Love Come to Me: The Waiting Game

Love, love, what is with people waiting for it? Is it possible that the saying “good things come to those who wait” can apply here? Well, we sure hope so. In this article let’s find out all the possible ways and tips you could use while playing ‘The Waiting Game’ in search of true love.

Why do people have to wait?

Oh boy, I know how frustrating this sounds like but some things just never make sense. Patience they say is a virtue one must master before being able to enjoy its fruits. Just like knowing whether or not he/she is the right person worth spending your life with.

Is It Worth The Wait?

Well well well look at that! Asking yourself if it’s even worth it may save you from countless hours of waiting around until something actually happens when there might be nothing happening at all – which can be very disappointing especially if previous cases include heartbreaks caused by impatience.

Signs To Look Out For

Before jumping straight into anything hasty i.e making assumptions or rejecting potential matches as not being ‘the one,’ here are some signs that will help boost your confidence:

  • Consistent communication (not too much though) shows effort
  • Postponed dates due to valid reasons
  • A genuine concern about how your day went
    and most importantly…

Actions speak louder than words!

That’s right folks; actions could give way more insight on somebody’s intentions rather than their verbal confession. Actions such as;

  • Acts of service
  • Lending a listening ear
    And these few ones
Snagging A Surprise Gift Visiting Unannounced
Bringing Food Over Planning Nice Dates

If none of these actions take place during periods where patience (a lot) then something definitely ain’t correct.

Keep The Conversation Flowing

Staying in touch with people is an essential part of developing a relationship, not just – any type of communication though.

What not to do

Badgering someone for replies can lead to the opposite effect. It takes all the fun out of it, don’t you think? Too much talking via text or call also makes things worse. First off it shows that somebody has way too much time on their hands (ouch!) and could be perceived as being pushy; leading to nothing in particular other than creating unnecessary tension.

Do’s And Don’ts

Do find out who calls who more often! balance should be key here since both parties have their own lives going on and they should want to check up on each other after certain intervals just enough information exchanging so that neither side forgets why efforts are being put into this connection, after all love needs effort right?

And then there’s “The Waiting Game”.

When To Play?

Set actual timeframes/limits for how long one may choose or need to reply at any given instance, otherwise life would turn into a non-stop cycle allowing no room for personal growth/stress-free living!

Negative Impacts Of Playing The Game Excessively

Fear Of Rejection
Waiting excessively before reaching out may result in invested emotions which will definitely make rejection quite scary—you know what they say ‘time waits for nobody’.

Playing hard-to-get falls under this category since excessive playing of the game inevitably leads

Absence Is Not Effective Love
Not putting yourself enough during communication stages; i.e prioritizing waiting until your partner says something instead will only lead to feeling unseen by them!

Even our team got tired from discussing these pitfalls.How about we loosen up a bit?

How To Stay Positive While Waiting For Love

Remember the phrase “all good things come to those who wait”, first off? It works here too. Being impatient waiting for love could make you lose sight of what’s truly important or why pursuing a serious relationship was even brought up in the first place!

Having Fun!

It doesn’t need to be all conversation-atmosphere dull and intense discussions, feel free to sprinkle some light-hearted talks that are guaranteed to spice things up.

Venturing out there

In addition, finding something fun to do outside your zone-of-normal will most definitely lead to meetings with potential matches as well.

Just keep one thing in mind though: we always attract who we believe ourselves worth it; so stay positive and continue being amazing—this is how people’s hearts get swerved!

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