Love Shared: Our Life Together Quotes

There are some words which can melt your partner’s heart as if it is made of candle wax. These words when brought together in the form of quotes strengthen the bond you share with them. It becomes an essence of solidarity for those who are either just starting to warm up to each other or have shaded all their grey hair by now.Love Shared – Our Life Together Quotes embodies these emotions.

Here, let’s dive into a pool of love and see what nuggets we find.

The Purpose of Sharing Promises

What makes sharing promises so crucial?

Sharing promises generates feelings that both individuals involved share moments together towards attaining a common goal. This shared responsibility strengthens their connection while building hopes on the future.

When one gets themselves tangled up emotionally, sometimes they desire assurance/ comfort from their fiancé/spouse/partner/lover.

By expressing thoughts through such inspirational phrases, one confirms repeatedly why he/she committed himself/herself to this person in the first place.

How To Use Them?

Marriage tinctures fragrances & many positions fuse into one magnificent tapestry.’Sleepless🌙Dream’.This is an insightful quote that talks about how marriage knows no boundaries even if it keeps little sleep At night.’

If you’re feeling creative write personalized messages instead! An example could be “You cooked like heaven today heart eyes emoji“💖 Nonetheless, below we highlight some great ways you can use life together quotes:

1) As captions for pictures (With Friends , Couple picture etc.)
2) As Text Messages/Whatsapp/Facebook statuses
3) On Greeting Cards
4) Personalized Jewellery
5) Gifts


Let’s take another example :

Anyone whomsoever sees me feels happy within unless there exists a divine intervention’Happy💞’


Hugging couple|

Amazing Quotes To Share With Your Partner

Many love birds desire some romance and inspiration, from time to time. Let’s have a look at these captivating quotes from Love Shared:Our Life Together

1) “‘You could make everyone happy with that smile but the one you give me is priceless.’ – Unknown.”
2) “‘Someone who knows how lucky they are to have you.’- Unknown”
3) “‘I never want anyone else. You and only you’-Unknown”

Note: These tantalizing yet sincere expressions would certainly help those searching for new ways of making their partners feel awesome.


   Hug your spouse , because if he or she is taken today tomorrow might be too late."Cuddle sessions😍"



Couple Hugging|

Funny Quotes About Marriage

Whether it’s funny jokes about married life or humorous marriage vows, humor brings laughter into anything!

Here are few amusing Love Shared : Our Life Together Quotes:

1)”Marriage is just keeping a spirited conversation going daily until year X where both parties agree on their favourite quiet spot”- Happy Couple.
2)The quickest way to end an argument? Tell your wife she’s right!(‘- Nameless Source’)
(Being sarcastic)- 😆”
3)’If my Husband couldn’t buy groceries alone (incidentally forgetting yogurt); he must never plan on being able to survive alone when I’m gone.’ -Unknown.

These statements will elicit chuckles, bring a smile to the face of even the most somberly upset spouse. They say ‘a merry heart liveth long.

Quotes for Engagements

When you are anxious and excited about your engagement day , finding the right words could seem so daunting. That is where Love Shared : Our Life Together quotes come into play.

1) “As soon as I saw him/her ,I knew his/her hand would fit perfectly in mine.”💍- Unknown.
2) “You don’t find love; it finds you: It’s got a little bit to do with destiny,fate, and what’s written in the stars.” – Anaïs Nin
3) “‘All I want is forever with you by my side.’ – Anonymous”.

Note: Let these quotes influence your thoughts on who really matters,your partner,’on whose finger that exquisite ring will lay’.


It looks like Pixie Dust✨


w=200 cm


Couple playing happily|

For Him To Make You Smile All Over Again

There come times when make-up cuddles sting more than getting stung by an insect.🐝 Below we list few romantic gestures to feel adored again 🥰:

1)”Hey! No one knows how to give back rubs quite like him 😉.”
2)’My guy doesn’t mind being vulnerable….How amazing!’
3)’Sometimes all he wants me to do is rest’.(‘tiring but too sweet’)

Sweet/romantic things become meaningful if said spontaneously or perhaps very often because men need reassurance too. Life Together Quotes can be an expression of your gratitude or signifies your appreciation for his person.


“That’s love: having to go to the bathroom and taking the dog along with you because he/she is so clingy”-‘Pet Love’

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Couple with Dog|

Best Friend, Soulmates or Lovers

Some of us are lucky enough to fall in fancy that we got it all. The one who keeps secrets kine a bestie, understands like a soul mate but loves like no other..

1)’I didn’t marry my best friend.I married His Sense Of Humor.’ -Unknown
2)”If hugs were snowflakes,I would send you blizarzds.”🤗(My true love)
3)”Love means she/he forgets her/his onions when cooking Korma instead ,she cuts up Mangoes.’- Anonymous❣️

When those three titles combine in one life partner they make special bittersweet moments.Write them down! Save them! They will always remind Us how unwavering & special their companionship is.

Summer Weddings

this time let love bloom with summer weddings!

Summertime charms its way into our hearts every year.Summer wedding quotes brighten up people.Say goodbye to winter blues and hello warm breeze,sunshine,daisies by sharing these inspiring words :

1) It’s summer; therefore I’d rather be kissing you than doing anything else.💋.
2)The only thing more beautiful then the flowers? Your Radiant Smileℹ️!
3)“And so, today, my world slipped away from me again, and I wondered if it was ever coming back.I couldn’t help but smile; she was worth every subsequent loss.”-♥️Groom.

Now that you’re inspired to possibly walk down the aisle under summer sunsets skies, let love do its magic!


𝕋ℍ𝔼 𝔹𝔼𝕊𝕋 ℚ𝕌’ᒪᗩᑎ: “I just want someone to bring me food late at night when I’m too lazy or busy” 🌙🥱

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Delivered Pizza|

Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Love is a game of patience when pursuing one long distance. Words can sometimes be difficult, for words are far from where your loved ones are.Arriving with clever ways to make her/him feel extra special.

The following quotes have been generated after days of extensive research:

1)’I’d go anywhere in the world for you…as long as you promise not abandon me!’- Anonymous.
2)”Distance means so little when someone means so much!”💖Unknown💓
3)“When we’re apart ,even five minutes feels like forever”-Macklemore♡♡

Note : Feelings may get tougher doing things without each other.Purchase one another pillowcases Sending Letters /Flowers,and Video Calls.Redefine what love is!

Best Insta Captions For Couple Pictures

As expensive as it may sound,in todays time social media platforms have become a personalized diary of sorts.Moreover, Insta-worthy pictures are always a treat to share with friends &family.Here is where we list some fantastic LST Quotes.

1)’Our Love Is Like a Butterfly-It’s Beautiful Yet Delicate.”🦋.
2)”𝚂𝚘 𝚐𝚕𝚊𝚌é you walked into my world and made my heart so much warmer than the fireplace ever could.”💙(You did that!)
3)“But now I’ve got thicker skin;I’m gonna be alright again.” – Daughtry (Home)

Fun Fact: It’s impossible not to swoon over those cheesy yet cute captions,for they remind us what true love is:caring ,lovingunconditionally .

Evening Workouts For Two :

For every couple who loves positivity and Fitness both here lies your blessed escape 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️.




Couple Exercising happily|

Naming Things

“Calling things in life requires great care-like our tendency to call someone or something ‘ours,'” says their relationship expert .Naming them makes us responsible somehow. This helps make bonds grow faster with many more meanings then numbers.

If you’ve been looking for such profound comments,’then Love Shared Our Life Together quotes won’t let you down:

1)”Babe!You’re My Happy Place Anything Realised You’re Not Here”; Unknown
2)”Tell me he loved by the way he smells; Sweet gentle & A breath of fresh air’;Unknown💖.
3)…& “What’s better than fighting over Sides & Hogging A Cupcake or two?”-Rhonda Rousey.

Remember, it only takes one question to earn endless answers like “Should I name my new plant after you”

Marriage Quotes

It’s been said many times, but marriage is not just about living together. It’s a calibre of sharing the things you always wished for with someone who feels the same way.Wedding vows are so powerful that romantic souls find tears come to their eyes when they hear them read aloud.

1)“Until death do us part? No matter how far apart we’ll grow throughout our lives, this love will glue us back together.”🤍- Unknown♥️.
2)”I still remember all those moments.They were something special.But Even More Special In was in your life”; Anonymous.
3)“Loving each other fiercely every day and never forgetting why.”💞Unknown

Note: Love Shared Our Life Together quotes generate great sentiments of happiness among couples-married or dating”- because some forms of feelings stay valid forever ♥️!

My Favourite Partner

Meet me in ways no one else can✨A random yet simple statement but there’s deeper meaning behind it than meets the eye.Trust and understanding progress into unforgettable relationship its simplicities remain unnoticed if not shared with loved ones.Love is incurable laughter ,indulged soul conversation,eating late night pizza seems more important.This quote depicts such pairs which mix friendship and romance perfectly:

1)’He knows he doesn’t have my attention ;he has my interest’-(unknown).
2)”Marrying my best friend turned out to be right decision”- Miranda Kerr❣️.
3)’I’m enough . ‘ -Feinestra Krangen.

These quotes talk about finding true friendship through love.It gives assurance that everything will be okay as long as both people continue loving one another.

“Couples Therapy Options : Spending Quality Time Together”🏨

d f
Find time for each other’s interests. Go out and try new sports/hobbies together! It was date night…at the library.

Quotes About Family

‘Family’ is an institution in itself. Though there are shared lineages but this love extends beyond than bloodlines- it entails warmth,love,care-& that which keeps us grounded in life.

1)„The family unit plays such a crucial role in positive child discipline: one who celebrates with child successes,talks honestly about things while being kind.-Christine Carter
2)’Our parents had been hung up on their unrivalled competitive achievement traits.’ -Unknown.
3)’Why do we live by calling everything Unreasonable?It implies that unreasonable parts of us should be hidden from society.’-Rhoda Naif .

Note: The motivation here ties into affirmations about what our loved ones mean to us.Love Shared Our Life Together quotes encompass beautiful sentiments towards those who make meaningful differences.

More romance : “Artistic Couples”


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Couple at Art Installation|


As simple as Love Shared: Our Life Together quote book may sound,it encapsulates various emotions &feelings.This not only helps couples express themselves more effectively but generates appreciation within them.It rekindles that flame which sometimes dies down after sometime.The special thing about these quotes is they let your partner see his/her love through your eyes!

Therefore readers follow along,pickup phone right now.and WOW your partner❣️

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