Medicare part b covers what services?

Are you approaching the age where it’s time for some Medicare fun? Well, look no further because we’re about to dive into the hilarious world of Medicare Part B! Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started with what services are covered under this plan.

Breaking Down the Basics

First things first, let’s quickly go over what Medicare Part B even is. This part of Medicare covers medically necessary services such as doctor visits, outpatient care, ambulance rides (if deemed necessary). And yes folks, that includes getting your very own pogo stick prosthetic if that’s required!

But wait there’s more…

But as they say in infomercials – there’s more! Here are just a few examples:

Preventative Care

Part B also provides coverage for preventative care like screenings for cancer and other diseases including COVID-19 testing. You know.. just in case you think being stuck inside with your family wasn’t enough.

Diagnostic Tests

Still trying to figure out why Aunt June keeps tapping her foot all night? Well good news – diagnostic tests like X-rays and MRI’s are also covered by Part B.

Note: Some minor copays may apply depending on the type of test or screening needed. Consult an expert before screaming “but you said everything was covered!”


Therapy can be really helpful especially nowadays. Good thing too because Part B covers different types of therapy, including physical therapy which might come in handy after doing those TikTok challenges. There is also occupational therapy (which will help with building that ultimate lego tower) and speech-language pathology services among others…

Wait sorry did someone mention “speech-language pathology”? We’d better add another level here!

Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology focuses on helping individuals improve their communication skills. Part B covers this line of medical care in case you spend too much time on social media and forget what it is like to talk to a real life human being (or as seen recently, protest cows)…

It’s Always Good to Ask for Help

So we’ve pretty much covered the basics of Medicare Part B.. actually, maybe not! But honestly, there are so many covered services that I could be here all day trying to cover them all. If you’re ever unsure about whether something is covered just remember – it’s always good plan ahead by contacting your healthcare provider or checking CMS’ official website before scheduling an appointment.

Pro Tip: Avoid Dr. Google!

While the internet is great for meme-browsing and eye-rolling at Karen from next door’s blog posts, don’t google things when looking up health issues! Doctor Google can be wrong sometimes!

Let’s Dig Deeper…

Now let’s get into some more entertainingly obscure details.


Needles.. Some people love ’em others detest ‘em beyond belief but in either case – if you’ve been wondering if vaccines are part of Part B coverage, wonder no more because they ARE!

Included would be coverages needed for vaccinations such as flu shots and hepatitis shots among others whenever required. No need to say goodbye after a kiss from Aunt June anymore..

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Sometimes with age ailments do come up requiring equipment or supplies thus Part B coming through big time – covering entry level durable medical equipments including walkers amongst other necessary items..

Fun fact… In addition wheelchairs offered under these plans may also allow younger individuals with disabilities use medicare scooters while moving around.

But wait there’s even MORE… WITH A TABLE!

Medical Equipments Coverage Examples
Durable Medical Equipment Wheelchair
Oxygen Equipment Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Hospital Beds Medical Bed

Outpatient Services

You might be asking – “What’s so funny about outpatient services?” Let me tell you dear reader, some procedures covered by Part B will have you in stitches..

Outpatient surgery comes under Part B coverage too. Examples include cataract removal and retina treatments amongst others.. Another handy option is for regular dialysis service visits which will fall under its own bracket here…

Kidney Dialysis Services

Kidney disease as with most other ailments does not discriminate on age – thus kidney dialysis is also included as part of Medicare services. The provision applies to both home and facility-based treatment.

Grabbing Your Comedy Scalpel

Ready for more? By now we’ve covered a lot but what if things get too out of hand with the plan? Traveling perhaps?

Foreign Travel Emergency Care

First off, travelling abroad could spell some troubles and it may seem like your Medicare ends at the border, but don’t worry! Because coverage overseas still only requires minor tweaks.

Unless you’re dancing your way through quarantine instructions or spitting at Natives after taking selfies while surrounded them then no worries – though #not all travellers can say they had completely COVID-free trips lately 🙁 It’s better safe than sorry, even when leaving America behind (or visiting from afar).

In Summary

So there are just a few examples of everything that falls under Medicare Part B‘s purview. From basic doctor visits to advanced medical equipment let’s raise our lego towers together thanks to various subservices provided by this wellness plan… Here’s hoping Aunt June has a speedy recovery!

And remember folks- stay curious, stay informed, but most importantly – stay healthy!

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