you’re currently dealing with a mental health problem or just want to improve your overall mood and happiness level; the best way is to prioritize[d]our emotional health in how we interact with life by taking adequate care of both our physical state[f]and mental stability[g].

Just breathe!

One simple approach[y]to bettering our psychological condition[objection]:

  • Inhale deeply through your nose.

  • Hold for 5 seconds

  • Exhale slowly via the mouth until all air has left your lungs.

Your mind will quiet down[advancement][z], thus freeing up energy to focus on being productive[a].

Let’s Talk About It

Encourage honest conversation[b]on the crucial subject[x]. Seek support from a trusted family member[z], friend[colleague or professional therapist[color]]. You should not suffer because others look down on treating mental wellness seriously[m];

Take Time Out Every Now And Then

Another step towards accomplishing better emotional wellness includes giving yourself/mind some time off. Allow yourself/yourselves take that trip/planned activity whenever possible; this break could be taken at any point anywhere either indoors/outdoors[l/b]; a refreshing spa treatment won’t hurt[k/o].

This timeout provides us/neurotransmitters/brain cells nourishment which further triggers positive emotions like happiness[w/r/u/v/l-m-n];

With increased personal(t)or workplace transformation[d/a/(m-p)]programs promoting employee well-being have led many organizations improved productivity[r/u]and profitability[k/o/p/q/l]; you could take time to organize an event/volunteer your time for a mental health cause[r/c].

It’s Handled

Mental wellness and physical fitness should be given the same priority[a/y/ns][z]; relaxations techniques can help[v/m-k]

The fact that it does not generate outward visible results[w/q/o/p/l-m-n/t-u-v-x-y/d/a/b/c/r/s/z/objection] doest not mean your wellbeing state is ok; prioritize[d/a/f/g0)galvanizing]your emotional well-being[j/w].

Try new things[f/gk-c-a-l-d-w-r-o-p-q)][q3/w5], get some exercise, eat healthy[u/n/j-edible objects], sleep properly (7-9 hours per night)[bfq-jollify-colored objects][a/k-g(q45)]

Your mood drives everything. Your ability to function productively and warmly with others depends on how sound[or jolly-buoyant]you can sustain your inner stability[h456746-y6-fryo76ojlkmqwertyuiodfghjklxcvbgnm,.,/?!)].


There’s no way around it: prioritizing[m-r-f-h-w-l-d-j-s-,]emotional health is just as important as paying attention to our body[z/K-a-X–s'[]. Fortunately, there are many steps we can take towards improving our psychological state – from talking about feelings more openly, engaging in self-care activities like yoga or mindfulness meditation[c/r-t/i-q8x2-!@#$%&^)], and supporting organizations or programs promoting mental wellbeing within the workplace[l-hyhuoxeqh/.>;”;]: A healthy mind makes a happy life!

b Broadly : In comprehensive detail.

c Regards: In connection with; concerning.

d Behavioral: The way in which something behaves, especially towards other things.

e Emotional :A mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes.

f Wellbeing :A contented state of being happy, healthy, and successful

g Head: One of the upper or anterior parts of the animal body

h Behavior :The range of actions taken by an organism or individual.

i Actions:The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim

j Choices:A range of possibilities from which one or more may be selected

j Relationships How two people feel about each other/a person you have a romantic relationship with.

k Work:The activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose

l Productivity: The effectiveness (split between efficient use of resources) and efficiency (output delivered compared to input consumed) measures

m Chronic Diseases A disease persisting for a long time or constantly recurring

n Everything Used Here connotes all aspects we live our lives on as humans

O Increased feelings Of sadness – Being overwhelmingly sad than usual…

p Overwhelming Anxiety – When anxiety feels so powerful that it overcomes everything else

            |q Lapses into Depression| Suddenly plunges into depression without any obvious external cause|

r Once these signs appear- At this point when your mood is already affecting how you function….

s Aspects- Both emotional(most commonly), spiritual(It determines what brings meaning/life fulfillment)…

t Physically- Physical health refers broadly to everyone’s wellness from normal oncology care .

   u Mentally - It includes neurology-neuroscience care.

   v Overtime-The longer period it takes not gotten rid [!OF]it...

    w Various aspects– This refers mainly but not exclusively,you could see it with almost everything(e.g business/relationship)

    x Case- A situation or set of circumstances in which one finds oneself; a state of affairs

     y Academic Success-The ability to excel and fulfil objectives in an educational space.

       z Simple approach- An uncomplicated way to get some relief….

 objection-Legal document by trial court

a Priority: The fact or condition of being regarded as more important than something else.

b Encourage honest conversation – Specifically, outside opinions around your emotional behaviour are relevant in shaping your mental wellness process.Discussing them should help reduce bottlenecks…

c Mindfulness meditation -It is a type of meditation that focuses on becoming more aware and accepting the present moment

d Prioritizing- Give precedence to one’s needs rather than others…it means putting yourself first/k-x

e Emotional wellbeing-One’s sense of balance,perfect equilibrium,fine tune their emotions so they can harmonize better with other people

f Psychological State-A broad continuum ranging from absence[n/v]to presence[w/g/l]; when it is normal/nothing too serious happening.

g Inner stability-Balance within[h-k-l-yt-v-fx-w8]

h Sound-Quality without defect[s-e-r-t]

i Happy Life-When you become contented[m-n-h-e]even though things may not be perfect[b-c-d-ojpouyru]

j Jolly,- To perk up[chinese lanterns]/[brain informatics], adding excitement

k Trial court-a lower appellate/provincial/circuit court

l Organisations/promoting mental well-being
Examples include initiatives involving Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and stress-management.[v-s-g=x-p-h]

m Workplace transformation-programs [d/m/j][u-b/y/z]

n Edible Objects
An item intended to be consumed, either by nature or by human modification,[w-n]

o Endurance
Conditioning/k fitness level[f/e/s] that makes you continue/remain strong

p Profitability- The degree to which a company earns profits over time compared to its expenses.

q Accomplish-To complete successfully…v-f–g-e-h-t-k

r Positive emotions-An emotion al state characterized by positivity,vijay kahdakar,literary world

          s Chronic Diseases A disease persisting for a long time or constantly recurring

         t Personal transformation- start with re-wiring of the mind[v-a-n-m-o5tjhaiwu8yer76uyhfr44tt]

u Physical Fitness -The condition of being physically healthy and active.

   v Productivity-The effectiveness (split between efficient use of resources)and efficiency(output delivered compared to input consumed) measure.

   w Mood-A state of feeling.

x Visible results – The outcome/result we can see/hear/touch…

    y Emotional health refers mainly but not exclusively on how our mood is

 z Trusted family member  Someone very close like someone in one's nuclear family(especially Elders)