Medicare card front and back?

If you happen to be living in Australia and have been wondering what the heck is on your Medicare card front and back, well, look no further because I’m about to take you through everything there is to know about our beloved national health insurance program.

What’s On The Front Of Your Medicare Card?

So, let’s start with the obvious which would be the front part of your Medicare card. Generally speaking, this part contains some pretty standard information that won’t make your head spin:

  • Name (including middle name if provided)
  • Social Security Number
  • Alias or previous name if any
  • Date of birth

But wait there’s more! In case you’re trying to prove who you are for a specific reason or just want people to know what you look like without actually taking a selfie (because honestly, who has time for those anyway?) at least one form of identification should include a photo right? Well guess what? Your handy dandy little medicare card has got that covered too!

One word of warning though – please don’t use these pictures as a reference for your next passport photo unless looking like an unimpressed felon is the perfect look you’re going for.

Moving Onto The Backside

Okay true story here – before writing this article even I didn’t realize there was actually stuff written on both sides of my own medicare card but low and behold there it was hiding in plain sight all along!

So folks when turning over that shiny piece o’ plastic around y’all will find something surprising but also very useful. Brace yourself;

There are three things we will discuss; All important;

Expiry Date:

This section displays exactly when your current eligibility period ends so basically…Don’t throw away your old cards yet honeybuns!! When going indeed through verification processes ensure ur holding up ur current valid card!

Ref Number:

This is a unique identifier that could be quite useful in those rare moments you want to call Medicare and have soothing jazz music play for approximately 3 hours before finding someone who can answer your question (kidding or maybe just a little bit. ).

Also worth noting: it’s entirely possible this number might show up on forms from other health care providers especially if you’re the forgetful type like yours truly and tend to lose your wallet at random intervals.

Code Number:

Last but not least, this holy grail information allows pharmacy companies, hospitals etc. process claims with ease! You will really appreciate when visiting their county Holiday-In-Type Clinics when they need to look beyond that tired burned out face of yours;

What Do You Need To Know About Your Medicare Card?

Now folks, I know what you’re thinking – ‘Alright so tell me something I don’t already know’. And yeah, sure at first glance these cards may seem pretty basic but there are definitely some key facts we should all keep in mind going forward:

  1. Keep Your Card Safe: Now unless getting lost under cushions of ur couch sounds incredibly fun…it would be wise to keep this lovely medicare thing safe as much as u do ur passport (wild guess here)

  2. Don’t Give Out Personal Information Online/Over The Phone!! That means; NO account numbers on ur social media platforms please!!!

  3. Update Your Details When Needed!: This one goes without saying people! If things change – Whether moving house or married newly getting decent bank balance …just update your damn details ya’all!!

4.Pay Attention To Changes In Policy & Eligibility Criteria(like duh…)!!!!!


In conclusion my friends- Your Medicare card isn’t just some meaningless piece of plastic taking up valuable wallet space – it’s proof positive that us Aussies love nothing more than prioritizing our health! With any luck, this article should have shed some light on what’s really important to remember when it comes to your card from the front/ photo side down… right through to that oh so vital code number.

So in other words- don’t be like me; employ some basic detective work and take a gander at the backside every once in a while – you just might be surprised by what Medicare has been hiding all along!

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