Jealousy is the root of hatred?

Jealousy has to be one of the most common emotions out there today. With social media, it’s easier than ever to feel envious of someone else’s life, possessions or relationships. But have you ever wondered if jealousy is truly harmful? Is hatred stemming from jealousy justified? Well then, don’t fret! We’ve got some hilarious insights on why “jealousy is not just a river in Egypt”.

What is Jealousy and where does it stem from?

Jealousy could be described as an emotion that stems from the desire for something we do not have. It can range from mild discomfort to full-blown envy which may trigger negative feelings such as anger or competitiveness towards those perceived to possess what we want.

Fun fact: Did you know that 86% of monkeys surveyed believed in ‘monkey see monkey do’?

Jealously often springs up when people compare their lives with others; this might include romantic partners comparing themselves against one another or peers trying to compete for higher status at work.

Why Does Envy Exist?

While everyone experiences envy differently and its prevalence tends to change across different cultures and timeframes, some anthropologists believe human beings are inherently jealous because our species evolved traits that made it natural when competing against each other.

Purportedly dubbed by legend “survival of the fittest,”-we somehow end up ranking ourselves compared with others around us every once in a while.

  • Darwin-backed theory
  • Rank based competition

Jealous Thoughts — A Magnifying Glass

When faced with difficult thoughts related self-worth issues, insecurities or inferiority complexes; they seem intensified under a type of magnifying glass called jealousy! They consume your mind well past your bedtime but also engulf all waking moments like “you knew I’m heavily logged into your memory”.

Here are some distorted and illogical jealous thoughts you can catch yourself thinking :

  1. “if only I was that..”
  3. “I can’t believe they have THAT”

The Outcomes of Jealousy

Jealousy does not just crop up from nowhere; it has a purpose hidden in its murky depths. When intense jealousy takes control, it often leads to negative behaviors like hurting those around us either physically or emotionally.

Hatred and Competition

Jealousy tends to snowball into petty competition and might make someone go to any lengths necessary to keep their own advantage over others who threaten them in any way – this might include spreading toxic rumours, sabotaging someone’s progress by pulling strings behind the scenes etcetera.

One term that sums up every possible facet of murderously intense envy is Spitefulness. Spiteful people thrive on the pain harbored inside themselves while hoping whatever actions they take transmits this same feeling unto another victim now or later.

Comparison vs Compassion

However, there are ways we digest feelings of jealousy positively instead of providing comparisons resulting from spitefulness:

  • Accept Life’s unpredictability ( ‘scheisse always happens!)
  • Focus more on self-growth than external circumstances
  • Avoid deliberate exposure to triggers like social media platforms

It’s key to note as well that sometimes keeping your emotions bottled inside doesn’t help reduce escalation in negative behaviors fueled by feelings stemming from insecurity!

So why bother letting these malignant effects consume us ‽

What about turning all those hatred/stress-inducing thoughts into an energy source for productivity?

If done right- excessive inner turmoil could lead such lights burning brighter!

A wise person once said,”haters gona hate”.

Mindset shift(s) distanced away from uncontrollable situations towards forward-thinking outlooks puts you at ease and increases efficiency when related to overall personal growth.

Self Assessment, the Takeaway

It is important to practice self-awareness when these kinds of overwhelming feelings begin to manifest themselves. Some reflection on your part can have a significant impact on any negative emotions, allowing you to look at yourself through an honest and constructive light without falling into the trap of binding self-criticism.

So what’s the take-home lesson(s)‽:

  • Acknowledge jealous thoughts but don’t fuel them further.
  • Attempt removing oneself from trigger situations
  • Convert angry or unpleasant energy into productivity

Making headway progress in these areas would create pretty little gardens of positivity fueled by healthy cultivation instead of toxic soil ripping down all prior efforts!

Spreading love whilst flipping our internal scripts towards being more compassionate could remove layers that we find keep us closer to becoming colder-hearted people who spread hate.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with constantly switching it up toward channeling only positive aura!

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