Laugh Out Loud With The You’re A Funny Guy Gif

There’s something about laughter that brings people together. Whether it’s through funny jokes, amusing memes, or hilarious GIFs, laughter has a way of transcending language and culture to connect us all.

One particular GIF that never fails to bring on the chuckles is the “You’re a funny guy” GIF. Here’s everything you need to know about this iconic meme.

What Is the ‘You’re a Funny Guy’ Gif?

The “You’re a funny guy” GIF is an animated image taken from the 1990 Martin Scorsese film “Goodfellas.” In one of the movie’s most famous scenes, Joe Pesci (playing character Tommy DeVito) responds aggressively after someone tells him he’s “funny”.

The sheer absurdity of his reaction – deadly serious compliments followed by intimidation & menacing behavior – makes for excellent comedy material.

How Did This Meme Become So Popular?

Since its inception in 2013 thanks to inventive Redditor OHO_ItsinaBox, this gif meme has been wildly popular online due to its humorous nature and versatility. People use it as reactions for many different situations online, such as calling out trolls or responding playfully to teasing comments.

Furthermore when used correctly along with spaced-out but intimate phrasing it will render comedic effect because humorously unexpected phrases immediately follow more truthful sounding appraisals like “you’re really good at what you do“, then wait just long enough before answering “get your shine box!“.

The Popularity Of The You’re A Funny Guy Gif

This viral phenomenon made headlines across social media platforms as users employed variations of Tommy DeVito insinuating violence if complements weren’t given with proper weight proving that laughing actually is contagious.

Perhaps part of their success can be credited back to having nearly universal appeal. Emojis, hashtags and social media memes ceaselessly turn up as cultural references serving as conversation-starters & topic-diverter from serious conversations.

When To Use The You’re A Funny Guy Gif

One beauty of the “You’re a funny guy” GIF is that it can be used to hit back against trolls or simply lighten the mood in an online conversation. Here are some prime examples:

  • When someone says something sarcastic but you’re not sure: use Tommy Devito’s gif
  • Your friends telling jokes online? Show them what a true joke-compliment looks like with this meme.
  • Someone trying to act tough on social media? Shut ’em down fast by sharing gifs menacing message towards compliments.

Regardless of how they choose to employ it, humor lovers find powerful utility using amongst communication tools available!

The desire for group laughter lies somewhat less obvious than additional things groups seek out (eg validation). Utilizing such comedic punctuation plays well into this behavior promoting overall virtual interaction quicker increasing potential reward than other attractors alone!

Where Can You Find This Meme?

Fortunately for all those interested in using the hilarious “Funny Guy” template successfully, appearance throughout many social-media platforms including Instagram posts or even text-message communications – making it easy-peasy when looking for quick laughs amidst routine scrolling! And while everyone might have their own source of software sustenance by now thanks handy internet search engines like Google its just right there.

Go ahead – laugh-out-loud today and relieve some stress since we’ve found ourselves laughing at pictures of cats-and-dogs more often then actual human interactions these days (you dogs are awesome tho either way).


There’s no denying that laughter truly is one of the best forms of medicine. Whether we get our daily dose through stand-up comedy shows or viral videos, few things beat spreading joy and happiness among others via non-verbal emoticons ever so abundantly available within our virtual interactions with others.

The “You’re a funny guy” GIF is just one example of how comedy can bring us together and keep conversations light-hearted, despite any preceding disagreements. Given its massive popularity across numerous communities worldwide many find solace in laughter, whether it be for pure entertainment value or as an antidote to stress and anxiety that frequently accompanies everyday existence in these uncertain times. So do yourself a favor: use this gif during moments when you need some comic relief online – we promise you won’t regret it!

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