Medela breast pump manual how to use?

Greetings, fellow lactating humans! Congratulations on bringing forth new life into this world. However, we all know what comes with being a parent – constant sleep deprivation and sore nipples from breastfeeding. Fear not, for you have the mighty Medela breast pump manual at your disposal!

Let’s dive deep into understanding how to use this godsend device that will make your breastfeeding journey a seamless experience.

Understanding Your Medela Breast Pump

First things first – get familiar with your trusty companion who will help you express milk like magic.

The Parts of Your Breast Pump
– Breast Shield
– Connector
– Valve head
– Membrane
– Bottle or stand
– Tubing

Types of Medela Breast Pumps
1. Personal Use: Single Electric
2. Personal Use: Double Electric
3. Hospital grade: Symphonie Plus

Your breast pump may come with different variations of these parts depending on the model type.

Setting Up Your Machine

Hooray! You’ve finally reached the stage where it’s time to assemble and set up your manual breast pump effectively without resorting to calling customer care helplines in sheer frustration.

Step-by-Step Guide
1) Hand wash every part before assembling.
2) Connect tubing using connector.
3) Attach membrane onto valve head; attach this assembly onto Connector/Tubing assembly through inserting one end of connector gently over nipple shield stem until snug fit achieved then slightly turn counterclockwise 60 degrees while maintaining firmness around base while rotating clockwise(top side).
4) Screw bottle tightly at bottom stem before attaching assembled suction cups (for breastfeeding storage)
5) Power ON baby!

Now that you’ve successfully set up your device let’s begin learning how to correctly use it,

Getting Started With Expressing Milk!

Oh yes, now is finally time for the fun stuff – express milk with your breast pump! We have a couple of steps for you to follow.

Step-by-Step Guide
1) Before beginning pump procedure, rub coconut oil onto nipple area and areola; this helps loosen up your breasts which eases installation.
2) Ensure yourself that the breast shields fit correctly over nipples.
3) Power On Your Music; happy cows produce the most milk!
4) Begin pumping at recommended speed/intensity (start low then gradually increasing)
5 )Congratulations on expressing quality Milk like a champion!

Tips & Tricks

We understand that using any new equipment can be intimidating. But fret not, we’ve got the perfect advice from professionals and even our experts mums who experienced Medela pumps already.

Tip 1: Double Pumping Is A Dream Come True
Did you know that double-pumping increases prolactin levels? This hormone is responsible for milk production in mothers’ bodies. Harness both breasts simultaneously while resting or going about other activities means extra minutes saved each day – hurrah!

Tip 2: Skin-To-Skin Contact With Baby Enhances Letdown Effectiveness
Put baby against bare chest during nursing duration – smell will help oxcytocin flow. Also, breastfeeding can enhance bonding between mum and child—win-win situation!

Tip 3: Relax And Drink Water During Expressing Time
Milk production in women’s body decreases significantly when dehydrated or stressed out hence, ensuring minimal distractions throughout expression periods via relaxation techniques (taking deep breaths / meditation music/ Yoga poses such as Cat-Cow pose etc.) brings effectiveness into conveying excellent results as well energy drinks being another alternative mode re-water supply .

Troubleshooting Common Problems

No one is perfect right?. There’s no need to panic if you run across some problematic situations whilst using Medela Breast Pump manual,

Here are some difficulties users face and solutions:

Low Milk Supply
At times it may feel like you’re hardly getting any milk at all. The solution? Try switching off breasts, massaging the breast and drink enough water.

Discomfort During Expressing Sessions
Often, using manual breast pumps can lead to sore nipples or an uncomfortable tugging sensation. Solution? Lubricate your nipple area with some coconut oil or use a soothing gel pad for temporary relief.

Nausea While Pumping
If you are feeling sick whilst expressing time try relieving tension via listening to relaxing music or simple distractions such as watching television shows / movies during sessions!

Wrap Up

Lactating folks often carry out the noblest of maternal duties – breastfeeding their little ones. However, we know that this task isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination! But thanks to Micela’s thoughtfully designed manual breast pump and our guide put together above; get prepared for saying goodbye insufficient milk production and random pumping mishaps!

So friends , Happy Breastfeeding – hope this helps make everything way entertaining along your journey ahead!

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