Jiu jitsu vs taekwondo vs karate?

What’s better, Jiu jitsu, Taekwondo or Karate? Well my friend, that question is about as difficult to answer as trying to describe the taste of water. But don’t worry because with all my years of experience in watching Jackie Chan movies, I can tell you this: each martial art style has its pros and cons. So, let’s dive into it.

What is Jiu jitsu?

First off we have Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or “BJJ” for those who like using all sorts of abbreviations. It involves a lot of grappling on the ground which requires incredible precision and patience – literally waiting around while someone tries to choke you out doesn’t sound appealing but hey, some people find it fun! BJJ focuses primarily on submission holds such as arm bars, chokes and joint locks which are very useful if your opponent is three times your size.


  • Great for self-defense situations
  • Improves overall strength and flexibility
  • Teaches important life values such as discipline and persistence


  • Requires constant training to keep up technique
  • Difficult learning curve for beginners
  • Can lead to injuries when not performed correctly

What is Taekwondo?

Next up we have Taekwondo. This Korean martial art focuses more on striking techniques such as kicks and punches than anything else. With high flying kicks that would amaze even Spider-man himself (probably), it’s an incredibly athletic form that will get you fit fast – but only if you manage not to fall over whilst attempting them!


  • Great cardio workout
  • Perfect for building leg-strength
  • Helps improve balance


  • Focused purely on kicking techniques may leave gaps in defensive positions
  • Limited hand and upper-body training
  • More suited as a sport than self-defense.

What is Karate?

And finally, we come to the classic of all classics: Karate. Originating from Okinawa Japan, it focuses more on heavier strikes such as elbow and knee techniques that can really knock their opponent onto another Astral Plain.


  • Great for developing power in striking
  • Promotes discipline and control
  • Emphasized personal wellbeing rather than combat.


  • Footwork can be limited which may lead to easily telegraphed attacks
  • Limited grappling or kicking techniques compared to other martial arts styles.

Okay but Which One Should You Learn?

That’s like asking me which flavor of ice cream I like best… Uhh chocolate? No wait-cookie dough! But let’s steer clear of any “ice breaking” issues here because doing any form of martial art will prove beneficial regardless of your choice so see what aligns with your goals and go for it!

Still if you’re not satisfied then allow me the pleasure to provide this handy dandy comparison chart:

Martial Art Focus Techniques
Jiu jitsu Grappling/Submission holds Joint locks, chokes
Taekwondo Kicking/Striking High-kicks,punches
Karate Strikes Elbow/knee techniques

As seen above each style focuses on a specific area, therefore deciding upon one comes down solely depending upon individual preference.

Deciding On An Instructor Is Key!

Now that you have decided upon which method falls right up your alley, finding an instructor who teaches that particular form accurately becomes even more essential same as how choosing good sushi depends totally on the chef making it.

It’s suggested when choosing an instructor that you ask the following questions:

  • How long have they been training in this form?
  • Have they competed successfully at high levels?
  • How do they structure their teaching?

The right instructor will not only motivate and challenge you but also offer a better understanding regarding the nuances of any type of martial arts.


All in all, each form has its perks alongside drawbacks. So come on learn any one of them or all if you’re feeling confident (just remember to go easy if your sparring partner is your grandma). Furthermore,it’s concluded that finding an instructor who aligns with individual goals remains key towards continuation within learning and ultimately mastering methods taught under specified course of action aka fighting method.

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