List of presidents and how they died?

Presidents are supposed to be people who have it all together, right? They run a superpower country effortlessly and seem invincible. However, history tells us that even Presidential immunity has its limits- presidents can die in inconceivable ways too.

James K. Polk – Died after Polk-a-nomaditis

Presidential deaths did not start being bizarre with people like JFK or Lincoln; many early leaders also met peculiar ends.
For instance, James K. Polk succumbed to cholera 103 days into his retirement. The curious thing is that the infection came just two days after he ingested contaminated water during his return travel journey from Poland back home.
The illness caused severe diarrhea leading to rapid dehydration and shock resulting in instant death–Polka-nomaditis was officially born!

Zachary Taylor – Indigestion or Poison?

Hold on tight because this one is an absolute classic!Mr.Taylor died just sixteen months into office (if you thought Trump had barely enough time). After devouring cherries and iced milk at a Fourth of July celebration at the Washington Monument grounds, President Taylor fell ill with extreme indigestion-like symptoms within hours (and we complain about food poisoning being bad!).
Within less than five days,Taylor called it quits leaving behind lasting controversy over whether his strange end should have been blamed on deliberate poisoning instead!!

William Henry Harrison – Death by pneumonia…or speech?

Harrison was famous for delivering America’s longest ever presidential inauguration speech , which lasted nearly two hours under some very unfavorable weather conditions (cue clue number one)Coolidge set the record straight).
Just eight weeks following this looong inaugural address,Harrison passed away due to what many believe was pneumonia but rumors persist that fatigue owing to anxiety around such a long speech could not be ruled out either!

FDR-Dies after promising four more years!

Ever heard of a president who won elections while practically on his death bed?? Mr. Roosevelt did in 1944.Having served the country for three consecutive terms, he announced his run for the fourth one too! Unfortunately,he passed away just months into office leaving people wondering if it was overambitious political plans or his deteriorating health that ultimately led to him losing one race finally.

Let’s Take A Look At All The Presidents And How They Passed On:

President Cause Fun Fact
George Washington Epiglottitis Lost consciousness and never regained it due to bloodletting therapy gone wrong
John Adams Old age / heart failure
Thomas Jefferson Chronic diarrhea/uremia
James Madison Congestive heart failure
James Monroe Tuberculosis/Cerebrovascular disease/coronary thrombosis/Ash Wednesday storm
John Quincy Adams -Stroke (while addressing Congress)
Andrew Jackson -Congestive heart failure
Martin Van Buren -Heart Failure
William Henry Harrison -Pneumonia/Laryngitis/Speech fatigue/anxiety
John Tyler -Bronchitis/stroke/severe diarrhea
James K Polk -Cholera/Polk-a-nomadikis() Ran under the slogan of “Young Hickory” but funfact: there is no record of what nickname ‘Hickory’ stood for!
Zachary Taylor -Gastric disturbance/poisoning? Could have died from both! However, poisoning theory outlived gastronomic indiscretion hypothesis by ages with newer technology confirming some arsenic elements in hair samples long after he died.
Millard Fillmore -Stoke\Racism? Civil skirmishes and tension caused Millard Fillmore to be caught in the middle of issues such as slavery, Native American relocation Westward, increased tensions with Britain following trade agreements, etc. His death came from stroke but we all know it was real-life stress that killed him
Franklin Pierce -Cirrhosis of liver/Catching cold during snowstorm/d Hypothermia Died wearing a $2 Saints Medalion he carried for luck!
James Buchanan -Rheumatic gout/Congestive heart failure/Stomach ulcer
Abraham Lincoln Gunshot wound taken at Ford’s Theatre
Andrew Johnson -Stroke /Hydronephrosis

It is amazing how unique each president’s life (and sometimes even their deaths) were–almost as if they were characters in their own drama or comedy movie! Presidential experiences continue evolving while bringing us different sets of challenges as well -none too small. From decoding the strange names around William Henry Harrison’s death or coming up with conspiracy theories on whether Zachary Taylor was poisoned- presidential history has something for everyone!

Looking Forward To More Entertaining Presidencies?

From quirky fashion choices like Reagan’s haircuts and Clinton’s saxophone nights to wondering if Trump will ever take his calligraphy pen seriously again-there is always range for being surprised one more time! On that entertaining note(indicating still good things are yet to come),we’ll conclude this piece til next we hear news from our presidents large and outstanding(are you listening Biden!). Watch out though-keep your eyes peeled because there is no predicting when/what else might come up, including ways presidents find themselves leaving office either :).

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