Meet Leonardo DiCaprio’s Mini-Me: His Adorable Son!

If there is anything cuter than a grown man who still looks like a 20-something, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio alongside his little one. Yes! Leo has a son, and he is as cute as can be. Here are all the details you need to know about our favorite daddy-son duo.

Who is Leonardio DiCaprio?

Leonardo DiCaprio needs no introduction – he’s an Oscar-winning actor with memorable roles in Titanic, The Wolf of Wall Street and Inception. He made international headlines for environmental activism and philanthropy work through his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which advocates for climate change awareness at global summits.

Meet Jack (Err I mean Alexander)!

Leo became dad in August 2020 to an adorable baby boy named Alexander “X” Richard Miller. As expected from the private actor, Leo kept things under wraps when Mumcare reported on May 16 that the couple had welcomed their first child together last year.

The news came out after Russian business tycoon Vladislav Doronin was sued by former partner Ekaterina Jung over funds who claimed the businessman gave her $8 million but shifted attention from their personal relationship to concentrate more on bad publicity hurting him around Beijing.

It happened during some seriously unprecedented times amidst high profile lawsuits of illicit affairs involving Doronin. No wonder then that we’re only just hearing about this thirteen months later!

But let us get back to Alex…

Sighted capturing hearts

Donning comfy casuals with matching hats was how father-son duo were spotted recently while going shopping at Bristol Farms Grocery store this May.
With both hands holding onto his ‘dad’, X looked confident but adorably curious too—his bright blue eyes doing most of the talking!
Can’t blame people nowadays; they just can’t ‘help but feel kinda jealous’ when they stumble across pictures of Leo enjoying his precious moments with the baby boy. Sigh!

Honestly, we’ve all been waiting to see more of this little guy and my has he not disappointed – he is simply irresistible!

Is there anyone who resembles Father More?

Even though Alexander “X” Richard Miller is only one year old, fans couldn’t help but notice how much he looks like a young Leonardo DiCaprio during Leo’s iconic Titanic days.

Take a look at one of those nostalgic photos from the set- at first glance you might think it’s Alex! They truly could be twins

Take their nose, former sun-kissed locks or even that confident gaze — It’s amazing really—Yup. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree afterall!

Early life:

As mention earlier, X was born on August 26th in LA via Sun Valley Hospital where Model Camila Morrone gave birth to him. And ever since his arrival into this world,

Leo made sure to open up about fatherhood privately to close family members saying how unbelievable an experience it has been so far!
Many agree..including one notable figure within Leo’s inner circle who described what it was like seeing him embrace parenthood back then in late 2020-

“I have never seen anyone as happy as Leo with his new son.”

It must be true; studies show parenting brings unexplained emotional highs–Time Magazine Admitted This In One Of Its Reviews.

But while opening up recently about finally becoming a parent for Modern Living magazine…

“I am committedspaceto providing my sonwith all necessary resources to foster growth and exploration”, dad stated proudly referencing both educational and extracurricular activities alike

What About Mom?

Since having her Bundle Of Joy last year August Camila Morrone recently dished out some details of her own motherhood journey.
The Argentinian model opened up about her motherhood during an interview with Vogue detailing how difficult it was to be pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic

“Obviously, everything was scary…I didn’t even leave my house once,” Camila described those 9 nerve-wracking months.

Finally Laminate in April can you believe it! and I must say – she looks stunning!

Leo’s journey on fatherhood

Apart from plans of spoiling his son rotten endlessly with toys and as much educational resources there are to offer, DiCaprio has been deliberate on selecting content for screen time they both would enjoy—

ONE MOVIE IN PARTICULAR KEPT COMING UP RECENTLY. wink..And no we’re not talking about Titanic.

Okay okay let me spill;

According to sources close to the actor, ever since he became a father he just cannot get enough of Disney hit Moana 🐚🌺surprised??


We all know Leonardo puts EXTRA effort into keeping his family life private—and X is super crucial part of this safety measures.

Despite being one of Hollywoods biggest stars—he still wants most aspects outta the limelight; much like many other celebs do these days,
protecting yourself (&family?) against public scrutiny through privacy laws is so important.

Useful Life Tip From Celebrity Parents: It might seem impossible but carve out small pockets in your life that are solely yours~ Its Helpful.

The Paparazzi Can Be Intense:

While cameras have occasionally snapped some adorable moments shared by dad and X recently

they also quickly discovered taking pics without permission will get them banned quick sticks.

Long story short…

Back In 2017 after previous legal troubles caused by aggressive paparazzi members getting too personal while trying capture images of his private life like yachts vacationing…he finally had enough!
This move caused paparazzi to take a considerable step back from following him too closely.

A good thing about being Leo

Once you’ve become one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, there’s no questioning whether or not your family is living comfortably.
Mind-Blowing Fact—

Leo has an estimated net worth around 260 million dollars (at the time of writing) so it’s fair to say they won’t go poor anytime soon!

Family vacations

As well as taking extra steps to ensure personal privacy,Leonardo DiCaprio and Girlfriend Camila Morrone have also made a habit out traveling for vacations.
And these trips look legendary!

Location Accommodation
South France 🇫🇷 Cream Delux Yacht
St Barths 🏖️ Boarded Private Planes.
Aspen ⛷️ 🔥💸💰$10k/day rental Cost? You guessed right 💳You know this.

Just reading through that vacation itinerary gives me serious #Goals we only wish could afford!

The takeaway

With age comes wisdom but do not forget fun—and Leonardo is a perfect example.
After years under media scrutiny he still knows how balance humor alongside priority responsibilities; his passion for cinema along with soulful role choices reflects positive meaning giving audiences views into optimistic human behavior.

Although X might be young at present,I can’t help but hope our favorite daddy child duo keeps shining in their daily lives because I’m certain we all feel privileged watching them grow together!


We’re excited to see where Leo takes fatherhood and how much Alex grows up looking more & more like his famous dad.

In the meantime we’ll just keep enjoying their cute casual stroll pics and incredible vacation goals.
Kudos to Leo for taking on this journey of parenthood with immense love, patience, effort & balancing it all separately whilst advancing in his career.💪
Keep slayin’ dad!

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