Loneliness is like?

Do you ever feel like you’re surrounded by people but still completely alone? That your loneliness is so profound, it feels like a physical weight on your chest? Well, my friend, I hate to break it to you…but you’re not alone. (Sorry for the cliché- don’t worry there isn’t any more of that coming).

Loneliness affects everyone at some point in their lives, whether it’s after moving to a new city or experiencing a sudden loss. But what is loneliness really like?

Being Alone Like Sitting On An Island

To truly understand loneliness, imagine yourself stranded on an island all by yourself. At first, it may seem peaceful – no nosy acquaintances or annoying colleagues around to make idle chatter with.

But soon enough that solitude begins weighing down on your mind as if every thought were another palm tree draped over your shoulders slowly pushing you into quicksand as sweat drips down one face cheek onto the sand below (I know..gross image but hear me out) . Your thoughts become circular creating deeper groves in already well-traveled paths bouncing between “when am I going home” and “how long until dinner”.

This same feeling can come from being too separated from others even though they surround us day-in and day-out: In crowded cities filled with people walking past each other; cubicle offices where we’re stuck hitting buttons all day; trains full of strangers wafting body odor our way.

Being Lonely Is Finding No Comfort From Everyday Activities

Imagine trying out activities which usually bring enjoyment such as watching movies or doing outdoor sports for relaxation but finding absolutely no respite from them! You watch hundred different shows hoping there would be something interesting yet most just seem flatly utopian leading only disappointment deepening the void within (have been here multiple times, have you too?)

Or- imagine exercising but the only thoughts that come up are ‘what is this actually achieving?’, ‘when did my knees start squeaking?’ and an urge to nap instead. The gnawing sadness never quite goes away despite trying.

Society’s Perception on Loneliness Is Like You Caught a disease

At times, we’re expected to portray ourselves as socially active people spending time with friends or family which isn’t always possible ( I mean seriously when do people have time these days??) . But why should being alone make us feel dirty like we’ve just caught some contagious disease? It’s almost like in society it’s unacceptable to not be among bounding groups of laughing, drinking pals!

The pressure mounted by those expectations make it even harder for us introverts who need our solo time rendering bad reputation of such traits resulting in making something normal sound utterly pathetic and unexciting..Oh how harsh human beings can be sometimes!

Being Lonely Is Being Protagonist In Your Private Movie Existence

Being lonely means narrating every moment internally even if there isn’t another living soul around. At times its moving images your own personal film strip playing inside your head where every action has dramatic melancholic music accompanying them as if gearing towards final act (Just like good ole Hollywood movies).

Its visualizing driving through the city imagining all different scenarios stemming from smallest things causing emotional turmoil or indifference depending on mood, creating alternate realities within one’s head developing stories right out of thin air with no conclusive endings -always left hanging (sigh).

Lonely Person Grocery Shopping List
“Meh”- Special Sauce
Twelve-pack Water Bottles
Mystery Box Cereal

At day-to-day level loneliness can result in strange behaviors for instance getting milk daily though already stocked up due routine keeping sanity in check. People find routines something worth adhering to which could one enjoy but for a lonely person its lifeline clinging to what they have, making uncertainty non existence even if feasible alternatives present themselves.


Loneliness can be like sitting on an island waiting hours for the ship of people sailing somewhere over there off in the distance- isolated and hopeless that no pair of eyes would notice you waving your arms about hoping someone out at sea might catch your distress beacon. It’s being all alone physically and mentally cut adrift from everyday life, with nothing to hold onto except for oneself as captain steering through unmapped territories (may sound fun adventurous..but it really isn’t).

So next time you feel empty inside remember “Meh” sauce is always available option or think of yourself as Indiana Jones seeking hidden treasure instead of just a potato masher sporting grocery shopper -you never know it may help getting outta rut!

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