Is witch hazel safe for dogs eyes?

Welcome to this wondrous and whimsical exploration into the safety of witch hazel for our furry friends, specifically their precious peepers. We know that your dog’s eyes are a window to their soul (or at least a barometer of whether it’s okay to give them more treats), so naturally we want to keep them safe and healthy. But is the humble witch hazel up to the task? Let’s find out.

What is Witch Hazel Anyway?

Before diving deep into our question, let’s make sure we all understand what witch hazel actually is. Contrary to popular belief, witches have nothing to do with it (though I’m sure they appreciate being associated with such an enigmatic plant).

Witch hazel is actually a shrub indigenous only in North America and parts of Asia that has been used medicinally by Indigenous peoples for centuries due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It can be made into an extract or distilled into a liquid form which has become quite popular as a natural remedy touted for treating everything from acne and hemorrhoids, through scaling down minor skin irritations brought on by inflammation.

Nowadays you can buy it almost anywhere; drugstores, online vendors like Amazon, local farmers markets or health food shops… everybody’s going wild over this stuff! So why not us too? Well before proceeding further down the road of usage towards dogs’ sore eyes – remember there might just be some ‘potential hazards’.

Can You Use Witch Hazel Safely on Your Dog’s Eyes?

Here comes the moment you’ve all been waiting/waiting anxiously for: Can you use witch hazel safely on your beloved canine companion’s eyeballs without worrying about plucking those tender red pricks every day?

The answer might surprise you: Yes!

But wait.. Before making any hurried decisions about how greatly versatile this tree sap can be let’s also see to it that we know its potentials: If used incorrectly, witch hazel has the potential to cause further irritation and even inadvertently push foreign objects further into the eye. Therefore, as always – Caution and some guidelines are recommended when using this product.

How Do You Apply Witch Hazel To Your Dog’s Eyes?

Now that you have decided that you want to use witch hazel on your pooch’s peepers (because why wouldn’t you? Witch hazel is like magic!), here’s how:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Soak a cotton ball in distilled or boiled water and gently clean around the affected area.
  3. After cleaning, soak another cotton ball this time with pure organic witch hazel extract.
  4. Gently dab the liquid onto your dog’s closed eyelids for refreshing irritation relief!

It’s important not to squirt any of this essential oil directly onto their eyes because those pricks might just go haywire!

When Can You Use Witch Hazel On Dogs?

Witch Hazel should be safe enough♦️♦️♦️¨▣ ̼́ɵ̃ởộ đuŕíηɠ an instance when itchiness/ inflammation may occur around & near-inflamed areas surroundịng thế dog’ѕ eyeš 🐶:

• Inflammation from allergies / grasses🍂
• General surface irritations e.g: knocks / first degree burns.
• Acne breakouts-Did someone say ‘puberty’?😳

However… please bear in mind very delicate paws off/’eye&prestige-on-guard-mode-on’ while approaching anything serious.. This solution does not replace professional medical attention but serves only as a helping hand/product of interest for mild external problems such as small wounds и тнe lιĸe👍.

Are There Any Risks to Using Witch Hazel on Dogs?

Despite being natural – witch hazel still runs the risk of causing further irritation if misused. Specifically (like a bad dating partner from your past) horror stories have emerged when tap water is added excessively to witch hazels, therefore diluting it with something other than distilled or boiled water should be avoided at all costs!

Witch Hazel can also cause stinging sensations in some pets.. So watch out for possibly aggressive scratching/behavior in your dogs after applying this solution.

A gentle application serves as way more important certainly on areas like the eyes and sensitive parts including around eyes where things may get sticky n dire Therefore ensuring strict supervision while doing so is compulsory- especially because its concerned with our lovable four-legged fur-balls that cherish their wagging tails in return as well.

Benefits of Using Witch Hazel On Your Dog’s Eyes

Earlier, we mentioned how doggos suffer from minor irritations caused by inflammation? Here’s some good news! Witch hazel extract offers promising relief when used correctly.

Here are some other benefits that come along:

1 ❊ Reduces swelling instantaneously
2 ❊ Cools down irritated areas provides long-lasting relief.
3 ❊ Against Alopecia【Hair Loss】-
4 Acts as an exceptional remedy against dandruff / helps restore texture & shine to coat – What else could you ask for?
5 Decreased overall odor caused by fleas ticks etc.

Note – Usage must only take place ONLY AFTER consulting Veterinarian help And performing any pregnancy test under expert guidance/. Avoid contactwitrh eyes+nose+mouth of yourself and pet(s).

Can I Use Store-Bought Brands of Witch Hazels ?

‘Ah finally a question worthy enough,’ one might say…. if there aren’t any witches who target specific brands of a witch hazel extract! Just Kidding, so many available brands of Witch Hazel are okay to use as eye drops. However, look out for ones without high levels of ethanol/alcohol or other artificial additives such as preservatives and dyes.

Although even though the product may be listed safe, before using it on your dog’s eyes please do perform patch i.e allergy test.

What’s the Verdict?

Unanimously loveable, but only when used correctly! Like any finicky magical solution (looking at you unicorn tears), applying witch hazel requires caution yet nonetheless stays an effective nominee towards relieving minor inflammations caused due to allergens etc – such relief can work wonders!

So go ahead and bring those cotton balls saturated in this herbaceous liquid into action… But remember:always proceed with caution/advice & Never let your guard way lest anything- any potential hazard rear its ugly head!

Written by OpenAI GPT-3 Model

Disclaimer: This is all written purely fictitiously
Reads enjoyed more while sung in the tune ‘When Doctors Go Marching In’

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