Love Eternal: Memorable ‘I Want to Spend Forever with You’ Quotes

Love is a beautiful feeling, an emotion that sets the heart aglow, and makes everything around us seem brighter. When we find someone that makes our hearts skip a beat, it’s normal to want to spend eternity together. Here are some memorable quotes expressing this desire for love eternal.

Loving declarations

When you’re in love, sometimes words fail you, but other times they come pouring out like a waterfall of emotion. Here are some heartfelt ways people express the desire for never-ending love:

  • “You’re my forever person.”
  • “My heart beats only for you, now and forevermore.”
  • “I can’t imagine life without [your name].”
  • “It would be a privilege to grow old by your side.”
  • “No matter what happens in life, I’ll always choose you.”

Literary expressions

For centuries writers have used their knack for language to capture the essence of romantic feelings. From famous novelists to poets who paved exciting paths in literature history; here are some noteworthy literary moments on unending love themes:

Quote Author
“Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same” Emily Bronte
“In vain have I struggled. It will not do.
My feelings will not be repressed…” Jane Austen
“To be brave is to…love someone unconditionally without expecting anything in return.” Margaret Mitchell
“This much I know If nothing else –you’re my forevermore!!!” Nicholas Sparks

## Celebrity claims

Even celebrities fall deeply under love’s spell often sharing secrets about how captivated they feel about each other upfronts millions watching their every move.These celebrity couples openly declare about spending a lifetime loving one another. Here are a few of their memorizing claims of long-lasting love:

  • Actor George Clooney once said, “I’ve never been happier in a relationship by any stretch of the imagination. At 52 I found the love of my life and I’m really happy.”
  • Actress Sarah Michelle Geller on her husband Freddie Prinze Jr: “Whatever his changes have come, we figure it out together. He still makes me laugh more than anyone else,” she said. “Even after all these years he is still my best friend.”
  • Musician Justin Timberlake reflects about his wife , “She’s got that kind if thing in her eyes where she warm you up-kindle sparkle.”
  • Singer Ciara stated with no apologies towards haters – “We pray together every night,”

Famous Wedding Quotes

Weddings bring tears to our eyes for different reasons one among those being how symbolic they represent emotional links between two individuals over an unlimited period.Here are some famous wedding quotes that forever assures timeless affection :

Quote Author
“When you realise you want to spend the rest your life with somebody,you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”. Nora Ephron
“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together inthe same direction” Antoine de Saint Exupery
“The minute I heard my first love story,I started looking for you not knowing how blind that was.” rumi

Heart-Felt Lyrics

Music has played other roles relating to romantic expressions since times immemorially. Everything from soulful ballads or thrashing rock-fueled tracks can take us through singing along powerful lyrics filled with meaning.Human ears will remain tuned till eternity to inspiration from heart touching verse.Here’s wishfully inspiring lyrics on undying love:

  • “I could make you happy,make your dreams come true/nothing that i wouldn’t do/go to the ends of the earth for you/to make you feel my love” – Adele
  • “Promise me that you’ll stay with me/Because darling I will always stay withyou.” – Ed Sheeran

Poetic utterances

Months or years after being together, those heart-stopping moments still keep resonating-and sometimes taking us back in time.Arriving at choice poetic lines beautifies our emotions outwardly.Here are some examples inspired by various renowned poets that probably can’t ever go wrong when it comes to expressing timeless affection :

“I am yours,you are mine,/two hearts woven ageless vine”-Conrad Aiken
“Grow old along with me!/The best is yet to be./The last of life,for which the first was made.” -Robert Browning

Forever & Always Quotes

A “forever and always’ relationship may seem cliche’d but it inspires endless possibilities on depicting something wholesome.The inspiration behind such a non-ending journey also brings out all sorts of sweet sentiments.Inspiring someone about forever is no easy feat as they might take umbrage so here are some immortal quotes.

  • “All, everything that I understand,I only understand because I love.” — Leo Tolstoy

“Forever andalways seems like a vision,something we see only in our imaginations,isn’t meant for real people.But maybe we have been approaching this mystery fromthe wrong end of the spectrum.Maybe instead of looking upon it as aechelon accomplishment,a West Point graduation ceremony-like charge intobattled maturity,maybe looks upon through eyes watered witha childish wonderment…therein lies tragedy.Tragedy is not caring. Tragedyis indifference.FOREVER’s little sister is TRAGEDY.” -John Green

Sentimental words & phrases of Ancient Times

Since the story of romance began, expressions regarding eternal love have been sought-after just as much as love itself. These ancient ideals are still relevant today and fill moments with sentiments worth preserving.Here are few examples that will forever remain :

  • “O my Luve is like a red,red rose That’s newly sprung in June: O myLuve’slike the melodieThat’s sweetlyplay’d in tune!”-Robert Burns
  • “I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
    My soul can reach.”
    –Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Some people might argue against these flowery statements claiming they’re unrealistic or too cheesy.But at times showcasing unending affection hilariously isn’t such an easy feat.Love creates fun by injecting fearless courage into individuals trying aspects out of their comfort zones.Most importantly,it’s always essential to make someone you care about feel good -incredible thought-provoking words beautifully go along way.

Memorable Love Quotes From Movies

Whilst growing up,watching some movies leave us feeling uplifted.Endless classic movie quotes referencing undyinglove sure never fade while making our hearts racing.Here are some unforgettable romantic lines from famous movies affirmed left within our lifetime:

Quote Movie
“As You Wish” The Princess Bride
“Winning that ticket Rose was what made me realize I had to find you..Nothing else mattered.” Titanic
“Have a nice life,dude”- “I’ll catch ya’ later.” Say Anything

These kinds of quotes serve pretty well when wanting a simple but memorable sentiment.The speakers may not always read verse but watch some real inspiring talks.Check online for motivational videos where amazing people have spoken on subjects relating near-enduring devoted human relationships.

The Finest Statement for Forever Love

Clearly, there’s plenty more phrases and presentations depicting love’s timelessness throughout history, but the most excellent statement regarding everlasting passion depends upon what works best for an individual person rather than generalisations.So it doesn’t matter if someone selects a quote from a celebrity,picks words off of greeting cards or creates their own statements.Genuninely expressing deep feelings about someone is all that truly matters.So let your loved ones know how you feel!

Love isn’t something to conceal;it requires being verbalized.Real romantic people aren’tnecessarily cheesy soppy heart melting creatures.Being able to honestly share innermost thoughts with another person ensues an unparalleled level of bonding which no other human experience can match.Remember that most people have sat down quietly remembering some unforgettable sentimental moments with dear friends,family significant others etc.Whether searching writings,literature , listening to songs or getting creative making commitments directly,the one thing true never fades.

We’ll leave you now,to remember some fond memories then get up and take action towards creating some new timeless experiences


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