Mayo clinic multiple myeloma treatment?

Multiple myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells, which are responsible for producing antibodies to fight infections. Unfortunately, when these cells become abnormal and start growing uncontrollably, it can lead to multiple problems. I mean who would have thought that those little soldiers could turn into rogue warriors? However, thanks to modern medicine and great pioneering work by institutions like Mayo Clinic, treating multiple myeloma is possible.

What Is Multiple Myeloma?

Before we dive deeper into the treatment options available at Mayo Clinic for multiple myeloma, let’s first understand what exactly it is. This type of blood cell cancer develops in plasma cells – white blood cells that are normally responsible for fighting infections by producing antibodies. When healthy plasma cells grow out of control without any constraints or oversight mechanisms in place – you guessed it right! It leads to damage of other organs such as bones and kidneys.

According to recent statistics at Mayo clinic,nearly 34% patients with ‘blood disease’ gets treated yearly from all over the world (except aliens). Even though this number might seem high but with proper treatments receiving care at clinics like mayo wholeheartedly helps improve ones health.

Common Symptoms Of Multiple Myeloma

As far as symptoms go… well some may say “it comes quietly” while others think “it screams”. The strangest part about this ailment known as multiple myeloma however, 25% percent come without symptoms only tenderness occurs rarely along spine pretending to be normal back pain . For symptomatic cases; common signs include-

  • Extreme tiredness
  • Repeated attacks of bacterial or viral infection topped with fever
  • Anemia
  • Loss in appetite leading towards weight loss (time find those honey glazed chicken breasts).
  • Bone pain/fractures
  • Kidney malfunction excreting protein excess leading towards Oedema(swelling).

Now, on to Treatment!

How Is Multiple Myeloma Treated At Mayo Clinic?

Multiple myeloma treatment at Mayo Clinic largely depends and caters with respect to each patient (as it should be!!) What works wonders for one may not make much difference for another. However – no matter which course of action is selected, the ultimate goal is always centered around:

  • Reducing signs & symptoms
  • Delaying progression
  • Increasing longevity

Surprisingly enough there are many options available for treating multiple myeloma ranging from specialised drugs targeting plasma cells ,radiation therapy and even stem cell transplant!

Sometimes these modes of therapies also depend on the age factor:

  • For those over 75yrs& younger prefer more gentle drug treatments.
  • Those between 50 –75 range depending upon symptoms recommend intensive or controlled medication as per need .Incidentally, young patients find best results in high dose chemotherapy followed by an autologous stem cell transplantation.

Apart from specific medications that healthcare professionals treating MM rely upon include-


It’s a pretty well-known term. It refers to some “heavy-duty” chemicals used against cancerous cells (if only we could recruit them against microwave radiation too)

There are different types of chemotherapies doctors might decide based solely on individual factors like ‘fitness level’. They use buzzwords such as dosage titration but what this actually signifies ? Its simple science really; Doctors start with lower doses gradually increasing ( if tolerated) while keeping a very keen watch towards effectiveness.

Stem Cell Transplantation

In case you missed out,stem cells refer to a medical term involving versatile cells capable of regenerating into other kinds according to their necessity present inside bone marrow similar ones responsible for development before birth preserving blood and immune function These specialized set of cells mark their potentiality indicating plaques needing immediate scutiny.

To put it broadly stem cell transplantation involves taking advantage of this flexibility by transplanting healthy stem cells into the body to give rise to new blood-producing cells; which in turn replace old cancerous ones. Therefore from a treatment standpoint, what happens is that when chemotherapy is killing the cancerous/plasma cells, at the same time it may also be destroying healthy blood-producing (stem) potentializing need for ‘good’ blood sources.

At Mayo Clinic Stem Cell Transplantation’s methodologies are categorically selected basis patient age(young patients tend towards full dose while older adults receive more mini doses).They go onto suggest approaches such as autologous transplantation generally found safer and far more effective than allogeneic methods .These basically refer to mode of surgeries distinguished primarily on sources(i.e bone marrow itself vs donors).

Radiation Therapy

Now we’ve heard about x-rays and gamma rays all our lives ,slapped behind protective vests…but how can these be used against multiple myeloma? The procedure includes giving high-energy beams targeted specifically towards affected areas causing excessive damage & devastation resulting into eventual death(cells don’t respawn here!).

With current advances in medical technology (and surgical skills) I’m pleasantly surprised to report that radiation therapy has been grown wildly successful although for select few cases after intensive research involving monitoring .

Side-effects Of Multiple Myeloma Treatment

Ahh! Since there’s always two sides of a coin likewise there are side effects too associated with most processes used for treating MM alike other Cancer treatments. Some frequent ones include :

  • Loss/gain(appetite)
  • Fatigue/weakness
  • Digestive disorders like nausea/vomiting/diarrhoea
  • Neuropathies ex: numbness /tingling sensations or burning feelings usually triggered around palms/feets.
  • Drop in Blood Pressure unexpected falls due drop sugar(hypoglycemia)


Multiple Myeloma is a type of cancer that can compromise your immune system making everything more difficult. However, with the advancements in medicine made possible due to institutions such as Mayo Clinic; treatments like chemotherapy, stem cell transplantation and radiation therapy might not make you feel invincible but will definitely equip patients with tools prevalent for survival along journey towards recovery.

With an astonishing success record (34% annually) treatment procedures under professional guidance ensure that one feels secure every step of the way. Therefore if experiencing any diagnostic symptoms consult healthcare experts at earliest convenience ,and take appropriate measures on time just like clocks do . After all timely medical attention saves widespread harm & can lead to long-lasting health!

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