Medicare advantage plans 2018 south carolina?

Who doesn’t love healthcare plans? Just hearing the words “deductible” and “co-pay” gets your heart racing, right? Well hold on to your britches because we’re about to dive into the world of Medicare Advantage Plans in South Carolina.

An Introduction to Medicare Advantage Plans

If you’re new to this concept (and let’s be honest, it can get pretty confusing), a Medicare Advantage Plan is essentially an all-in-one health insurance plan offered by private companies that are approved by Medicare. With an MA plan, you’ll still have Medicare Part A (hospital coverage) and Part B (medical coverage) but also will likely have additional benefits like dental, vision or prescription drug coverage.

So what makes it advantageous? Essentially these MA plans cut out some of the confusion that comes with having multiple policies from various providers. Instead of juggling different plans for different needs, those who sign up for an MA plan only have one policy covered through one provider. Sounds easy enough, right?

The Basics

First things first–if you want a chance at getting into one of these fancy-schmancy advantage plans then you need to make sure that:
– You live within their service area
– Have both medicare part A and B
– Don’t suffer from End Stage Renal Disease (NERD ALERT)

Now let’s explore some popular options for south carolinians:

Humana Gold Plus HMO

This bad boy offers co-pays starting at $0! Yes, free medical care just like grandma used to give! And if hummus isn’t your thang don’ fret because they offer access to over 30k doctors throughout the United States as well as urgent care facilities without prior authorization needed.

Cigna HealthSpring Preferred HMO

This option promises a full array of healthcare services from preventative care to dental when you sign up for their Cigna plan! While this plan offers some lower premiums and co-pays, it does also require obtaining referrals before seeing specialists. So while you’ll save a few bucks upfront, just make sure you have the patience to wait for authorizations.

Aetna Medicare Choice HMO or PPO

If I was going to describe this plan in one word it would be “versatile”. Why limit yourself? This plans makes things easy by offering both HMO’s & PPO plans -depending on what sort of coverage meets your specific needs-while still maintaining modest monthly premiums.

Plans with Extra Benefits (Because All of These Are Necessary?!)

So basic medical insurance not enough for ya? How about we throw in all sorts of extra razzle-dazzle with these options that provide more than your standard MA policy:

HumanaChoice R7315-001 PFFS

Going back to our Humana friends…this purple lovin’ option not only includes comprehensive medical benefits at low costs but throws chiropractic and acupuncture into mix. Who knew getting poked with needles could feel so good?

UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete LP (HMO SNP)

Almost sounds like the name of an experimental nu-metal band doesn’t it? At any rate if having prescription drug coverage as well as routine eye exams sound like something worth investing in then look no further cause UH has gotcha covered!

HealthTeam Advantage Plus Benefit Plan(HMO D-SNP)

Yep, yet another long name but let me tell you why it is worth taking notice: other than normal-day-to-day-teeth-grinding situations such as emergency room visits and surgeries, this particular advantage offer aims to assist those who suffer from debilitating life circumstances transportation assistance and meals provided after being discharged from hospital stay!

Ratings Overview

So now that we’ve dive into the wild world of healthcare plans, how do you know which one is truly right for you? One option to review would be ensuring their overall quality rating. A few things like:
– Members Survey: You’re telling me people actually enjoy answering surveys?! Apparently so since these types of ratings consist from reports received from examining what has worked and not worked with patients satisfaction levels.
– Complaints Received: Just a heads up, increased complaints may indicate an issue in servicing (Duh!)
– Customer Service Ratings: If legit employers even exist that cater to both employees and customers then surely learning about an insurance providers customer service level will assist in discovering the cream of them crop

While each individual’s needs vary keep yourself informed! And maybe by next year when Advantage Plans 2019 reign supreme there will be additional coverages such as pet acupuncture sessions or clam chowder diets added (Hey..We can dream)

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