Master the Art: Tips for Becoming a Better Fighter

If you’re looking to step up your fighting game, look no further! We’ve compiled some top-notch tips that will help you hone in on your skills and become a force to be reckoned with.

Understand Your Opponent’s Weaknesses

The first step in becoming a better fighter is understanding the weaknesses of your opponent. This doesn’t just mean physical weakness; it also means psychological, emotional, and strategic weaknesses. By doing so, you can exploit them effectively during combat. Here are some ways to identify these areas:

  • Observe their body language.
  • Pay attention to how they move during warm up.
  • Study their past fights through recordings or YouTube clips.
  • Analyze mistakes made by reviewing finishing moves
    never assume an opponent has any such weakness

Focus on Technique

You might think that strength is everything when it comes to fighting but technique plays an equally important role if not more important. Being technically sound can give fighters an added edge over opponents who solely rely on brute force.

Some things you could try practicing include:

1) footwork – practice light-footed movement
2) punches- ensure proper form
3) blocks
4) kicks- maintain balance
be patient while acquiring new skillsets because nothing great was ever achieved overnight

Train Distinctly

Dedicating time towards improving specific techniques or movements rather than sticking with staples enhances diversity in style and having that ‘outdated’ technique may come as a surprise at higher levels which results into winning margins. Even though there are general workouts every mixed martial artist takes part in (lifting weights, cardio), try including different ways of training like; swimming laps/running intervals/yoga classes etc… life happens outside the gym!

Here’s a sample routine for enhancing speed work each day;

Day Drill
1 Sprint 40 yards (12.2 meters) x6
2 Jump Rope for 30 seconds, rest for 1 minute, complete up to a total of ten sets
3 Run Stadium Stairs-10 flights/hills
4 Perform Burpees in Intervals ; sprinting for twenty yards mark and doing three burpees / stopping at the second mark/then repeating from start until completion feel the burn during this routine(limit reps according to your fitness level!)

Mind over Matter

It’s crucial developing a strong state of mind when it comes to overcoming adversities as well as being attentive – mentally preparing yourself before going against an opponent goes along way.

A simple mindset tip would be telling oneself:

” I can endure mental or physical pain because it is temporary but regrets last forever”

Here are some tips on how to strengthen your mental game:

  • Visualize success
  • Practice meditation techniques that calm down one’s nerves e.g breathing exercises developed by pacific islands
  • Develop affirmations/mantras
  • Engage in conversations with professional fighters that motivate you as well


Any combat sport requires a high degree of physical exertion; right nourishment helps increase energy levels & enhances recovery rate post-training sessions helping body regain strength before moving ahead! These few eating habits might promote better performances and positively impact overall health;

  • consume more protein (chicken/turkey breast/fish/tofu)
  • eat more fruits(carbohydrates)
    -drink plenty of water /
  • restrictconsumptionofjunkfood/processed sugar
    Remember not everyone’s metabolism works the same so find what works best for you!

Body Maintenance

Don’t overlook the importance of maintaining proper care towards one’s body especially if looking forward into making fighting a career:

• Stretching after workouts/top training plays an essential role in preventing injuries/relieving tension
• Ice baths- helps ease muscle soreness’
• Massage – increases blood flow to muscles
ensure you listen & respond immediately towards any symptom of pain a body signals, incorporating shorter sessions with higher frequencies over longer ones modifies from strenuous routines.

Find a Great Coach

Finding the right coach is essential as they are your guide throughout your career. A good coach should be supportive and patient while teaching techniques that fit individual style during training sessions . It’s important to note that not all coaches work for everyone!

Here’s what you should look for when finding a fighting coach:

  • Knowledgeable about fighting styles +
  • Open-minded – readily admits areas where improvement needed /
  • Challenges the trainee / sets higher expectations

A brilliant teacher creates high standards, testing their pupil out on different aspects while remaining flexible according to how one develops.


In order to grow and become better at anything; utmost discipline is required by being consistent every day.
When it comes to fighting lifestyles, there are no shortcuts: regular exercise/sound diet habits/sleep enough hours & minimum distraction ensure desired results;

Try Maintaining consistency through :

-setting long-term goals broken down into short term daily or weekly targets/
-your workout routine committing specific hours each week/day &
-using reminder apps till what has been set becomes second nature.

At the end of it all mastering art requires dedication,time,sacrifice among other factors however knowing these procedures will help polish skills leaving one feeling great incredible adventure once it’s over!