Longing for the Real Thing: My Quest for True Love

Have you ever felt like you’re in a rom-com, except instead of the dramatic kiss at the end, it just fades to black as nothing ever happens? That’s been my life for what feels like forever. I’ve had plenty of relationships, but none that ever felt truly fulfilling. So I set out on a quest for true love.

The Beginning:

What Was Wrong with All My Previous Relationships?

Let me tell you something: there is nothing more frustrating than being in a relationship where all your friends are telling you how lucky you are to have found someone so perfect and yet you can’t shake off this feeling that something is missing. After endless rounds of ‘no really, he’s amazing!’, I started wondering what was really wrong with me?

Swiping Right and Left

Feeling lost and frustrated without any direction or answers, naturally, my next step was Tinder. Swipe right too much? Then left not enough? The result came back negative each time! Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse (boy, did they!) – I got ghosted over text by another candidate who seemed “too good to be true” during our short-lived speed dating interaction.

Mistakes Made Along the Way:

Missed Connections

It turns out that even if one actually musters up the courage to connect within more traditional means – such as meeting someone through mutual friends – it doesn’t necessarily mean anything promising will grow from it (though sometimes having common interests such as whittling miniature buildings out of fruit leather helps).

Following Advice from Friends Who Are Not Relationship Experts

I listened intently whenever anyone gave me advice on how they met their own significant other (“we locked eyes at a coffee shop”… great), turned down dates because my instincts told me differently about prospects were no better/best (not actually a good idea apparently) or tried dress up for online matches so that I appeared more physically appealing to strangers.

The Search Continues:

Instead of Letting Signs Go Ignored, Gym Was The New Meeting Ground

I came to the realization one day on my second run by that one sweaty individual (you know who you are) at the gym and decided quickly it was abhorrently unacceptable to keep carrying out my fruitless search for what’s missing through dating apps alone. Hence, when it comes to acquiring long lasting chemistry with someone compatible, sweat aside – lifting weights while meeting new individuals in silence can go an awfully long way.

Speed Dating

Next up was “Speed Daters Anonymous” because why not give brief-but-intense 4-minute interactions another shot? For those unaware, these events tend to require all participants turn off their mobile devices during introductions so-to-ensure none lurks aimlessly /jumps from table: table like a taser-wielding flashmob but with less intensity – well let’s say things were just as unsuccessful there if not MORE.

Epiphany Moment:

When Someone Less Expectant Came Into Picture

All this time spent trying too hard lead nowhere fast until unexpectedly realising the heart wants what it does despite even ourselves… (Queue Divine Intervention.). From unlikely circumstances came change! Some advice which had always been front of mind finally started taking effect without me even slightly noticing. Shifting focus beyond desire into appreciating each moment as they come (insert roll of eyes here).

A Look Back Revealed Missed Opportunities And Room To Learn More About Myself

In retrospect most awkward moments or missed opportunities within developing relationships became lessons learnt giving space for room toward transformational growth along personal lines of development; seeking true love suddenly makes sense when making oneself available emotionally speaking – both as an individual & partner later on.


It may seem like finding “the one” is easy for others, but remember that everyone has their own journey. No unrealistic expectations or measuring self-worth within relationships because beyond the escapades and speed dating events real love – true love – takes time to foster so if you must pursue it dear reader— do so with every ounce of your being!

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